i was a sex toy for my wife and her friends   added 6 years ago    

  By: biscuit

i was home watching tv till about midnight and gone to bed. my wife comes home around 3 with a couple of her friends and wakes me up and says to come downstairs and hang with them. i put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and go down there.


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once down there they are noticably a little drunk but still totally functional. one friend suggests i show them what i "got" since i was the closest to being undressed. as they were all  decked out from going out for girls night out. so i take off my shirt, a little embarrased about my slight beer belly. i say "happy now?" they were all like "what about the rest?" all except for my wife. she just sat there in disbelief due to the fact that her friends were actually asking me to do this right there in front of her.

so as i put my thumbs in the waiste band of my sweatpants, i looked over to her with a look like i was asking her what she wanted me to do. she just jokingly said "go ahead." so i slowly pulled them down just past my ass cheeks. my wife said "if you're gonna do it, do it right. pull them ALL the way down!" so as i did, Kris, who was sitting in back of me, grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me closer to her and started nibbling at my ass cheeks.

robyn yelled "go for it !!" i noticed my wife was rubbing herself thru her pants. then robyn came over with her shirt unbuttoned and put one of her nipples in my mouth. and as i sucked, she dropped her pants and panties to the floor and kicked them away. so i started massaging her hips and legs. all the whole time Kris was still nibbling my ass cheeks and occasionally tickling my asshole with her teeth and tongue.

right about now i'm really starting to feel funny about doing this with my wife sitting right there, i feel a hand starting to massage my cock. it was my wife and she was naked too. she was rubbing my cock and my ass as well as running her fingers thru Kris's hair. she even told Kris she liked the color. (they colored Kris's hair earlier that day)

Robyn said that seeing as how i was outnumbered, i should please them. well, i happily agreed. so they made me lay on my back on the coffee table and start to play with myself. Kris finally took her clothes off. as i was stroking myslef, my wife said "make sure you go real slow. no quick shots tonight!!" she looked at the other two and they all giggled. Kris said "i want a good show. play with your balls, too." so there i am stroking and massaging my balls and trying not to cum too fast in front of these 3 horny ladies.

Robyn said "put your legs in the air and spread your ass apart." so i did as i was told. my wife couldn't resist a quick spank on my ass. Kris said for me to finger my ass. as i went to wet my finger, Robyn said "i'll do that." and put my finger in her mouth and got it soaked with her saliva. it was so wet, it was literally dripping down and there was a nice long string coming out of her mouth. it went into my ass real easy. Kris said to make it go in and out. my wife said to keep stroking my cock. geez, all these orders. Robyn noticed a huge amount of precum at the top of my cock. just as she scooped it up with a couple of fingers, she looked over at my wife and asked "do you mind?" my wife said "help yourself" so she scooped it all up and licked it off her fingers. she said "mmmmmm sweet."
Kris started dragging her fingernails down the back of my legs and that's when Robyn stood up and swung a leg over my head. stradling my face, she grabbed my ankles and pulled them toward my chest. and as she was lowering herself to my mouth, she said to my wife, "you said to help myself, right?" my wife said "go for it. i'll be right back." she went upstairs and got a couple dildos. she took the double headed one and started fucking herself with it. and said something to Kris. that's when Kris pulled my finger out of my ass and started licking my ass. she was really soaking it. i could feel her saliva running down to my lower back. i think i knew what was coming.

i was right, my wife took the dildo out of her drenched pussy and they slowly slid it in to me. it felt pretty warm. Robyn said "yeah, baby. give it to him. it's about time we get to give it back." and laughed. i was enjoying being under her and licking her. she would grind herself onto my face and rub her clit onto my nose then my tongue. i was even lucky enough to tongue her ass and she'd say "good boy. your wife trained you well." my wife then got up and straddled my cock and put it in her and was grinding herself back and forth. and as for Kris, well she turned around and got on all fours and put the other end of the double header into her pussy and backed herself right up to me. i felt her bury that thing totally between the two of us. i could actually feel the warmth of her pussy touching my ass.

she was totally slamming it home. my wife was all but jumping up and down on my cock and Robyn was just about sitting on my face with all her weight. i was in heaven servicing these three women. within a few minutes we all came at various times.

once spent, Robyn and Kris went and sat next to each other on the couch. my wife said she was going to get a face cloth to clean my cum out of her. Robyn said "make HIM clean up his mess." so my wife straddled my face and i willingly licked it all up. when she had enough, she moved over to the chair Kris was originally sitting in. i looked over at the other two girls, while still lying on my back, and noticed them playfully carressing each others nipples. they were looking at my still half erect cock dripping with my cum and my wife's cum. Kris said to Robyn " why don't we clean up the big guy? he's been pretty good for us." so they knelt on each side of the coffee table and began licking my cock. it was super sensetive but it felt great. man did i ever cum.

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farker    (2011-04-29 04:12:31)    Flag as inappropiate
farker that's a hell of a great story, thanks for sharing
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 14:42:22)    Flag as inappropiate
Holy fucking hell, that was RIDICULOUSLY HOT. Seriously, my cunt is fucking *dripping* from reading that. Awesome work!
smoothballs    (2010-02-05 22:00:56)    Flag as inappropiate
mmm... time to clean up

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