Taken by a secretary at work   added 6 years ago    

  By: zeck

We had a department meeting the other evening, after which there were drinks. After a few wines, I had to go to the john and thus excused myself from the company I was in and went to the relieve myself. When I got out of the men's, I walked past the ladies' room. At that time the door of the women's room opened, and one of the secretaries stepped out. She looked me over and suddenly grabbed my arms and pulled me into the ladies' room. With a fast twist she turns me around and pushes me against the wall next to the fountains. Her lips press against mine and she kisses me passionately.


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Loving it I grab her shapely, round ass. She releases my head and with a deft right hand opens my zipper. Through my opened zipper she cups my hardening dick and balls. Squeezing softly she applies pressure and pleasure to my privates. The ever hardening of my dick makes its head slip from her hand. She notices this and gets a hold of my shaft. Pulling me along by my cock she leads me through the ladies' room and to one of the stalls. Pushing me backward we move into the stall, where she sits me down on the bowl.

Sitting down on my knees she grabs the hair on the back of my head with her left hand and forcefully kisses me. She lets go of my cock and opens my trousers. Meanwhile I reach down and open her tight black pants. After my pants are open, she goes back to stroking my dick. I pause a bit at this new sensation. Then I reach into her panties and rub her clit with my middle finger. We softly moan at the pleasure we feel. The thought of possibly being discovered makes me even more horny. After a few minutes she stops stroking my cock and moves my hand from her pussy.

She stands up and teasingly lowers her pants, revealing a black thong seperating her lovely round ass-cheeks. With a smile she looks at my hard on and takes a few steps forward. She cups my dick with her hand and rubs her thong-covered pussy against it. I feel her warm wetness against my cock. Torn between closing my eyes in pleasure, and enjoying the view in front of me, I squint in rapture. Her C-cup (I think) breasts dance before my eyes with the motion of her shapely body. Seeing how I looked at her covered bosom, she takes my head and presses it to her soft flesh. Still holding my head, she shifts her other hand and her hips. My cock now stands on its own in the cold air of the stall.


After a few moments I learn why she released my cock: I feel how she guides it into her sweet warm pussy. Slowly the head disappears in her pussy, immediately followed by the shaft. My dick was now engulved in her overflowing pussy. She slowly rises back up and stops at the head, only to slowly go down again. After two more slow deep strokes, she suddenly changes to a quick, shallow strokes with only the head and the upper half of the shaft. Still holding my head she fucks me in various ways; slow long, quick shallow, quick long, etc. I simply love it, slowly my hard on is reaching its climax. I want to come deep within her, so I grab her thin waist and pull her hips down to keep my cock buried in her hot pussy.

She bucks back and fore with my dick inside her. After some time I start to tense up and my balls compress to shoot my load. She then releases my head and grabs my hands to remove them from her hips. She stands up with a friendly smile. Free from the warmth and wetness of her pussy, my arriving climax retreats from the cold air of the bathroom. I look down at our glistening privates. A small track of pussy juice runs down her shapely leg. She turns around and stands with her knees together and back to me. Opening her ass cheeks she lowers her body to my lap. Positioning her asshole above my dick she pushes down. With a soft moan and groan her asshole swallows my well lubricated dick. I watch down as her large shapely ass moves lower.

She moves my hands back to her waist and begs me to move her. And moving her I did: Up and down in a steady pace. While I was fucking her, she rubs her clit. Moaning sofly her juices start flowing again. After a few minutes she penetrates her pussy with her middle finger. I feel the additional pressure through the thin pussy wall. With that her sphincter muscles tighten around my cock. I quicken the pace with which she is riding me. I push her body randomly down deep upon my dick, or more shallow. After a minute or two, her anus tightens even more. This additional pressure on my dick pushes me over the edge. We both start to shake uncontrollably and moan softly. My semen forces its way though the tight opening into her rectum. Together we climax for at least a minute.

After the climax subsides, she steps from me. Grabbing her clothes she moves to the next stall. I take the toilet paper and clean myself. After fixing my clothes I move out of the stall to fix my hair and check if I'm OK to move back to the rest of our department. I quickly exit the ladies' room. Later I see her rejoin her collegues, as if nothing had happened.

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gibb0    (2009-08-27 11:56:31)    Flag as inappropiate
god i couldn't control myself then
Johnny7    (2009-08-24 20:33:35)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice, I felt like rising to the occassion.
easypeasy    (2009-08-23 18:11:59)    Flag as inappropiate
That was pretty hot, definitely gave my pussy a tingle. Thanks! :)

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