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  By: Jorgan

We meet the first time for lunch and hit it off. I suggest we go to my house for a swim and some sun. Blushig, you remind me that you don't have a swimsuit with you. "Oh, that's OK," I say "I never wear a suit unless I have company...and YOU don't count!"

We arrive at my place and I show you to the pool. You are relieved to notice it's surrounded by a tall privacy fence, and beyond that nothing but woods. I leave you there while I go inside to get towels and drinks.

When I return, you are already undressed and neck-deep in the warm water. I notice the water distorts, but doesn't completely hide, the parts of your body I've not yet seen. I begin to quickly shuck off my shorts and shirt, until I notice how intently you are watching. So I slow down a bit, hoping you are favorably impressed.


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We play in the water for a while, caressing and tickling...and kissing. Eventually, we are both ready for some "sun time". I lead the way, toweling off briefly before sitting on one of the matching loungers. You scurry shyly out of the water, wrapping your towel around you until to can lay--face down--on your lounger. Only then do you lose your towel.

"You'd better let me put some lotion on the white parts", I say, "or else you'll burn in some pretty painful places." You agree and I go to work spreading cool sun lotion on your back and shoulders. You have relaxed somewhat by the time I reach your ass, still applying lotion with firm, broad strokes. You tense up when one hand slides a bit too far down between your firm cheeks. I quickly oil up both legs down to your ankles. Then, cradling your foot in my hands, I begin massaging the sole with both thumbs. You moan in approval. I work my way to your toes, lightly pinching each one in turn.

When both feet are finished, I begin working up your calves to your knees. With one hand on each thigh, I run my hands up the outside of your hips to your waist, returning back down across your ass to your thighs and down to your knees. On the second stroke, I take the "inner" route, my fingertips delving down between your legs. Being more accustomed to my touch now, you spread your legs slightly to give me more access. But I merely tease you, avoiding the parts that long to be caressed.

Instead, I run my hands up to your shoulders, working the muscles there with my strong fingers until I hear you moan with pleasure. Your tense shoulders seem to melt under my efforts. My hands slide down under your arms, brushing the sides of your breasts as they lay crushed against the lounger cushion.

I lean down and softly kiss the small of your back. My breath feels hot against your skin. I plant a "belt" of kisses across your lower back working my way to your waist on both sides. My hands slide down your sides to your waist and I gently urge you upward onto your knees as my kisses work their way down your cheeks. I feel the heat from your aroused pussy as you arch your back, offering it to my lips.

You gasp as my tongue finds your wet clit, then slides slowly up your slit, parting your lips slightly. "Mmmmmmm", I groan, revelling in the musky aroma and tangy taste of a clean pussy in heat.

You tense when my tonguetip brushes playfully across your pucker...apparently an unexpected move. I make a mental note to save that for later--or maybe not at all--as I kiss my way back down to your hard little nubbin. I Grasp it between my lips and pummel it softly with my tonguetip, causing you to writhe in sensual overload. You begin to buck against me, your breath growing ragged.

It's clear you are getting close to cumming...and neither of us wants it to be over so quickly (we've never really discussed if you are blessed with the ability of multi-orgasm). So, with one more tongue-caress and a long, slow, penetrating lick, I kiss you on each cheek and whisper, "Get me ready and I'll give you the fucking of your life!"

The rest is a story for another time...

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