My boss's little bottle   added 8 years ago    

  By: unknown

I love to masturbate, every excuse is fabulous to lead my fingers to my pussy, to slip a thick marker pen to my vagina or to seek like crazy something to put inside my panties pressing my clit. But that is really really hot when u do it in public for someone else..

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Being in your office, "working" (aka chatting) and suddenly find your old hot mate on line. "how are u sweetie" "oh Im fine thks"... where are u? "Im at work u know" "really? Are u wearing panties?" And so it starts. It begins with a horny chat, until he suggests than maybe you shold remove your panties "but there is a lot of people", "Better.." he says. You remove your panties, a little bit frighetned because you don't want to wet your skirt... or worst, your chair.. He is at home happily naked, you are there sit with serious face, watching his webcam, remembering his dick, against you, inside you... trying than nobody else watch the screen. Then he has an idea "... what do u have at hand, dear?" you watch around looking for something useful for that naughty task, but no, your lap top doesn't have a mouse, your pencils are too small, you forgot your lipstick at home... "... go to your boss office... maybe there..."

You get up and go to the office, as you ask yourself Why am I..??? the pushy sensation between your legs answer the question. You are looking for something, anything... and there, that little bottle of wine your boss have for some reason in to his desk drawer. You come back at your station.. "a bottle?, that is interesting, but first please put your fingers inside u" "what? but all the ofice staff is here!" "so??" Then you are discretely masturbating in front of all the guys there... u can't take it. Under any cheap argument you go to the boss's office, you close the door, turn on the computer, you keep going on to the dirty chatting, seeing the sexxxy webcam, with that awesome yummy wad... he keeps telling you "now the bottle" You don't hesitate, the bottle is so cold... mmm it feels so good, you push it in and pull it out, you are no longer watching the webcam, you are not worried about if the door suddenly opens. No, you are sticking a bottle in to you vagina, int your boss's office, because your sexy mate told you to.

It feels so yummmy, in the middle of the thing you even imagine your boss watching hidden somewhere... the bottles continues striking your pussy... your fingers rubbing the clit... finally you cum, hoping you did it in silence... "look i came too" "I have t go see u around" "see u, bye". You clean up a little the bottle, but leaving some subcouncious trace of you, a present for your boss. You return to your work... with no panties on and all happy and radiant..



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Beholden    (2010-08-14 20:37:27)    Flag as inappropiate
I got an email from my lover while I was at work. She was in quite a mood, and convinced me to go to the toilet and jerk off thinking about her, which I did. Hot.
Soohard08    (2009-02-22 11:52:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Hot n dirty, shure you love mastebate in public too
andre75012    (2009-01-20 11:11:58)    Flag as inappropiate
that is quite exciting
shybutwannatry1    (2008-12-05 10:44:27)    Flag as inappropiate
that's so hot!

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