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The Fantasy and sensation of dipping my erect tongue into your wet, luscious pussy is out of this universe; it sends chills all over my body, make my dick hunger, creates heat in my face, the ripe to rich nectar lingers in my mind long after it leaves my mouth; oh to suck, lick and taste your sweet pussy juice...wow!!! makes me shiver to more.


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you lay there beneath me in the afterglow of love your warm wetness fitting me like a velvet glove. I struts your arms lean in to kiss you, cover your mouth with mine. share your wetness with your tongue, the sticky quell is glue for our tongues and glow or hot passion, I want to refill my tongue, go down, take a deep suck, wet my tongue and bring this to your breast and share your hot moister with your nibbles. I hunk, sweat and shiver, Thankful for the wonderment of the woman that you are. your sensitive ask for more, I want to let you sweat, want to smell more, want to grove in to your body to reach a combinative climax, let the moistures share with each other to reach the long wanted erotic explosion. 

 my body stroke yours slowly, causing you to moan. Knowing my enjoyment is not just mine alone. your urgency could be felt when i thrust inside, I can see by your sighs, your hunk to be satisfied. but I like to enjoy you more, enjoy to play, want to reach a higher status want to SEE your climax. my hands run over your breast not only bringing yours but even my nipples to attention. like to have hard little berries, by touching yours, massage your moister over your nibbles and see your hunger, gives my whole body adrenaline, blow up my mind and makes my dick restless and he starts with short hunks to reach more.

 i shift my legs restlessly ,shuffles forward and push my back , ummmm delicious .soft and tender I tip my hard cock against your clit. feel the hot wetness we produced before. feel the breathing of your pussy. enjoy the kissing movements of your lips, them hunger to swallow my hard dick, the hot opening moan to take him, the sucking after your hips tilt,  like they say ummm yesss stroke me " and your clit is moving just the way i love it , the constant trip over your clit down, and the play on your wet, is seen in the restless movements of your body.

 ly back love, and let me tease the heart of your desire   ........ I pinch and roll your nipples, like the hardness of it and use the moister to make them harder. your clit makes short kisses hunger for more and I look in big eyes whom link the big desire where I have you now. feel the shiver, restless growling, the hunger and sweat is filling the room with a passionate aroma, the odor of love.  I teas, you answer, the game of passion.......... its only moments till your in the throes of ecstasy , moaning ,muscles tightening , hungering to free flying heaven ,and crashing to the depths of a firry burning hell. I feel your warmth. I feel your moisture, rising from my toes to my thighs.

I feel the strength of your clit when my fingers parting your lips as inside your tongue slides. Between the licks and laps, you utter, “give it to me, Baby!” Your knees begin to tremble. Your thighs begin to shake. Your womanhood is building like the start of an earthquake. The moans are getting louder. you want to scream, love it when you say" Oh, Baby! Don’t stop." You’re about to make me cream! I want so hard you make me cum. I turn you around and bend over for you, slight inside feeling the hunger to have yourself fun. I'll pump your pussy hard and long – my balls are clapping against your clit. sticking the moister from your pussy, it makes me come like I didn't done it before

. we come load! both like we teased it. I shock long and stick deep by every shot I give. You squeeze your lips, like they wane swallow every drop. we fall down, still shivering of excitement.   

then we get dressed – that ends our fuck but continues our passion, we going back to the living room and site back on the couch, my dick still sticky buried in my jeans, shivering and knocking. your underbody still shaking. some wet spots show up in your pants, eyes weight and hard nibbles show off in your T shirt. our eyes closed. Thoughts there where we ended our passionate desire. and our hands on parts of our body that's been part of our passion.   i open my eyes , look down my arms to my hands , who knows me better than i know myself . a men waiting for love, but a men still.

kisses frans. 

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