The office is the perfect place   added 6 years ago    

  By: fleabass01

the trend in office design to include work areas that are essentially small offices has been a boon to the corporate pervert. They tend to be put in places that are quiet and off the beaten path of movement through the office, and so a mid-afternoon jerk-off can be accomplished without using the bathrooms. Janitor service to get rid of the tissues to boot!


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Chantelle and I had been working together six months when something clicked and we went from co-workers to friends to friends with benefits. In committed relationships, she and I used each other as a pressure valve for stress and lack of sex with our primary partners. For example, I had eaten her out 3 times in a week when her boyfriend was in Tokyo on business and she was tired of fucking herself with a vibrator.


It had been a couple of weeks since my girlfriend had flown out to the West Coast to visit her mom. I was having trouble concentrating when it occurred to me that I hadn't cum since she'd left. A quick text to Chantelle with the  location and I was ready to have that taken care of.


I had the task light on rather than the overhead light, and she slipped into the room quietly. She giggled softly as she flashed me her pantyless muff, and then unbuttoned her blouse and let her generous breasts spill from the cups of her bra.


"I had a feeling you were going to be asking me to stop by," she said, as she ground her hips into me.


"What do you mean?" I asked in return, as I massaged her nipples with my hands.


"Let's just say it's very obvious when you're stressed; everything is short and to the point when your balls are full" she teased.


With that, she dropper to her knees and unzipped my pants. She loosened my cock and balls and gently stroked them with her soft hand, before taking the head into her mouth and gently sucking. After a couple of minutes, she pulled her mouth off my cock with a soft plop, and then proceeded to suck my balls one by one. She grinned around them as she did so, knowing that it drove me wild.


Propping herself up on her elbows on my knees, she innocently asked if I wanted to slide my cock between her big tits?  before I could answer, she had encased my hard cock in her boobs and was slowly jacking me off with them. She darted down to lick the head of my cock from time to time, and sensing that I was right on the edge, she loosened the grip of her breasts and plunged her mouth back down on my cock. That was all it took for me to cum, and cum I did. She was a trooper and swallowed it all, but she did choke a little as she swallowed. Looking up at me and using a pinky to clean up a trail of semen from the corner of her lips, she said:


"Boy, Jeff, don't let natalie leave for much longer! I was about to drown!"


With a kiss from lips covered in my cum, she re-adjusted her clothing and slipped out again. Funny, I can always concentrate better once I've dropped a load in her mouth. 

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