Mistress goes out for Lunch   added 6 years ago    

  By: puppy

Mistress had me kneeling beside the bed whilst she prepared to go out, and, wearing my collar and wrist bindings, I was more clothed that She. I watched her beautiful form sway in and out of the ensuite, grabbing a dress or a skirt and holding it in front of her whilst gazing into the mirror.


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The combined effect of this scene and the scent of her perfume as she occasionaly wafted past me, made my cock swell, but with my hands firmly restrained behind my back, I was unable to stroke myself; Just the Mistress liked it.

She settled a on a diaphonous g-string, no bra, and a thin cotton summer dress with a short hemline. Very short. Dressed like this, Mistress managed to convert my swelling cock an instant hard-on. She smiled when she saw the effect she had on me.

Mistress's excursion with a girl-friend, Sue, was a real concern to me. Sue was a free-spirt, always with a new guy, always of the same type: alpha's that had almost less regard for her, than she did for them. Everyone in her world was disposable. And she was taking Mistress out for lunch with her latest beau "Alex".

"I won't be more than a few hours" she said whilst giving me a kiss and releasing my bindings. "Now be a good boy puppy!" she insisted. "And no touching yourself understand?"

"yes Mistress" I said, but she was already through the front door, and on her way out.

I stroked my hard-on a little and took off some of the aching that had been with me for more than an hour. I then resolved to keep busy, to keep my mind off how Mistress looked, how Sue and especially Alex would be looking at her. No doubt he would see she was not wearing a bra and her piercings always make her nipples stand out. I imagined him catching a glimps of her panties as she sat down at the table, and the little thrill that Mistress always gets when a guy pays her attention.

And so, not surprisingly, some half-hour later I found myself laying on the bed, cock in hand, and then stroking myself to orgasm in only a few seconds. I had just shot my last bolt of cum onto the sheets when the front door opened and I could hear Mistress's high heels on the timber flooring, heading to the bedroom.

I quickly covered my cum with the quilt, and tried to look relaxed as she strode in, "Good boy puppy, you're right where I want you! I'm feeling a little horny" was the only explanation she offered for her early return.

I saw her swiftly remove her thong and then jump onto the bed straddling me and taking my flaccid cock in both hands. "Let's get this thing working puppy, and you can give Mistress what she needs"

Despite her ministrations it was no good, and she quickly realised just why. Anger flashed across her face, and she tossed back the quilt to reveal a damp patch right next to my crotch.

She looked furious, and climbed off the bed, pressing down painfully on my legs in the process. But instead of getting the tawse, or any other form of discipline I feared, she just walked out of the bedroom, out the front door, without closing either, into her car and drove off.

I was left sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing down at her discarded panties...

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