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  By: TulsA

     My husband’s business was going very well. I found myself very busy trying to help him and keep our home life running smoothly. Between running errands for him and attending dinner parties, social events, it was all just becoming too much. My husband noticed how stressed I was so he suggested I hire a personal assistant.

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     I placed an ad online and I got several interested candidates. I set up an interview schedule for one Monday afternoon. I was so excited to finally be getting some help. I decided to hold the interviews in our home. As I dressed for the occasion I decided I wanted to look professional, but not hinder my sex appeal either. I dressed in a low cut black sleeveless top, with a silver necklace draped between my full C tits. I wore a grey pencil skirt with a slit on the right thigh and black stilettos. As finished touching up my make-up I heard the doorbell.

   My first interview was a young man just out of college and looking to get into PR and thought this would be a good opportunity. I watched his eyes as he spoke and couldn’t help but notice they were planted on my necklace. Well, that’s the polite way of saying it, truth be told he was full on gawking at my chest. I smirked, I actually enjoyed the attention. What woman wouldn’t? I took his resume and told him I would let him know. The next interview was boring, another young college grad, but I actually yawned at one point.

     I finally told him I didn’t think he would be a good fit and escorted him out. My third interview was a young lady, also looking to get into PR. She was very prompt, which I loved! I opened the door and was taken back. She reminded me so much of myself, only about 10 years younger. She had worn a white blouse tucked into fitted black dress pants, and white peep toe heels. When I let her in I snuck a peek at her from behind. I am totally an admirer of asses and she had a great one! It was cute and little and round. She was a little thing, probably a size 4. She had straight brown hair and bright blue eyes. As, I said she was a small little thing, and I could make out her sweet little boobies under her blouse. Her name was Erin.

     As, soon as we started talking I knew she was the one. We had so much in common! She understood my needs and was on board to help me with my goals. I asked her to wait one moment and excused myself. I went to my office and updated the web ad to state “position filled” and called the last applicant I was supposed to interview that afternoon and told him the position had been filled.

I went back to Erin and smiled at her. “Erin, I think you would be a perfect fit for me! I would love nothing more than to hire you and have you start as soon as possible!” “Great!” she said, “I would love to! Thank you so much! I can start whenever you want!” “Perfect!” I told her. “Then I will see you tomorrow at 9am!” I gave her a house key and a cell phone that was just for use with me and told her to let herself in in the morning and to come up and find me in my bedroom. “My husband and I have a charity event to go to this weekend and I need help choosing a dress.” “Absolutely! I look forward to it!”

     That night at dinner I told my husband how excited I was and I also told him how cute our new little helper was. “Well, whatever it takes for you to be happy and well taken care of Baby!” he winked at me. In our college days my husband and I had played around a bit and he knew I enjoyed women as play things every now and again. He also knew his was the only cock that could please me, so he never worried about me having a little playmate. We went to bed and before falling asleep my husband reached over and began pinching my bare titties. “You horny little slut. You hired that girl just cause you thought she was sexy didn’t you?” he asked with an extra twist on my nipple. “MMMmaybe….” I moaned, enjoying the sensation. “Well let me show you what happens to little sluts in my house!”

     He pulled me up on my knees and began spanking my ass with the “SLUT” paddle he had retrieved from our toy box. It has the letters stenciled out so when he spanks me the word “SLUT” appears bright red on my skin. “You dirty little whore! I’m gonna teach you a lesson!” he then discarded the paddle and took out a large dildo which he proceeded to run up and down the outside of my pussy. “Mmmm!” I moaned. “Oh! You want this Slut?” he asked as he began smacking it against my pussy. “Yes! Give it to me!” I cried out. “Well, it is all nice and wet so take this!” and with that he shoved it right into my ass! “There! Now you look like a real Slut! But I think I can make you even sluttier!” He went into the toybox again and came out with my nipple and clit clamps. He attached the chain to each nipple and the adjoining chain to my slippery clit. He then blindfolded me and I could only hear what was next.

     I heard the unmistakable click of a camera and I swayed with excitement. I licked my lips and then felt him slap my face lightly and pulled my blindfold off. “You horny little bitch! What are you licking for! I’m gonna fill all your holes, just wait!” and with that he shoved another dildo in my mouth. “Don’t let it fall or you’ll be sorry!” he warned. Finally when I thought my aching pussy couldn’t wait any longer I felt him getting behind me. He placed his hand on the dildo in my ass and began fucking my ass with it. I bounced my big full ass right back at him. With his free hand I felt him guiding his thick cock to my now dripping wet pussy. My clit throbbed between the clamp as all my pleasure sensors were going off.

     As soon as his dick entered my pussy I let out a grateful moan and let the rubber cock escape from my mouth. “Uh oh! Now you did it you fucking whore! Now you’re gonna get it! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’re gonna beg me to stop!” “Oh no I won’t!” I sassed back “You know why?” “Yes! Because you’re a fucking WHORE! You’re my whore aren’t you bitch! Now take my cocks! And I want to see you pulling on your chains you little bitch!” He gave me a good hard smack on the ass and went on fucking my holes for all I was worth. I loved the feeling of my tight asshole stretching as he banged me with the fat rubber cock. But his dick in my pussy was the most amazing feeling!

     I pushed back against him as I felt his delicious big cock jammed up deep inside my pussy. I loved the way it felt! And in obedience I tugged at the chain connected from my pink little nipples down to my swollen clit. The sensations were amazing. I lost count of how many times I was cumming, but I finally collapsed on my elbows with just my ass still sticking up in the air for him. “Alright Slut! You’re gonna get what you’ve earned.” he pulled the dildo from my ass and pulled his cock out. He slapped his cock against my pussy a few times and then against my ass. I watched him in the mirror point his cock towards my crack and slit and then he exploded his hot creamy load onto my pussy and asshole.

One squirt hit my clit right on target and between that the whole eroticism of all the sex I was sent over the edge again and my pussy squirted out my own cum to mix with his. I heard the camera click again and looked up just in time to see him set it back down.

     He picked up the dildo that had fallen from my mouth and dipped it into our cum mixture oozing on my pussy. “Now my sweet little whore, I would like to watch you eat all this cum.” he handed me the cock and I gladly began licking and sucking all the yummy-ness off. He smiled at me and stuck his hand down to my pussy again and then brought his wet fingers back to my face and rubbed our cum on my face and in my hair. He took one more picture and then went to the bathroom to shower off. I joined him, only after he said I could, like a good little slut.


Leave me comments! I like them! And look for what happened with Erin in “first day on the job”

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lstorywriter    (2010-09-22 18:21:00)    Flag as inappropiate
Love your story! My cock is as hard as the one in the story. Can't wait to read the first day with Erin and see if you can finish me off!
smoothballs    (2009-11-28 11:26:49)    Flag as inappropiate
what a great story and deep probing relationship with your hubby. I wish it was me there witnessing this instead of reading it. I would have helped you clean up that dildo, if you like to share...
CanadianCasanova    (2009-08-04 17:05:38)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Hot story! I wish it was longer!

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