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  By: unknown

When I was in,college some classes were easy, some were hard, others were lots of work, and some didn't take much effort at all.  In my last year, I wound up with several classes that were difficult and involved a lot of work, and my Econ class was the worst of the bunch.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to juggle this workload and I didn't want to delay graduation by a semester because I dropped a class, so I came up with a plan and went to see Prof. B, my Econ professor.

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I didn't pick him at random.  He was a middle-aged guy, kind of cute in a nerdy way, and he didn't wear a wedding ring so I figured he'd be okay with what I was going to offer.  He had office hours throughout the week, but I noticed that he had one slot open on Friday in the early evening.  It sounded like a time when there would not be a line of students waiting at his door and I might be able to propose an unorthodox arrangement to him.

That day, I tried to dress sexy but not slutty.  I had on a dark blue top, a very short black skirt, nude-colored stockings, and black sandals; and I knocked tenatively on his office door.  With a short grunt, he summoned me inside.  I closed the door behind me and told him that I came to discuss the workload.
"What's the problem?" he asked? 

"It's too much for me this semester," I said, "but I need to finish all my classes."

"It sounds like you have a problem, Sunny," he said.  "My class has a lot of homework and assignments, and they're an important part of the cirriculum."

"But this is a finance class, sir," I said, trying to sound as reasonable as possible.  "I thought if I could demonstrate my knowledge of economics, you would let me skip the assignments and be graded entirely on tests.  I know I can handle this."

"Hmm," he said, sinking back into his chair.  "But you haven't convinced me that I should let you do this."
"Well," I mused, "I had a proposition.  You let me skip the assignments which are due every Saturday morning, and in return I will come here after your office hours on Friday night and give you a blowjob.  I think you'll find this to be a fair trade in an economic sense."

He thought about it for a moment, and I could feel his eyes looking me up and down.  The thought of a young student on her knees sucking his cock started to enter his mind.  "You forgot about one thing, Sunny.  Both parties have to have equal amounts to gain and to lose.  I clearly have no incentive to expose this arrangement to anyone else, but I don't see the same being true for you.  If you talk about it, I will lose my job and my career.  I have much more to lose than you do."

"Well, sir, I had already thought of that.  If you need leverage on me, I suggest that you take some photos that would be very embarrassing to me.  That will ensure that you always have just as much on me as I have on you." 

Prof. B sat back in his chair, mulling the risk of losing his job vs. the reward of a kneeling asian coed in a skirt sucking his dick.  It didn't take long for him to decide.  "Okay," he said, "and we start tonight.  I'm going to need pictures of you before, during, and after, and this is going to have to be degrading enough that you'll never want anyone to see them.  That's the only way I can trust that you will keep as quiet as I will." 
Once I agreed, he stood up and walked over to the door.  I heard a loud click as it locked and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to back out of this now.  I wasn't leaving the room without his cock on my breath.
I took a small camera from my purse and put it on his desk.  He snapped a couple pictures of me and then told me to take my top off, which I quickly did, baring my perky asian breasts to this man that was about to violate me.  Reaching behind his desk, he grabbed a dry erase marker and wrote "cumslut" across my breasts and then had me bend over.  He wrote something on my back which, when I saw the pictures later, said "suckjob whore" written so that you could read it if I were leaning forward and sucking your dick.
Prof. B opened up his pants, took his cock out, and told me to kneel on the floor in front of him.  He layed his stiffening cock so that it was resting on my nose and forehead and took a few pictures of that.  At his request, I took his now engorged dick and slapped it against my face while he photographed this humiliation.  He was almost squatting over me, dipping his balls into my mouth and rubbing his shaft and precum against my nose, cheeks, and in my hair.  Once he was satisfied that the musky scent of his crotch was all over my face and hair, he sat back against his desk.  "Now earn this favor from me, slut.  Suck me for all you're worth, and believe me you're not anything more to me than a young face for me to put my cock in."

He reached down with one hand and fondled my breasts as I leaned forward.  His cock was standing at attention as I gingerly took it into my mouth.  I looked up at him as I slid as much of it into me as I could.  My eyes were locked on his as I gracefully lowered my head further down his shaft until his pubes were tickling my nose.  I paused there for a moment so that he could take a picture of me kneeling barebreasted before him with his cock in my mouth.

"Now stop looking at me.  Don't look at anything besides my cock until we're done here," he commanded and I obediently looked downward and started sucking his dick.  My head moved up and down the length of his long, thick shaft and my tongue massaged the tip.  I took him out of my mouth and cradled his cock in my hands and started to lick it.  I licked him all over, from the head down to his balls, and back up again.  For several minutes I knelt and tenderly paid attention to his penis with gentle caresses from my tongue and sensuous kisses from my lips.

