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  By: numbfingers

You’re instructing me to suck your cock, lick your balls, and telling me you
want to eat my pussy... you’re kissing my neck... you’re making me wet,
don’t stop... I'm close to orgasm.

A moan escapes you... I'm swirling my tongue over your tip, slowly sucking
and licking your shaft, playing with your balls... you also. You are so
fucking hard, I love it! I love sucking you, baby... teasing you, stroking,

I can feel the heat rising in your balls. When can I deep throat you? I want
to take all of you in... It makes me so fucking hot to suck you off...
dripping wet, I can feel it down the inside of my thighs, warm and wet.
Taking in your whole shaft, you feel the cum rising and can’t hold back...
you tell me you are so damn hot....


Taking me by the hair, you pull me deeper onto your cock, guiding my every
move. That’s it, make me take all of you in, pull me into you. Make me fuck
you with my mouth, tell me how much you like it. You hold me down as I lick
your balls, telling me you love the way I suck you... another moan escapes
you. You tell me to take my hand and squeeze your balls, keep sucking. You
still guide my head with one hand and somehow manage to pull my blouse off
with the other hand, freeing my tits and rubbing them.

I tease your cock
with my tongue, swirling around the tip again... gently squeezing your
balls, running my fingernails over them. You tell me you like that... your
hand moves away from my head and down to my tits so that both of them are
tweaking my nipples.


You tell me to deep throat you again, make you as hard as I can. You feel so
good in my mouth, your hardness, I love it. I’m so fucking wet... you’re so
hard you could burst. You want to burst, tell me you’re going to cum...
swallow it, baby.... ohhh that feels so fucking good, don’t stop. You lean
back in the chair to watch me, lapping it all up, every last drop... milking

Letting you rest briefly, I tell you how much I enjoy sucking you but that I
want you hard again so you can fuck me. You pull me up so that I’m standing
in front of you and you hug me close to you, tits in your face. I hike my
skirt up and you see that I have no panties on.  You reach down between my
legs, run a single finger through that wetness and bring it up to my lips
for me to taste

 I’ve got to have my way with you for a moment and with my
skirt still up I climb over one of your legs, then the other, sitting on
your lap face to face with you. I can feel your cock next to my dampness. I
feel the slightest stirring from you. My arms around your neck, I begin
kissing your neck, slow licks, some kisses, up to behind your ear. Pulling
myself into you, I press my tits into your bare chest, almost smashing them.
I find your mouth, tease your lips with my tongue.

My hands are on both
sides of your face, holding you there... your arms around me, pulling me
closer into you. You respond with a kiss, a slow probe with your tongue at

The ache between my legs is getting stronger. I find myself grinding my hips
into you as well, and I can feel your cock beginning to rise to the
occasion. Pulling back from you after a hot, deep kiss, I look into your
eyes, hold your gaze, and grabbing one of your hands I direct it to my tits.
You gaze back at me, touching me... play with them, lover, play with your
sex toys... rub them, massage them, pinch them. My nipples are getting hard
at your touch. Leaning back a little more,

I grab your head and pull it down
to my chest, making you suck my tits. You flick my nipples with your tongue,
my hips grinding into you more, with increased desire. Ok, baby, I’ve got to
climb off your lap and let you get up close and personal with the sweet
juices covering my inner thighs. I drag you to the floor with me, where you
can have your way with me... eat me, lick me, suck me.

Crawling up my spread
thighs, you begin licking the juices off them, working your way to the main
dish... teasing my swollen clit with your tongue, then probing my pussy
deeper. Grabbing your head, I pull you into me... your tongue drives me
fucking wild.... ohh you’re going to make me cum... flicking my clit harder
with your tongue... licking my pussy like never before... God, lover, you’re
the best lick... I’m going to cum.

Cum on my face, baby, let your juices
flow on me... the smell of your pussy, burying my nose in you. Ohhhh yeahh
God it feels sooooo good!! I still have your face pulled into me, but I have
to feel your cock inside me... I want it now.

Getting to your feet, you bring me up to mine and pull me into you for a wet
kiss. You instruct me. Lover, come fuck me like you know I need to be
fucked. Here’s the meat, baby, feel the tip as it enters you. I scoot my ass
back into you, causing you to thrust deeper into me. Harder, faster,
slamming me... you feel so damn good... I love the way you feel inside me,
fucking me.

You tell me to play with my tits, while you pound away at me,
again and again, faster, harder. Sweating, you keep slapping your raging
hard cock into me... fuck me, fuck ME.

Baby, I want to feel you in my ass. I beg you to fuck me in the ass. You
take your cock, dripping with my juices on it, and tease my ass with the tip
of it, slowly entering me. The anticipation is almost more than I can bear,
I’m on the edge... slowly you pump in and out, allowing me to adjust to your
cock inside my ass. I reach between my legs to finger myself. With each
thrust, you go a little deeper, and making my pussy wetter by the minute.

You request my finger to suck on, and pulling it away from my pussy I reach
my hand over my shoulder and hold a finger out for you. I love watching you
lick it all off. Not wanting me to be uncomfortable, you tell me to let you
know when you can fuck me harder... I beg you to give it to me now. Picking
up the pace and fucking my ass harder and faster, I find myself pushing my
ass back into you, meeting your rhythm. Balls slapping against my pussy on
each stroke, in and out. Fuck it, baby, fuck it! Fuck me faster, harder...
fucking me like you know I need it.

I feel your balls slapping against me with each stroke... your hands on my
hips, pulling me into you, driving it home...faster.

Still fingering myself,
I’m close to cumming again... your fat hard cock feels good inside my ass...
cum in me, you know you want to! I keep begging you to give it to me, to
slam it into me... just on the edge of orgasm... and the sensation of your
cock inside my ass... and you pounding away at me is almost more than I can
bear. Suddenly you cum in my ass.... I can feel it... and just as quick, I
cum again... you give me every last drop, still sliding in and out, milking
it... sharing

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