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  By: affectionate4u

You have just seen a client, and I'm jealous of him enjoying my little girls company. I know you are probably in need of some of Daddy's attention and domination since you have had to be a big girl for the session, so I come up after he has left to indulge in a little punishment fantasy. 


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I ring the bell and you answer, surprised to see your Daddy. I give you a hug and a kiss, and ask you if you have been a bad girl. You don't really answer, just give a whimper and a bashful look, so I tell you that I think you have been naughty. I make no implication as to what you have done wrong, I simply say that you have been a naughty girl and that you need to be punished by your Daddy. I take you by the hand and lead you to the couch, and have you kneel down in front of it. I sit down and tell you to take Daddy's cock in your mouth.

I am worked up and ready to cum after just a few minutes. I tell you to let me cum on your face as I want to you wash off my desire as the first step to cleaning the slate. You dutifully follow Daddy's orders, and on returning to me with a freshly washed face, I take you into the bedroom, telling you its time for your second punishment. I bend you over the bed and have you stretch out your arms, and handcuff you with the especially heavy handcuffs I have purchased for you.

The are much thicker and heavier than even police cuffs. I know you like the feeling of them weighing you down, preventing you from being able to do anything about the spanking you are to receive. I see my last bruises are only faintly visible. I take out my new strap paddle, fully intent on changing that situation. Marking you with my cum or bruises is very exciting and egotistical of me, and I love your desire to submit to such primitive gestures.


I rub the strap against your bottom, teasing you, building the anticipation and dread in you. I can be such a naughty Daddy as well. I soon begin your spanking, quickly bring the intensity to a stinging level. Blow after blow is administered, with only brief pauses to sooth your bottom with a loving caress. It does both hurt and excite Daddy to spank you so hard. In reality its Daddy's jealousy that is being punished here, but its his little girl that suffers the cleansing punishment for her Daddy. Daddy loves her so much for this. She is truly the best little girl, an angel with no hint of wickedness in her. As Daddy delivers each punishing blow, she knows that its Daddy who is being absolved for his sins, and that he loves her for allowing this cleansing of his jealousy from himself through the guise of her punishment.


The spanking ends when your are sobbing, flinching as the blows boarder on becoming too much. I tell you thank you, that you really are Daddy's good little girl and that I love you more than anything. I caress and kiss your sore bottom. I then turn you over and kiss your wet pussy, licking and stroking you until your ready for my again swollen cock. I then enter you and fuck you hard, feeling you cum as you reach for Daddy in your desire. I kiss you and tell you that I love how you treat your Daddy, throughly enjoying the rapture in your eyes.

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