screaming in the moonlight   added 6 years ago    

  By: Piro_raeB

The night had started out just like any other b.s. and hang out party with my friends. Going out for food, driving around, drinking, and then I went outside for a smoke. She came with me cause she wanted one to (at least that’s what I thought at first), so we start chit-chating back and forth and everything seems pretty standard. Then a long silence and it happened “Can I sleep with you tonight?” a simple question that she asked and my answer should have just been a straight yes.


The night goes on pretty standard, me and the girls head back for the cardboard box I called a dorm room and of course much more drinking occurs. About 4 or 5 shots later, i'm sober as a judge….a judge with two hot drunk half naked drunk chicks making out and fingering each other on his bed. So somehow my hands get pulled up onto the bed, and start slipping in and out of some really tight pink little pussies. The girls get their orgasms on, and one of the more or less falls out of the party. So now im left with the here with my friends ex, and she’s in my lap sliding around like a kitten and somehow we both manage to fall asleep on the bed.


I wake a few hours later and roll and see perfect B cup titties sitting in the moon light, the ring in the left one almost winking at when she breaths. So the little voice in my head the normally tells me know must have still been asleep because before I knew it. I was 3 fingers deep inside her pussy and she was both hands my cock, rubbing me just right threw my sweatpants. We decided to finish this little party up on the floor to try to keep the noise down.


At this point the primal half of my brain must have taken over, because we were both on the floor just clawing at each other for leverage as I pounded into her ultra tight pussy. Her hang banging against the wall, as her screams of joy filled the room(and the rooms next to me no doubt). She starts rising up and screaming even louder as we both continue to try to out perform the other. My hand grabs onto the sides of her neck pinning her back down, she grins devilishly for a second and returns to screaming burning passion into the night.


Her pussy tightens up around my cock almost locking me in place, but I still manage to keep my stroke up. Her screams turn to moans and then nothing. “Oh, shit! I did something stupid didn’t I was my first though” then out of the darkness I hear “I wonder how long it would take you to get those handcuffs on me throw me over the bed and fuck me from behind.” I look from her face and to the nail in the wall where the cuffs are hanging, “okay, why not?”. As I stand up and pull out she moans again and slides to the far side of the room. I get the cuffs of the wall and turn around, to see her sitting over there.


“I thought you wanted to fuck with the cuffs on?”

“I do.”

“So why don’t you come over here so we can put them on?”

“I never said I was gonna go quietly”

“that’s for damn sure” I thought to myself. I sliped the cuffs in my mouth and jumped across the room, I had her pinned to the floor again in seconds. Being almost 7 feet tall and 300 lbs does have its advantages in these kinda things =). I quickly had her hands cuffed behind her back. “So now we can do this one of two ways, I drag your tits across the room by the cuffs or we can walk.” It was pretty clear walking wasn’t an option in this case, so I dragged her to the bed and threw her over it ass up her moaning with joy the entire time.


After all my work I decided I’d have a bit of fun with this now. Giving her ass a couple of hard smacks, the cherry red hand print was visible in the soft moonlight. “Come on, BREAK ME!” again I smacked her ass much harder this time. She moaned out “yes like that  I want you break me”, I gripped hard onto her hips and thrust her backwards onto my hard cock. She sang with pain and joy as my hands dug into her and my cock plunged her my sensitive depths. Her pussy tightened up again as she came once more, her body wanted convulse but being held in place by me and the cuffs. The metal edges of the cuffs started to bite into her soft tan flesh as she screamed “YES, BREAK ME!”. I could feel my dick starting to grow and throb with the signs of cumming soon. Taking the pounding over and over again of the fully erect member drove her up the wall as she screamed something I couldn’t even make out.


With a final push I unleashed my load deep insider her, she was breathing heavy now. As  I pulled out I released the cuffs she turned around and stuck her fingers deep inside herself fishing out globs of cum and feed it to herself. When she had her fill we climbed back into bed her head resting on my chest as we fell asleep.





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