..ever LIVED life ???   added 6 years ago    

  By: lidouce69

Ever made love in a moving train? I would not trade that for ANYTHING [except..of course....for sex in the elevator and, whenever possible, in the airplane !!!


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It was the Summer of 2005. We, me and my princessa from Brazil, were making  inter-states travels via train. Everything seemed  so romantic, out-of-this world, tombé-du-ciel so to speak. Just out of the blue, my princessa decided to blow me since the moving train got her so hot and wet. And me too,,,,, I wanted to heat her right there,,,right NOW. Oh my God.....I thought I was going to die !!!
That was the BEST sex I ever...I mean E-V-E-R  had !!!!!

Ever since, "moving sex " [that's : doing "it" on anything that moves] became our main fantasies.
Sooooooooooooo, I MAY conclude that, and with all due respect, who has not gotted fucked yet on anything that is moving [in locomotion] has not lived LIFE yet !!!!!

Best wishes to you all and happy fucking.

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