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A courtesan is a wonderful thing. A woman dedicated to sensuality in all of its forms, dress, conversation, touch and intimacy is something everyone should partake of, and support. However, that is a story for another time. This story is about an encounter with a sexy receptionist I ran into on leaving my favorite courtesan.

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On leaving my courtesan's high rise condo, I happened upon the lovely receptionist that greets guests. Usually I'm here late at night, long after she has gone, so this is the first time I have seen her. I say hi, and she asks me if I have just come from seeing Ms Y. I pause for a moment, wondering why she would be asking, a little nervous about this seeming intrusion into my world of fantasy. I finally answer yes, she is a friend. This brings what appears to be a knowing smile to her suddenly inviting lips, further heightening my nervousness. I'm torn between making an expedient departure, and querying what her interest in Ms Y would be.

As I stare into her eyes, there is an attraction that compels me to approach her. The attraction seems to exist at a number of levels. She is a beautiful woman, but she is much younger than I'm attracted to other than superficially. Of course she is wearing a well fitted skirt and blouse that clearly hides an voluptuous body. I had already noticed her seamed stockings and sexy high heels, and this certainly has aroused me. She reminds me of the sexy secretary/receptionist pinup photo/drawing that while showing no real skin can be so erotic. I love how the feminine form can be so powerfully alluring even when fully clothed, professional in appearance. 


I walk to her desk and say Hi, my name is Mr. X. She replies with her name, and asks if I have enjoyed my visit. Damn, she seems to know exactly why I am here! There is little point in being anything but honest I feel, so I say that yes I have enjoyed by time with Ms. Y, she is always a wonderful hostess, subtly querying her on how much she does in fact know about Ms. Y. She smiles engagingly, and brings her hand next to mine on the counter, ever so slightly touching it. "I'm always intrigued by the men Ms. Y entertains, they always seem so happy when they leave. I wish I could feel that type of happiness in a man when he leaves my company" she says.


As I said, she is a beautiful woman, certainly not lacking for attention, but I'm well aware that attention does not guarantee a fulfilling exchange. Curious how many beautiful women I have come across that tend to attract attention from the wrong type of man. Perhaps a man who finds the company of an educated, skilled courtesan has a different air than what she was used to because she appeared very eager to make a connection with me. As I observed her, there was a sense of desire, almost lust.

I know well that feeling. I asked her if she knew Ms. Y very well, and what it was she did for a living. She turned away slightly, perhaps blushing a bit and said that she did. At that point I simply asked her if she was interested in knowing what kind of man sought out Ms. Y's company. She answered yes, an almost lusty quality to her voice.


Now I'm one who prefers longer term, even monogamous relationships, an occasional visit to a favorite courtesan in the interim, but I had a tremendous attraction to this woman in this moment. Her apparent desire naturally arousing mine. A sexy, alluringly attired woman is one thing, throw in a touch of desire and its an all but irresistible combination. It is a wonderful feeling to share a sensuous connection, one strangely more intimate than can be understood. I asked here if she would be interested in joining me for lunch. She eagerly accepted.


At lunch she professed her admiration for Ms. Y and the apparent ease with which she could please men such as myself. I said that Ms. Y certainly had a wonderful talent, but that it was a combination of intelligent sensuality that pervaded all aspects, and that it was actually far more than her sexual ability. She moaned how she would like to have such a sensuality, at which point I told her that she did in fact have a raw form of it in the way that she had interacted with me. She had admitted that she was attracted to me and the idea of seducing me after I had seen Ms. Y as a validation of her sensuality

I told her that she had much of the same qualities that Ms. Y had. She only needed to infuse that sensuality into all her actions as well as be able to derive a level of pleasure from making the man she was with feel as though he was the most interesting, desirable man in the world. It was this more than looks or sex that is the courtesan's true talent after all.


We continued to talk and flirt throughout lunch, ending with a delicious desert wine that eroded anything left of her inhibitions. I asked her to my place for hedonistic conclusion to our wonderful foreplay. She readily agreed, and we strode out hand in hand awash in the wonderful intimacy that happens between a man and a woman in lust. The details of our passionate denouement hardly add any further excitement to the story my enthralled reader. Let your mind run wild with your fantasy conclusion with a sexy receptionist, filled with desire and eager to release it.

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