A Walk to Remember...   added 6 years ago    

  By: Piro_raeB

We had been fucking like animals all day and the normal tie her up spots were starting seem a bit to normal. Tieing her down to the bed, fucking her from behind, the couch, letting her ride, it had all been done a lot that day. So she asked me to come up with a new fun place for use to play around in. As I sat on the couch stroking her pussy as she sucked at m cock to keep me going an idea came. I had her stand up, and put one of my shirts on as I blindfolder her and got to work packing a bag for what we were about to do. I slid on boxers and a tshit and lead her outside into the back yard and into the words to a small clearing with some trees dotted around.


I spread out a blanket at the base of one of the trees that looked pretty sturdy and started pulling some things out of my bag of tricks. With her blind fold still on she had no idea what I was doing or what I was planing for her. I pushed her hard up agaisnt the tree pulling the shirt over head, watching her face change as the rough bark of the tree dug deep into her skin. She asks me where we are, and I tell her that she’ll just have to trust me and do what I say for now. “Put your hands over your head”, slowly she raised her hands over her head and wrapped them around a branch that was in reach. “what do I do now?”  she sighed, locking a pair of cold metal cuffs around her wrists I said “Now? You don’t move.”


I stepped back and circled around my freshly trapped prey, her legs squirmed togeather as if to sheild her her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter from the thought of what I was about to do to her. “Are you still there?” she called to me, silently I walked over to the bag and pulled out a set of anal beds and lubed them up. She called out to me again, this time I responded with my hands grasping hard on to her ass and pulling it wide open.

A jump and a scream and her tight little asshole was fulling exposed to me, its looked so cute and inocent as a bead of sweat rolled across it. I eased the row of big anal beads inside of her ass, I could see her looking back at me still blindfolded biting her lower lip as the final bit slid into place. “mmmm, baby you took that so well I think you need a reward now.” I stood up reachign around to her giant boobs massaging them hard just like she liked it, slowly she started moaning and grinding her ass hard into my cock.


Leaving her body to its to own devices for a while, I thought it might be time to unvail my newest toy. Jet black steel butterfly nipple clamps fresh out the box today, we’d been into to hard nipple play for awhile and this would prove a good test of how far my girl had come. I rigged the chain of the clamp to the tree branch so I could hang her tits from it for my entertainment. But first a test to see if she could even take it, taking it slow I grasped both of her big juicy tits in my hands and got them going with some deep massage action. Suddenly I took both her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and pinched them as hard as I possibly could.

Her screams of joy howled off into the dusk air(if only someone was around to hear my work) when I released her, her nipples were bright red with her extacy. Yeah my girl is ready for the good stuff, as I clamped the first one onto to her I could tell she was confused and excited by this new feeling of hard rubber digging into her already tendere skin. “Deep breath baby its gona get better”, I had to lift the clamped tit so I could clamp the other one. Holding both of her tits in my hand so she couldn’t feel the wait just yet I clamped her other breast. She smirked at me smugly “that wasn’t to bad”, she seemed to forget I was still supporting most of the weight. As I let go her jaw droped and she jumped to her toes trying to shift the weight around.


Stepping back to enojy the show, I watched her dance and jump as the clamps pulled her tits up and down and the beads in her ass twisted and turned with her motions. Coming back and grabbing on to her hip to hold her in place I could smell the unmistakably sweet smell of her soft, warm, pussy. It was so wet that trails of pussy juice ran down her thighs, whipping it up with a finger and then feeding it to her I could tell she had already cum at least one time. I let my hand wonder back down to her tight pink slit, as my finger crawled around inside her she moaned loud and long “ I need your cock inside me.”


I let my boxers fall to the blanket at our first and threw off my shirt, my cock was rock hard and fully ready to fuck. I ran the tip up and down her cunt for a while teasing her, and making moan and scream louder with each pass up and down. “Put it in, drive your cock deep in my pus…” before she could finish I had trust all the way inside her. I could feel the wall of her pussy moving on their own, matching me trust for trust. “Oh fucking gooooddd!” as her body convulsed with orgasm, her breaths were short and quick. A primal scream rocked my ears as I felt another orgams corse threw her body, it was too much for me and I lost control. Trusting her up off the ground I came hard and deep insider her, it felt like her pussy was sucking on my cock and draing me of every last drop of cum I had left.


I took off her blindfold and uncuffer her hands, she removed the clamps herself. I pulled the beads out of her ass and she came again, as we packed up and headed back she could barely stand.

“What did you think of my new spot baby?”

“I loved it.”


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