The Room   added 6 years ago    

  By: Spilly

  As the sun sets it casts red and orange shadows across the round walls, giving colour to their darkness, small up-lighters are spaced evenly around the room casting the upper parts of the walls and parts of the ceiling in a soft, low light, the main door hides in the shadows. The bed is large, with an ornate iron headboard and pale covers and cushions. The only other light is from the partially open door leading into the bathroom. A shadow moves inside...........


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   I turn off the shower and grab a towel, rubbing it across my hair and neck as I step out onto the floor. The knock at the main door is quiet but just enough for me to hear. Wrapping the towel around my waist I head for the door and turn the key, opening it slightly. The bright light down the hallway makes the form almost completely black and unidentifiable but the slight breeze carries the perfume towards me and I know who is there.
   You push the door open and walk forward, raising a finger to my lips to stop my greeting. My mouth closes and the finger moves down my neck onto my chest and gently pushes me backwards into the room as you close the door behind you, without turning you lock the door and take a step back so that you are in the light cast by the sunset. I can see the sunlight reflected in your eyes and I watch them as your hands undo the belt of your long black coat and pull it open to reveal a jet black bra that is struggling to hold your firm, rounded  breasts, as the coat opens fully I see the small pair of panties that are taught across your mound with the waist bad high on your hips. A pair of high black shoes completes the outfit, and the sigh I give tells you how sexy it looks.
   Your hand reaches up to my chest and moves across it, sliding over the wet skin, a finger teases my nipple, making it stand erect before hooking into my nipple ring and tugging it gently. You move your hand further down, over my stomach till it reaches the soft material of the towel. Your finger traces a line along the top of the towel before hooking the material and pulling the knot out so that it falls to my feet. Your finger continues it's downward journey, through the small patch of hair till it reaches the smooth, just shaven, skin at the base of my already hardening cock.

You drag the nail of your middle finger along the soft skin towards the swelling tip of my circumcised cock but you never take your eyes from mine, you listen as my breath becomes deeper as you tease the tip of my twitching cock before sliding your fingers around it and squeezing gently. With a smile you walk towards the bed, leading me behind you, squeezing gently to make me harder. You stop and without turning you release your grip, your hands move up to your shoulders and take hold of the collar of your coat then slowly start to slip it off.

The light casts pale shadows across your shoulders, illuminating the smooth skin, as the coat moves further down the light creates a dark shadow down your spine making it almost black. Finally you slip the coat off and cast it onto the bed, I stare at the small piece of black material that lies at the base of your back, the sides pulled high over your hips and the small triangular piece that disappears between the round, soft cheeks of your arse. You look over your shoulder at me and you can see my gaze is fixed, your hand reaches round and a finger hooks into the small piece of material before pulling it further up so that the thong is pulled deep between your cheeks.

   You turn round to face me, looking down you can see how turned on I am, the way the veins on my cock pulse with the blood pumping through it. I watch you as your eyes come back up to meet mine, you put your hands on your hips and move them slowly up your sides till they reach the curves of your breasts, you cup one in each hand and lift them slightly, squeezing them together so that your cleavage becomes deeper and more alluring.

Your left hand moves up to the edge of the material and then your fingers take a hold of the edge and pull it down as the other hand moves over and slides under your breast, lifting it out from the restraints of the material..........god your nipple looks so dark, it is almost perfectly round and I watch as you raise a finger to your mouth, tease it with your tongue then move it back down to your nipple. You move the finger in small circles over your nipple, I stare as it becomes harder and swells, the whole time your eyes never leave mine. You take the hard nipple between your thumb and finger and gently roll it around then pull it so that the skin stretches before letting go with a sigh.

   You lift your hands up to my shoulders and rest them there, then you push down slightly and I obey you, dropping to my knees so that my face is level with that beautiful mound covered in tight black material. Your hands move slowly down your body till they reach the waist of the thong before a finger slips under the material and pulls it to the side to reveal the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen, the small patch of hair leading down to a glistening, soft, puffy pussy.

I move my head forward, suddenly your hand grabs my hair holding me inches from you, holding me so close that I can smell you and I feel my cock swell even more from the sweet scent. Looking up at you my eyes show how much I want you, 'please let me taste you.......please.....I want to feel how soft it looks so beautiful....', you look down at me and your voice sounds so quiet, almost a whisper 'slow down baby, you can taste me soon enough, but take your time, eat me slowly....'.

You move my face closer until my lips touch the skin of your thigh, my tongue traces it's way across the top of your thigh and finds the start of your pussy, you move my face further between your thighs and my tongue slides between your soft lips, feeling them part as I push further.......' good boy......mmmmmmm...yes, slowly baby, slowly......good boy....'.
You lift your leg onto the bed and use your free hand to pull your thong further over, letting me get my face all the way between your legs.

My tongue finds your clit and flicks gently over it, teasing it from its hood, making it harder before I place my lips over it and suck it slowly, stopping every so often to roll it beneath my tongue, wanting to feel it reach its full hardness. Your hand pushes me further down and I understand what you want, my tongue moves further along the soft wet groove until I come to your tight hole, you are so wet that your juices trickle down my cheeks. My tongue snakes its way into you, forcing deeper, I want to feel the inside of you, I want to taste every part of you, I want to please you. My movements become steadily faster, licking and sucking your pussy, pushing as deep as I can get, feeling your warm thighs against my face and your hand as it grips and pulls my hair.