Then I started to suck him again.  My head bounced up and down in between his legs and my hands massaged and stroked his dick.  I sucked hard, knowing it was the only way to get what I wanted.  "Yeah, slut, suck it," he said.  "The lesson here is that you're a worthless whore, more valuable to men on your knees than any other way.  That's right, play with my balls like the good little cocksucker you are."

By this point I was turned on and started sucking him with more enthusiasm.  His dick was slippery with a cocktail of saliva and precum and I could feel it starting to slide down my chin.  The sticky mixture coated my hands down to my wrists.  With a sense of urgency born from the lust I feel when I've got dick in my mouth and on my mind, I was sucking him much harder now, going a lot faster.  All of my attention was focused on Prof B's cock, filling my mouth and my mind, making me feel small and insignificant compared to what was soon going to be unleashed onto my face.  "You're good at this, Sunny.  Like you were born to be on the end of a cock.  Get used to it, because you're going to have to spend a lot of time sucking dick to get ahead in life."

I don't know how long I spent down there, on my knees, blowing my professor.  I heard him occasionally snapping a picture until I heard the telltale heavy panting and grunting that let me know he was getting close.  "Oh, yeah," was all he got out, followed by "ah, fuck," "you fucking slut," "Uh ... gonna cum on that slut whore face" in short staccato.  He took his cock out of my mouth and I stroked it with both of my hands.  The moment before he blew his load all over my face seemed to hang in the air forever until Prof B let out a load groan at the same time that a massive burst of cum erupted from his cock.  There was a hot flash and then a warm, sticky feeling that slid down my face with delicious slowness.  I continued my lusty stroking, all the while looking only at his cock, until three more large loads and one smaller one coated my face. 

For the next few moments I tended to his cock with my hands, stroking the last bits of tension out of his body.  I worked his shaft, alternating between light squeezes and running the tips of my nails against the sensitive underside.  I cupped his balls in the palm of my hand, rolling them around, massaging them, and trying to calm his pulsing cock down.  As his shaft began to relax and pull back, I lightly licked the head of his cock making his body twitch with every stroke of my tongue.

When his cock loosened and was finally spent, he put it in my hair to wipe it off, taking pictures the entire time.  He took a few more of me on the floor with cum starting to drip off my face and onto his shoe.  "Don't let that go to waste, Sunny.  Lick it up."  I'd already been degraded by his cock the whole time I'd been in his office, so this final humiliation didn't make me feel much lower.  I leaned down, my hand under my chin to catch any further cum that slid off of my face, and licked his shoe clean.  It didn't even taste bad because my mouth was thick with the lingering taste of cock, the taste I get when I've been debased and used.  It's a taste that always leaves me hot and wet.  He snapped a few final pictures, zipped up, and went behind his desk to download the photos onto his computer.
"Here you go, Sunny.  Congratulations on your work," he said with that sneer that a man can only get when he's objectified and used a woman's body in such a degrading way.  He knew that he had abused my sexuality, that I had given it to him so cheaply, and that nothing could ever take away the fact that I had knelt under his cock while he owned my face with his cum.  He handed me some tissues to clean my face off, and laughed at me as I stood up, grabbed my camera, and silently slunk from his office.

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anonimusrick    (2011-03-31 23:04:56)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick That Econ Professor didn't understand 'supply and demand'!
As the only supplier of a good grade he could have demanded more. If I were in his position I'd have fucked her in the ass. Also, it would have been more than once a week.
DonAbdul    (2009-12-20 09:40:40)    Flag as inappropiate
DonAbdul Such an awesome read, thanks
mencunfem    (2009-12-02 19:55:05)    Flag as inappropiate
TELL ME! Naughty virgins want to experience sexual life without sacrificing their virginity. How could I tell, if "she" is itching for experiences? How would I know the safe sex seekers. Any clues?
scottish_lad    (2009-10-19 18:25:38)    Flag as inappropiate
Another wonderful read thank you
smoothballs    (2009-10-18 16:03:19)    Flag as inappropiate
oh seoul girl, you love my cum, as do I. Let me lick your face clean then you can suck it off my tongue.
Xarol    (2009-10-17 22:05:16)    Flag as inappropiate
Well done, looking forward to further adventures of Sunny. >:)
CanadianCasanova    (2009-10-16 21:45:22)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova I need a naughty student like you.
Soohard08    (2009-10-16 18:59:36)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Ohh my god you are one nasty litle slut, come to me and do the same too me, but i would give you pleasure to your hot teenagebody. Not as ego that your teacher

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