I think ill take the stairs   added 6 years ago    

  By: Piro_raeB

After getting off the train, and clearing the security desk. We went straight for the stair case to head up to my room. I followed behind her watching her ass do its sexy slide back and forth as she walked up the stairs. Her pants started to ride down her ass exposing her favorite pair of purple lace panties, I could only imagine she was where her matching bra. A tiny bit of lace and frill that could barely contain her DD bust. By the time I realized she had stopped walking she had already had her hand on the ends of her panties pulling them up higher. Taunting me and no doubt making then ride into her pussy rubbing her clit. I look up and my eyes meet hers, and she gave me a sly little smile and a wink.


We can’t wait to get to the room and she sits on the air unit on one of the landings for the stairs. As she unbuttons the top bit of her shirt with one hand, she calls with over with the other. Slowly the soft skin of her boobs comes into the light still being held up by the lace. It’s deadly silent in the staircase, and I can hear my steps echo as I climb the last two stairs to the landing and walk over to her. As I started to make a grab for her breasts she brushes my hands aside, pulling me in for a kiss. She slid her tongue deep into my mouth and started to massage my tongue with hers. I felt the warmth of her hand on the front of my pants as she slowly undid them and let them fall to the floor.


She got down on her knees in front of my half erect member and started breathing steady warm breathes onto it. Cupping my balls and teasing me with her breath she asked “should we really be doing this here?” I nodded. That was all it took to convince her, my dick was deep into her mouth being coated with her warm saliva as she sucked feverishly on it. Growing harder and harder as her head continued to slide up and down, she stopped. Took a deep breath and took my entire fully hard cock into the back of her throat, sliding her head side to side and then letting it out into the open. She started stroking my cock, the saliva acting as lube so she could go as fast as she wanted. Then her mouth was back over my cock as it started to pulse, I grabbed her head and forced it down her throat as I shot my load down into her stomach.


She looked up at me smiling try to get more cum out of me with her hands. I stood her up and finished opening her shirt, pulling her tiny bra up over her boobs. Her nipples were already hard from her sucking me off. My hands massaged them softly getting her comfortable and letting her relax a bit from all the work she just did. Then I took her nipples between my fingers and pinched onto them as hard as I could, while pulling them out. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. I eased up and bit and she still had a defiant look on her face so I pulled her nipples out again, this time she bit her lip to enjoy herself a bit more. Her nipples were red around the edges, and my hand print was light red on her boobs.


As we kissed again, I slid her pants off and let them fall to her feet along with her panties. I pushed her back onto the air unit, and she spread herself open wide inviting me to have my way. As I knelt down close to her pussy I could smell her sweet sent, and see the juice from it starting to build up. I gave her whole pussy a quick lick and then started to suck and lick hard on her clit. Her moans carried off softly into the staircase as I slide two fingers deep inside her. As she came closer and closer to finishing her hands grabbed onto the back of my head, and her hips started to buck against my hand in rhythm. Her breathing stops I can feel her cumming in my mouth, sucking up all her sweet juices.


Standing up my cock still hard, I pulled her close to the edge of the unit. Running the head of my cock against her tight pink slit, massaging the tip of the head onto to her clit. Slowly I slid my cock into her, she moaned and strained to take every inch of my thick cock. Finally it was all the way inside her, her breathing was now rapid and ragged. Slowly I start sliding it back out, her pussy is wrapped so tight around it that it seems like it might not come back. I pull out so only the head is left inside her and trust it hard back in.

Picking up speed starting to pound into her as she starts to trust back at me, our sounds fill the air around us. Then the distinct sounds of a metal click, we freeze while I’m still buried deep inside her neither of us breathing. Suddenly a cool breeze starts to blow from beneath her, as the air had turn on.


She wraps her legs around me as well resuming fucking each other. Picking her up and forcing her back to the wall, I keep drilling into her wet pink pussy. Her large tits bounce up into my face as she tries to get her rhythm back with mine. One of her tits flies into my mouth, biting onto it to keep it in place I start to suck and bite to my lusts content. I can feel the need to cum building deep inside of me, my strokes becoming more erratic and forceful. Then it starts, the hot cum bursting out from the tip of my dick surging deep inside her most private depths. The action of me cumming seems to trigger her cumming, sweet wet pussy juice runs down my cock and drips to the floor. As I pull out a few globs of cum drip out and mix with her juices forming a puddle on the ground.


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