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  By: bikerjohnny


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I was reminded recently of my first phone sex girlfriend.  Julia had been my girlfriend at college but we had parted when we left to go and work in different countries, and kept up with each other on the phone for quite a while.  We used to like romantic settings lakes mountains roaring fires etc. I was thinking of one of the last ones we enjoyed once we had started seeing other people. Though we did keep it up for a while it eventually trailed off as these things do.


“I know we can never meet any more since we’ve moved on,  but images of you still fill my dreams. Your long dark hair, your full soft breasts, your slim waist, your womanly hips, and your long slender legs so eagerly parted, I can’t get you out of my mind.


“I wank so often dreaming of you and things we used to do, the feelings we shared,  the orgasms we gave each other. Just thinking of you now has me reaching for my cock, releasing him from his prison, already rock hard in my hands, ready to satisfy your every need.


“We meet in my dreams, a lakeside walk, dusk approaching, shadows drawing in. We walk hand in hand by the water’s edge, turning slowly to each other, you reach up to kiss me, taking my head in your hands, pulling me down to your lips, soft, expectant, your breath warm on mine, until our lips meet and we melt into each other passionately, our tongues dancing in and out desperately, our passions rising intensely.


“After several long moments I can take no more, I push you gently downwards, towards my swelling organ, the proof of my desire. You unbutton my shorts and they fall to the ground, my cock springing out hard, swollen, rampant. You take him in your hands, gasping at his size, loving how huge you have made him.”


You take over from here “Oh God I love the feel of your cock, the skin so soft, stretched so wide, the way your head swells looking so angry wanting so much to spit at me. I lean forward and lick him, tasting his salty come, my lips sliding over him, taking him deep down inside me, sliding it all the way down. As I pull back I suck the head, softly at first, my tongue circling slowly all the way round, then harder my tongue faster. My hand pumps you, my head bobbing up and down on him, loving the feeling of him hitting the back of my throat, dominating me even though I know I am in control.”


“Oh God I love it when you suck him, please don’t stop now, keep on sucking, teasing, licking whatever it is that you do to me, just keep going.” My hand is pumping away on my throbbing knob, so turned on, knowing a thousand miles away my cyber lover is laying back, legs akimbo, her fingers drifting over her clit, rubbing herself off, dipping in every so often to wet her fingers, and then back. I can hear it in her voice, her breathing laboured, her gasping matching mine.


“ I can feel him, twitching inside my mouth, I know you want to come, but I want you properly, I want you now!”


I pull back in our shared fantasy, and laying her back on to the sandy beach, my hands glide up between her thighs, there is no resistance, until I reach the silky knickers covering heaven.


“My finger slides over your mound, tracing your lips, pushing the material inside, feeling your wetness..”


“Yes oh yes please I am so wet, I need you in me please!”


I knew she would follow my actions, and loved teasing her, loved her begging, her desperation. “My finger’s easing the material aside, I can feel how wet you are, your lips so silky smooth, easing them apart, tracing my way up high, circling your clit oh so gently, not touching it, circling round and round, easing my finger onto the very tip. You can feel it there, moving so slightly you’re not sure it’s moving at all. Then sliding it down just a fraction, I know you want to rub it but you can’t, not yet. My finger slides down and down, all the way to your soaking wet hole, dipping in first one, then two fingers, pushing deep inside you. How many do you think you can take?”


“Oh you know me by now, I want them all, push them all inside me.”


“Ok , now three, fucking you deep, slow but deep in and out, dragging you lips out with me, pushing them deep inside, four now spreading you so wide. “


I knew she had her whole hand in there by now, she was on the edge I could tell, her breathing was coming in fast gasps, I knew she wanted it so bad.


“Now fucking you hard with my hand , my thumb on your clit, you are so close now, I just wish you could see how hard I am now just picturing you there, just imagine my hand inside you taking you over the edge.”


“God yes don’t stop keep going…I’m coming now keep talking to me.. oh god yes” and with a cry I’m sure I could have heard without the phone she climaxed, the sound of it so good, my own hand pumping hard now my cock swollen. I knew not to come though, she was always wanting more, and I knew what she wanted now.


Once she had quieted, “Oh that was so nice, I really needed that. Now I need you to fuck me hard and fast, I want to hear you come with me, I want to picture your face screwed up with the pleasure of it.”


“Ok, I pull back, drop my pants, and come between your legs. I’m pulling your legs up, resting my shoulders on your calves, opening you up for me. You are unable to move now, totally in my power, my huge cock  just poised between your lips, you can feel him throbbing, feel his head pushing into you so slowly, easing you apart,  sliding my thick hard dick inside you. I stop then halfway in, short strokes now, teasing you, I know you want it all, but you going to have to wait.”


I knew she had her toy there, a replica cock, a vibrating dildo mimicking me, pushing slowly in and out of herself, I could hear the buzzing down the phone and knew I didn’t have long.


“Now all the way in, ramming him home, then all the way out, thrusting him deeper and deeper, filling you up, making you scream. You’re pinned there unable to move you just have to take it, my big fat cook slamming into you time and time again, faster now, deeper…. Oh god I can feel my spunk rising , feel him so close now, god he is so huge now my head feels like it’s going to explode..”


“Go on , come now, I’m going to come with you right now, go on, go on yes that’s it……….”


And both screaming out loud, turned on by each others coming I shot my load, thick hot spunk pumping out again and again, loving the feeling of him exploding, draining me of all energy.


We chatted for a while after, before promising to call again soon….how I miss those days!!


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IcyPrincess    (2009-07-15 21:50:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice, phone sex is so fun. This reminds me of a story of my own.

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