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For my work I sometimes have to get out of the office and go to clients or to companies my company works with. Quite a while back a had to pay a visit to a company I was working together with on a big project for a well know sports-team, I had a meeting with Richard, the president of the company, a projectmanager and a technical advisor, I myself was the technical advisor for my company. I had met Richard in an other meeting, Ellen, the projectmanager and Rob, the technical advisor, were new faces. Ellen was a woman in her mid-thirties, blond curly hair, slim and a plain beauty, the kind you notice if you take the time to look. Only Richard was wearing a suit, Ellen and Rob were dressed more casualy, Ellen was wearing jeans and a baggy sweater, so I coulnd't make out anything in perticualr about her body other than that she was slim and had a nice pair of breasts.

The meeting went great, we exchanged a lot of information, planned some things and in general got the project on track.

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Over the next few months I had some contact with Rob about the technical specifics of the project but at some point he got ill for an extended period of time so an other engineer took over but as he wasn't up to date on the project everything went by Ellen. Coming closer to the deadline we would be in contact more often and when the deadline passed we still had contact as there were some problems that had to be solved. I would usually call her on her cellphone, mostly from the office but sometimes from my own cellphone, she would always call me at the office

. At some point the project was finally finished and all parties were pleased with the results. A few weeks later though I lost my job due to cutbacks in our IT department and I was too expensive. I took this as a sign and started my own company, that emmediatly went great, I had worked with a lot of companies over time and could get a variety of projects to work on, I also generated quite some work by developing a standard solution for a certain type of industry-website.

One day out of the blue I get a call from Ellen, she was working with my old employer on a new project, that was basically the same, just for an other sports team and she hoped to work with me again because I was so easy to work with and helpfull but was disappointed to hear I didn't work there any more. Sadly she wasn't in a position to grant me the project, so we wouldn't be working together on it. We talked a bit of shop and after she promised she would see if she could get me some projects the conversation ended

. A couple of days later she called me again, she had gotten a couple of tickets from her boss to a concert  from a well known singer that was at the stadium of the sportsteam they were working with on the new project. She invited me to come along as a late reward for the good job I did on the earlier project and as a bit as an apoligy that I didn't get the new project. I gladly accepted althought the singer wasn't really my taste of music but I knew that those were VIP-tickets, granting access to the after party where there would be all kinds of celebrities. The concert was on a friday in two weeks, we would meet outside the stadium because she had the tickets.

Two weeks later I was on my way, it was about an hour drive from my house to the stadium and I ran into a little traffic near the stadium because of all the people going there. I parked and walked towards the entrance where Ellen was already waiting for me. She looked great, she was wearing a thight skirt that ended wel above the knee, showing off her gorgeous legs that we standing in high heels, I couldn't see any other part of her body as she was wearing a coat against the wind. As I reached her we greeted each other with a couple of kisses on the cheeck, she then handed me my ticket and said 'These are the nice perks of the job!', I responded by saying 'Going to a concert with a beautiful woman, I like those kind of perks.', a smile appeared on her face and she blushed slightly.

We walked towards the VIP entrance where there wasn't a line so we could go right through, we left our coats at the cloakroam and went to find our seats. Now she had taken of her coat I could check out the rest of her body, she was wearing a thight sweater with cleavage which revealed al the curves of her body, slim waist, nicely curved hips, a rack that was breathtaking and underneath that skirt was a beautiful round ass that popped out.

We enjoyed the concert and had fun at the afterparty where we spotted several national celebrities, talked with a few and I even made a new business contact. Ellen had a couple of drinks, I had to drive so stuck to a couple of soda's. At a certain point the afterparty was winding down so we decided to leave, we got our coats and walked outside, I asked her how she came and she told me she came by train, she would walk to the station and catch the next train. But this was the middle of the night, nighttrains only come once every hour and I couldn't let her go by herself in the dark, hanging around a trainstation. I offered to take her home but she declined, so I said 'At least let me take you to the station then, what kind of gentleman would I be if I would let you go of into the night alone in this big scary city!', she laughed and said 'OK! If it will make you feel better.'.

