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“So tell me honestly puppy, have you played with your cock at all since I last used you?” Mistress asked. I was looking at her feet as I knelt before her in the bedroom, naked except for my collar. Mistress was fully clothed, not even interested in teasing me it seemed.


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The Naughty Meter

“Yes Mistress” I said only slightly apologetically.
“That’s naughty puppy!” she said, but I could tell she was really neither angry nor surprised. “Tell me all about it at once” she commanded
I supplied the details, as many as I thought she would want, but seemingly not enough. She made me imitate the action I used and the position I was in when I blew my load.
“And what were you thinking about when you came puppy?”
“Fucking your mouth, Mistress” I replied. This caused her to give out a short laugh.
“Well we both know that’s not going to happen don’t we?” she retorted. “Well, naughty boys must be punished puppy, how else are you going to learn not to play with Mistress’s toys” referring to my cock. And with that I once again found myself kneeling on the bed, with my naked arse placed perfectly to receive Mistress’s tawse swings.
I could not believe the pain created by that first stroke, searing across my backside, forcing an exasperated groan, despite my determination to remain silent.
“You will count them out for me puppy” I heard Mistress say. She clearly had no regrets about inflicting such a large amount of pain in the first swing.
“One” I said. “Two” I groaned. “Three …”
After twenty strokes of the tawse my arse was getting numb, when Mistress said “There, now get back down on the floor” I knelt before her again. She raised my face up to look at her, “What do you say puppy?” she admonished.
“Thank you for teaching me a lesson Mistress”
“Oh, we haven’t finished just yet puppy, oh no. Lie down on the bed, on your back”
I was then strapped down to the bed, spread-eagled and fitted with a blind fold. The blind fold was as much to prevent me from seeing Mistress undress, as it was to heighten my sense of helplessness, because Mistress did not want to reward my bad behaviour at all with a view of her naked body.
I heard a match strike, and could anticipate what was coming next. Mistress swung a leg over me, and sat her bare pussy on my chest, facing my exposed cock and balls. Once the candle was heated up a little, the first drops fell onto my scrotum. This, brief, searing pain was altogether different from the hot soreness of my buttocks and I stifled a cry as my whole body tensed up.
“There, there puppy” Mistress said in soothing tones, obviously happy in her work. The unexpected flashes of pain as subsequent drops hit my skin were a little more bearable now. I could not be sure what height Mistress held the candle, (the further away the better for me as there was time to cool a little as the wax fell) but it was clearly higher than the initial drop.
“Here’s something for your mouth to do puppy” said my Mistress as she slid back up my chest and planted her snatch on my face. I immediately slid my tongue across her clit, grateful for something to focus my attention on other than the pain I was experiencing front and back.
Taking her time, Mistress placed my flaccid cock on my belly, and went through the process of covering every square inch of my genitals with hot wax. When she was done, I breathed a sigh of relief as she got up off my face, and undid the binding on my right wrist.
Before I could flex my arm and return the circulation, she sat back down on my mouth and said “Now wank yourself off, you naughty boy” and moved her hips in a circular motion, to rub her cunt all over my face.
It took some time to get hard, despite Mistress allowing me to lick her lovely pussy, because the wax still coated the full length of my penis, and in removing it, I felt a new kind of pain. But eventually, I was hard, and felt the familiar stirrings of an ejaculation approaching. Would she let me cum, or was this part of the punishment?
Mistress placed her hands on my jaw, raising herself up for a perfect view as I jerked my cock, spewing cum in three short streams across the centre of my belly. Before I could milk the remainder from my softening cock, Mistress took my hand back to the corner of the bed, and secured it in place.
“You dirty little pervert” she chastised whilst milking the last drops of semen from my cock. “You will learn that wanking off brings you more pain than pleasure sub”. With that, she shifted forward, and sat her pussy down on the pool of cum resting on my abdomen, moved around a little, smearing it across her labia and clit, then, in a final humiliation parked herself back onto my waiting tongue. “Do it sub. And make me cum!” she instructed.
“Well”, I thought, at least she is calling me ‘sub’.


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