   You let out a long deep sigh and pull my face away from you, move your hand down under my chin and lift me to my feet. As my face comes level with yours you smile slightly before moving down to squat in front of me, taking my cock in your hand and sliding your fingers slowly up and down the shaft. I look down, my cock looks bigger than I have ever seen it before, twitching in your gentle grip, ' do you want me to suck it ?, you do don't you ?, you want to feel my lips around it, you want to feel how well your mistress sucks your cock don't you ?', 'yes mistress' I reply, 'yes please'.

You stare straight at me and I watch as your lipstick coated mouth parts as it gets closer to the swollen head, opening to take me between them, just as my cock touches your lips your tongue shoots from your mouth and licks the tip making me tense my body with the sensation, you smile at the reaction you get before opening your mouth fully and taking the full length into the wetness. I've never felt anything like this, the way your lips glide up and down the shaft, the way your tongue flicks around my cock when it is deep in your mouth, the feeling of your nails digging into my arse cheeks and pulling me in deeper.

You move your head back so that just the head of my cock is between your lips, one hand wraps around the base of my cock and starts to wank me very, very slowly as the other hand massages my balls and teases my arse-hole, watching my expression all the while. You stop and move back and release your grip on me and we both watch as my cock twitches frantically in front of your face, then you smile and move forwards so that it rests in your cleavage. You stand up slowly keeping your body against mine,  your warm skin pressing against my cock and dragging the skin until you are standing up. You look deep into my eyes and tell me....
'Fuck me, fuck me and make me cum'......

You turn away and walk towards the wall and stand facing it, you raise your hands and place them flat against the cold surface then look over your shoulder at me. I walk over and stand behind you resting my cock in the cleavage of your arse then lean forward and place a kiss between your shoulders at the base of your neck. I lower my body and feel my cock slide down your cheeks and onto your pussy, then I push forward and the tip finds it's way into you as if it has been there a thousand times before.

My hands reach up to your shoulders and then move down your back to your hips, I grab them and push the rest of my length into you, feeling the hot wetness engulfing me, the soft wall of your pussy enveloping my hardness and squeezing. I look down and watch my cock as it slides out of you, glistening with your juices in the soft light then slide it slowly back in, so far in that my balls press against your mound. I pull out again then slip smoothly back in and start to build up a steady rhythm, moving my hips back and forth, getting steadily faster with each stroke, wanting to feel the way you pussy holds me tight in its grip again and again. Your head falls back and I look into your face as you speak,' Oh baby, you feel so good inside me, so thick and sooo hard. Fuck me baby, be my good boy and fuck me hard'.

I move faster, pumping my cock into you, deep and hard, my balls slapping against you, groaning with each stroke. I feel my skin start to prickle as sweat forms on my skin from the exertion of pounding into you, I can hear your breath getting faster and deeper..........suddenly you move forwards and my cock slides out of you, before I realise what is happening you turn and push me backwards onto the bed and straddle my chest, reaching round behind you you take something from your coat pocket. The ropes are narrow but look strong, you lean over me and tie my wrist to the bed-head then repeat it with the other, tying me down so that I can only just lift my head from the bed.

I can only see the outline of your face in the shadows as you move up slightly so that your breasts are above me, you lower yourself down and a nipple brushes my mouth, I open my lips and draw it in, sucking it into my mouth and feeling it grow and harden, I close my teeth around it and nip which makes you let out a long low groan. I flick my tongue across the tip and feel you squirm on top of me. You move down just a little and I feel your hand take hold of my cock then guide it into your soaking wet hole, taking the entire length in one movement.

You pull away from me and lift yourself into a squatting position with your feet either side of my hips and your hands resting on my stomach, I watch as you raise yourself up and look down to see my cock slide out of you then glide back in. Your movement increases in speed and rhythm, faster, harder, deeper until finally you lower yourself down and start to grind against me, circling your hips to get me as far into you as possible............

I hear you starting to moan , then the moan gets louder and louder and I know that you are about to cum. I lift my hips and push up as far as I can, wanting to feel you cum, to feel those spasms as your pussy contracts and squeezes, your moan turns into a shout then a scream and your nails dig into my flesh as your orgasm ripples through you, making your body tense and shudder, you grind harder as your pussy tightens for the last time and the orgasm washes through you then after a couple of seconds you climb from me and move down between my legs.

Taking my cock in your hand you rub it, slowly at first but then quicker and more frantically while slipping your other hand under my tightening balls to tickle and stroke them, 'Cum for me baby, show me how much you enjoyed me, cum for me'. I feel my orgasm coming and my buttocks clench as you wank me faster until the first jet of cum shoots from my cock high into the air and landing on your thigh, 'Oh yes baby, look at that cum, so hot and sticky, all for me', another squirt shoots onto your breast and trickles down your nipple, another lands on your stomach and runs down to your pussy, the last lands on my cock and your hand as you slow down your movement and rub the slick fluid into the skin.

I slump back onto the bed with my eyes closed as my heart pounds inside my chest. I sense you moving and undoing the rope around my wrist as you climb from the bed, I wait for you to undo the other rope but instead I hear the door to the room slam shut and I open my eyes to find the room empty with just a white towel lying on the floor........................

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