We walked towards the car, got in and I drove to the highway instead of the station, as we turned on the highway she 'Where are you going?', so I said 'I'm bringing you home, because a pretty little lady like you shouldn't be riding the nighttrain alone!', she protested as she knew I had to drive by my own town, an hour away, drive for an other hour and a half to get to where she lived and then had to go back, a three hour detour, but I wasn't about to let her loose into the night with all it's wierdo's. She stopped protesting after a while as it was too late now that we were on the freeway.

We chitchatted about the concert for a while, I told her about my company and she told me about her personal life, she had a baby girl, Linda, that was almost two, that her husband, Steve, was really taking care of their daughter and was such a sweet father and we talke about a whole other variety of topics. When we were a couple of miles from my town, she asked me if I could stop at a gasstation or reststop, I knew there weren't any for a long time and said so, she asked if we could go to my place because she really needed to go.

My house was about ten minutes away, 'Can you hold till then?', 'Sure!' she answered. So I got of the highway at my town, drove to my appartment, got in and showed her to the bathroom. I waited in the livingroom with my coat on, ready to leave when she came out, but when she came out she asked if we could stay a couple of minutes and have a drink. I could do with a drink, so I accepted, she installed herself on my couch as I got two drinks, a whiskey for her and a coke with just a little bit of rum for me, I still had to drive. I sat next to her on the couch and handed her her drink, she toasted to a great evening out and took a sip from her whiskey.

We sat there for a while, sipping our drinks, talking about my appartment until we stopped talking, after a few moments of silence Ellen said, 'I knew this would happen if you wouldn't let me get on that nighttrain!', I said 'What would happen?', 'This!' she replied as she bended towards me and gave me a passionate kiss. Only moments into the kiss I felt her hand groping my crotch, I pushed her back a bit and asked her 'What about your husband?', 'That bastard hasn't looked at me twice since I had the baby!' she answered and started kissing me again,

I tried to gently get her of me but I had to give in when she made the strong argument 'I can feel you want it!' as she squeezed my swollen dick. I responded her kiss and started to feel all over her body, caressing her butt and legs, kissing her cleavage and stroking her hair. She managed to open my pants and got out my lovestick, she jerked me of while kissing me and then finally put her lips on my cock. She was eagerly sucking me off while playing with my balls as I tried to gain access to her pussy with my hand from behind.

She hoisted up her skirt to give me easier access, she was wearing black satin panties which were already moist, my finger slid in and found her clit. She started moaning as I worked on her snatch. She suddenly arched back and kissed me, in that kiss she climaxed on my fingers, she needed a couple of seconds to come to and then said 'Shall we go upstairs?'. I closed my pants and Ellen straitened her skirt a little, I took her by the hand and we walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

We took of our shoes and socks and stood there, in the room, just kissing for a little while, till I started undressing her, first the tight sweater, revealing a black bra that looked that it was about to burst, then the skirt, she had opened my pants again and was unbuttoning my shirt, my underpants came off as she unhooked her bra. She pushed me onto the bed and straddled next to me, kissing me while gently stroking my thick dick, her warm breasts brushing my side.

She then started to kiss her way down, kissing my chest, licking my nipple, my stomach, playing with her tongue around my bellybutton, she finally reached my cock and started licking the tip playfully, biting the shaft softly and squeezing my balls but it didn't take her long before she was taking my entire rod in her mouth, piercing her head on my lovestick. I wanted to explore between her legs so I grabbed her hips and put her over my face, position 69, one of the best positions for foreplay, I removed her panties with a bit of a struggle and went to town on her hot moist snatch.

Ellen was eagerly sucking me of and I knew if I let her go on I would cum and I had a whole lot more I wanted to do her, so I lifted her off me and put her on her back on the bed and went down on her. I now had a better view, not upside down, she had cleanshaven labia and the rest was trimmed to a full but neat bush. I licked her labia and clit alternating with my fingers in her pussy and on her clit, after a couple of minutes of muffmunching she climaxed. She grabbed my head and pulled me towards her, she kissed me, tasting herself on my lips, 'Hmmm, that tastes great ... now fill me up with that tasty cock of yours!'

