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  By: Piro_raeB

Mythics a strange new race of creatures that changed the way we all lived on this little blue marble we call earth. They had many forms ranging from most would call demons and angels to slightly more human looking creatures that resembled elves and fairies from movies and books. But no matter how evil or good they looked they all had a connecting feature, SEX they craved it and feed on the energy that was released when people had it. The more human looking ones would offer themselves to those who would have them, while those of the demonic nature would find ways to take what they wanted.


Because of my change in life style going from having sex when ever I wanted to barely having it all. My mind started to wonder and the dreams I would have would become more and more perverse. It would seem what would happen next was almost fated to happen, one night while grilling out in the backyard for my wife and myself it happened. As the moon shone bright in the sky, I saw the bats start to come out to feed on the bugs and what not the lived in the woods behind our house. One of the bats seemed really out of it like it was dripping on drugs or something as it flew over head and crashed into the side of the house and landed behind the bushes. I walked over behind the bush the check it out, when I got there what I saw was no bat but instead my wife ass naked laying in the dirt. As I knelt down to check on her she sat up quick as lightning, which made her perfect tits bounce and jiggle in the moon light.


I asked her “whats wrong? What happened?” she didn’t respond to me. As I started to inspect her face I noticed something, her eyes werent brown anymore in. Now they were black, it was about then that I relized I had just been sucked into a trap but it was already way past to late. Before I could react she had bitten me on my right hand, transformed back into a bat and flew off. As it left I heard a voice in my head “I be watching you evolve”, “What the hell does that mean?” I thought as I started to catch on the fact that I was bleeding heavily from my hand which didn’t hurt at all. I wasn’t sure why but I knew I needed to conceal what had just happened from everyone. I used the hot metal of the grill the burn the wound closed, the normal pain that I would expect never came but rather delicious extacy and joy.


Soon after I had finished my wife came out to find out just what was taking so long to cook some simple steaks. When I turned to look toward the door she had just come out of everything started running in slow motion. Her short black hair fanned back by the wind as she walked down the stairs, her breasts still falling down to match her step. Her shirt seemed as if it was open exposing the softly tanned skin of her cleavage to me, her jeans hugged on to her hips tightly as she walked her tight round ass sway from side to side as she came nearer. Her lips looked so full and tender and her eyes seemed to be screaming out “take me now!”


I grabbed on to her and tossed her into the grass and quickly followed jumping on top of her. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” she blurted out as I ripped her shirt open. “We cant do this here!” It was already way past to late for her to try and resist, I felt her squirming helplessly below my grip digging her in to the law. We locked eyes and I felt her stop moving, almost as if she had been hypnotized by me. I ran my hand up and down her stomach and chest, it felt so soft and inviting. The only thing standing between me and her tits was a flimsy bra which I quickly discarded of, there they were as perfect as ever and these were most certainly the real deal.

I started grabbing on them feverishly and hard, sucking and biting on the nipples as she laid there unable to resist me. I felt m cock throbbing hard against my pants and quickly ripped of my clothes, as I stood over her staring into her pussy it seemed to feel my gaze and started dripping wet forming a puddle in the grass.


It was then I felt something strange, like I was being watched. Soon I learned we were not alone in the yard, eyes dotted the tree line across the entire yard and there were even watchers on the roof of our house. They all seemed to be urging me on to start the main show, but fearful of what was to come at the same time. My body felt like it was on fire with lust and passion as I felt my dick throb again, I was on top of her again my hand wrapped around her soft mounds as I eased my cock inside her tight wet pussy.

It slid easily all the way inside her and the warm wetness had never felt so good before, quickly I started pounding away at her motionless body twisting and pulling at her tits. As I continued to pull on them milk started to leak out of her breasts, I  could feel myself about to cum but I couldn’t stop. Relentless I thrust into her again and again, until I felt the hot cum burst from the tip of my cock and fill her pussy up.


Even after I came two more time I continued to fuck my wife's pussy raw, it felt even better after having creampied her three  times that night. Suddenly everything felt cold and my sight went black, I fell backward on to the grass everything smelled of her sweet pussy juice. Then again I heard the voice “I was right to choose you, that was quite a show for your current status.” I awoke a few days later in my bed with my wife waiting by my side. She told me that she had found us both out in the back yard naked a few days ago and couldn’t remember how we got there or what had happened to us. The entire night replayed in my head, and I felt great.

She insisted that I must be hungry after not eating for so long, but I felt fine and didn’t eat at for the next for days which worried her a bit.


I started to notice changes in the way things looked all around the house and work everyone seemed to carry different auras of sex around them. I felt a lot stronger then I had in years, and sex was on my mind 24/7 it was all I could about finding different ways to pound my wife till she couldn’t walk straight. I continued having ravenous sex with my wife, and each time her mind couldn’t remember what we had done the night before. One day the idea had sprung on me, maybe if she couldn’t see my eyes she would be able to remember. While she was sleeping I blind folded and tied her to out bed and removed the almost transparent piece of fabric she had on.


Gentlely I woke her up, slowly she learned that she couldn’t move or see just what was going on. In her soft sweet voice she asked “whats goin on?” so I told her “we gona have sex they way I’ve wanted to for a long time. “what does that mea…” I cut her off with a vibrator that I had gotten years ago and had never been able to use. She squirmed helplessly trying to close her legs or free her hand to pull it out, as her breathing quickened. The highest setting quickly had her wet and ready, but we had just started to play this little game. So I went to work on her tits, grasping them hard in both hands and pulling on them in quick bursts resulting in sharp screams. She pleaded with me to stop this, that she would have sex with me just not this way. “But wheres the fun in that?”


I slid down her body snaking my way to her pussy and the vibrator. The sent was truly intoxicating, I took the toy out and replaced it with my tongue drinking in all her pussy would offer up to me while my hand massaged her clit. Still fighting hopelessly against her restraints, she tried to reason with me again to no avail. I stood over her and rubbed out a quick shot into her face, four quick bursts of cum covered her face and she quieted down a bit. Suddenly the ropes holding her in place snapped, and the voice rang out again

“You still haven't Unlocked it all yet”. This time it wasn’t in my head it was behind me, she lunged at me her hand piercing my chest, causing my skin to crack apart and fall away. Jet black skin, claws where my hands used to be and giant wings, I ran to the mirror I now had purple eyes and silver hair and a set of fangs.


To be continued…


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