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  By: tobymoby

(My first story, so please comment, but be nice.)


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Dana was ready. She had been waiting for this day for weeks, months---hell, years. Today was her 15th birthday. She was excited to finally become a woman. All her older friends spoke of how great it felt, how it hurts in the beginning, but feels crazy good afterwords. Her body was ready for sex with medium sized breasts, wide hips, and a pussy ready for some cock. The lucky man who was going to deflower this lusty girl was Tony Mclean. At 16 years old, he was the sluttiest guy in school fucking hundreds of girls almost monthly.


Waking up from bed, she took her shower but resisted her usual urge to use the dildo, wanting all the pleasure to come from tonight's sex. She got out, dried herself, put on her premium Victoria's Secret g-string and capped it off with a nice pink sundress. She argued over whether or not to wear a bra, but decided against it. Since the dress was slightly see-through, she wanted to flaunt her entire body to the boys(and some girls) with her easily visible g-string and nipples. She put on some sexy 5-inch heels. This was her day, she could do whatever she wanted. 


Dana went to school as normal and got her friends excited when she told them it was her night. They gave her all kinds of tips and told her how good it would feel. One of her friends remarked,"Oh, do you have a condom, cuz most guys don't bother to bring their own."


"Tony will probably have some, that guy's like so HOT!!!!!", Dana exclaimed, imaging his notoriously long dick and tendency to cum like crazy. She soon put all the perks out her mind, and mentally prepared her body for the night of a lifetime. Heaven, here I cum!


School over, she wished her friends good-bye and went over to Tony's car. He was ready to rock with that old lusty smile on his face. He stared at the chick he was going to fuck, "Holy Crap", he muttered, mesmerized by her stunning beauty.  His lust came to the fore-front: he wanted to fuck the girl right now, deflower her so everyone could see, put his hungering dick right into her pussy. But he calmed himself, "Hey, you ready to go?"


"Yeah, I'm soo ready," Dana said with a smile,"In want to do it at my place if that's okay."


"Sure, your parents won't be their right?"


"No, my mom's probably getting fucked at some bar in Newport."


"Oh, that's cool...."


Both people were trying to get their bodies in the mood. Tony hadn't had a fuck or even a jack in a week. His dick was bulging in his tight jeans with his mind alight with fantasies of an incredible fuck. He could imagine fucking her everywhere-in her pussy, her butt, her throat, even her tits. Dana's mind was also filled with lust as her nipples gradually hardened and her pussy juices began to flow around her vagina. Soon the couple reached the mansion at Dana Point with an excellent view of the beach. 


She took him in the house and they immediately went to her room. It was spacious with a king-sized bed in the middle. She threw Tony onto the bed and began to undress as he lay. Reminding her of what her friends had said, Dana murmured,"Do you like have a condom or something?"


"Er---no," he said, but watching the fear on her face, he said,"But it's okay, I like take this pill that makes my sperm like hard to make you pregnant." His body was too filled with lust to pull away right now: he needed to fuck this bitch now!


She immediately smiled and got to work. He fondled with her breasts making them incredibly hard while her body shuddered with pleasure. She soon showed off her incredible ass to Tony so he shoved his head into it.  Dana took off her thong, turned,  and pulled Tony's jeans off and saw his notoriously dick waiting for her. She got on her knees and sucked the beautiful thing. But then Tony, pulled her up and told her he wanted a doggie fuck.


"No," Dana warned,"This is my night, I want to be pussy fucked."


He marveled at her powerful words, but then laid her down on the bed and went for missionary style. It initially hurt Dana as her girlish hymen was broken, but the pain turned to pleasure as Tony fucked her as hard as he could. Soon, consumed with the sexual passion, he let out all his semen right into her womb. Dana convulsed with euphoria as she orgasmed like never before. It was over, Dana was now a woman.


She was so happy!!! She passionately kissed Tony and thanked him so much for the fuck. He himself felt pretty happy, although he was sad that his ball sack was out of cum, "No girls to fuck tonight" he though with dismay. Aw well.


Soon Tony was gone, and Dana took no time to tell her friends the magic of her pleasure. She described it to all of her friends all of whom congratulated her.  It was the night to remember.


After a few weeks, Dana noticed things were weird. She hadn't had her period when she was supposed to and felt weird. She worried that maybe she was pregnant.  She got home and checked with her mom's test strips. She peed, and to her incredible dread, the test was positive. She tried five more times, but the results were the same. She told her mom, her friends, and her principle, all of whom were very shocked. She confronted Tony who said whatever, and went off to get another girl. Nine months later, she gave birth to a baby girl who she named Mistake. 



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