. I reached for my nightstand and got out a condom, in one swift motion the pack was open and in a second swift motion it was on, she spread her legs wide, I got in between them and she grabbed my manhood to guide me in. She put the tip of my cock against the entrance of her wet pussy, I only needed to thrust forward, I teased her a bit by only slipping the tip half in, 'Come on! Fuck me! Slam you cock in me! Do it!' she yelled, her nails digging in my shoulders.

I pulled back a little, waited for a second and then thrusted forward, pushing my dick all the way in her, her eyes spread and rolled back, she let out a roaring moan, 'Ooh yeah! Fill me up!' she screamed, With every thrust her ample bosom would shake under the force of my thrusts. I pounded her like this for a couple of minutes with her chearing me on with dirty talk, or actually ... screams! I pulled back, much to her disappointment but when I told her to turn around so I could fuck her doggystyle she was on all fours within a second or two, arching her back for better access, I put my face between those heavenly buttcheecks, giving her snatch a couple of licks before I put my manhood back to work

. I put my dick in and grabbed her by the shoulders so I could pull her over my throbbing cock, after a couple of thrusts I bended forward and put my hands on her luscious tits, wonderfully soft yet firm breasts, meanwhile whispering dirty words in her ear. After a couple of minutes she climaxed again, she fell to her stomach, leaving my manhood suddenly hangingin in midair.

She turned around and started licking my cock, tasting her own juices still on the condom, she took of the condom and tossed it aside, she now tried to take my thick dick as far as she could, deepthroathing me with bulging teary eyes. I stood up after a while and with Ellen on her knees I placed my penis in between her tits, she pushed them together and I started fucking, she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip every time it came up to her face. I couldn't keep this up for long but wasn't ready to climax just yet, I lay down on the bed and told her to sit on my face, which she gladly did. I licked her hot snatch while blindly playing with her breasts, I don't know how many times she came, if any at all, but she sure seemed to enjoy it.

She got of my face and kissed and licked it, consuming all of her own fluids. I got out of bed and got an other condom from my nightstand, quickly put it on and gestured her to come to me, she came and I put her on the edge of the bed, I have a high bed so I was at about the same height as her lying on the bed with me standing next to it. I slid in easily and started fucking her again, watching those glorious breasts shake in the rhythm I was fucking her.

I stopped after she climaxed and as there was a small difference in height, I couldn't feel my legs any more, I got on the bed and layed back with my penis standing right up like a flagpole, 'You're still hard?' she asked with wide eyes, 'Steve is only good for a couple of minutes and then I have to finish myself off.', she stood up, crouched over me and planted herself over my dick, now she was in control and fucked me. I enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing while I fondled her round ass, she soon climaxed again, falling over on top of me, her warm breasts against my chest, I grabbed her by her hips pushing her down, pumping fast in and out of her, forcing myself to an orgasm.

She kissed me, put her breasts against my face and let out a long muffled moan until I stopped because I exploded inside her, she dropped of me, lying on her back she quickly rubbed her clit, after a couple of seconds she also came. I took of the condom, put a knot in it and tossed it on the nightstand. I got out of the bed and grabbed my underwear to use it for cleaning the last bits of sperm still on my dick and then got the covers that had fallen on the ground, I covered Ellen with them and then got into bed with her. I put out the lights and tired but content we fell asleep, me on my back and Ellen with her head on my chest.

The next morning I woke up to Ellen talking on her cellphone, she heard me rustling so she turned around and put a finger on my lips, 'I'll see you tonight ... yes ... give Linda a kiss from me ... bye!', she hung up and told me it was her husband who only noticed she wasn't home this morning, she had told him she took a hotel because she didn't want to go back in the middle of the night with the nighttrain, she also told him she would stay in a little longer because she was still tired, so we had all day together.

She felt under the covers if I was up for playtime and after giving her a good morningfuck we showered, had breakfast and went for some shopping (she had to spend some money to make it look like she paid for a hotel), had a lovely dinner and then I took her home, we even fooled around a bit in the car just around the block from her house.

We have since "worked" on a lot of projects together until a year later Ellen divorced Steve, who became very bitter and severed all ties,We still enjoy an active and passionate sexlife and from time to time I will put on a CD of the singer we saw at the concert, after that it's not just passionate or active between the sheets but fireworks!!

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