Having the tables turned   added 6 years ago    

  By: fleabass01

It was a surprise, that's for sure.


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Making it home on a Friday night after a long week of work, I found that my wife had been very busy. 6 days of 12 hour days had left me a little ragged, and her handing me a beer the moment I walked into the house was a welcome relief. The second beer and third wine for her disappeared over delivered Chinese food, and we settled into the couch and just chitchatted.



I know her pretty well, and the coy look on her face intrigued me. I innocently questions how her day had been, whether she had been busy. She slyly answered that she had to visit her gyno today, and that she'd had to do some landscaping prior. "And I might have gotten a little carried away".  My fatigue immediately disappeared, and she giggled as she felt my crotch move.


"So would you care to inspect my work?" she asked.


"Oh, I most definitely would!" I replied


She led me into the bedroom and disappeared into the master closet, reappearing in a sexy baby doll that though sheer, maintained a barrier between me and her freshly shaven pussy.


We kissed and cuddled for a couple of minutes, and then I snaked my hand down to her crotch. Lo and behold, completely hairless: smooth and wonderful. She lay on her back and I kissed my way down from her hard nipples to her stomach to her groin, and there it was in all it's hairless glory. Her clit was already showing, and she was damp: lips glistening in the recessed lighting.

Kissing down and around her clit, I got to her lips and started to lick and suck and probe her. She moaned and bucked and thrust her hips into my face, as I kept at her pussy. It was heavenly: wet and wild, smooth under my tongue. As she raised her hips off the bed to meet my mouth, I parted her buttocks and got my thumb onto her asshole, massaging gently. That got her moaning and her hips thrusting madly, and her first orgasm of the night was courtesy of my mouth and thumb.


We took a brief break, whereupon she informed me that she'd been shopping and wanted me to don something for her. She produced a harness from the bedside table that held a medium sized dildo. Seeing the look on her face, she told me that she wanted me to wear this and fuck her pussy and ass at the same time. This made my cock strain even harder, and I couldn't get the harness on quickly enough. The second cock protruded from the harness above my own cock, and admiring what was about to impale her, she kissed me and then got on all fours on the edge of the bed.


I lubed up my cock, the fake cock and her ass thoroughly, and then slowly slide my cock into her. She moaned and clenched me, and 2" in, she felt the dildo against her asshole. I slowly, very slowly, guided it into her: my ministrations before with my thumb had opened her up, and she was ready for this fake cock to be in her ass. She moaned loudly as both "my" cocks slid into her, and the rhythm that started as I fucked her got her bucking and bouncing and thrusting back against me for the second, third and fourth orgasms. I was getting close to coming, but she breathlessly told me that she had one more request to make tonight, and that it would result in me cumming more than I ever had before.


What do you say to a woman that your cock is buried in and haven't come yet? You say "Yes ma'am", and obey!


She slid off my cocks and removed the harness from me, and gently kissed the head of my cock. She then proceeded to swap out the dildo that had been in the harness for a L-shaped dong: one end for her and one for me.


I shivered with anticipation. We'd played a little before with my ass when fooling around, and I had confessed that I would love for her to fuck my ass at some point. I guess that time was tonight!  She had me lay on my back as she lubed up the dildo she was going to insert into me, and she gently rubbed my cock and balls as she lubed my ass up. I was so ready for her to slide into me, and she did, but what I didn't expect was her to display the athleticism I knew she possessed and suck my cock as she slid the dildo in and out of me.

It was heavenly! My prostate was getting an amazing amount of stimulation, and that combined with her wet mouth on my cock, her hands pressing on my perineum and the cock sliding in and out of my ass overwhelmed me.  I came buckets and buckets of cum that she struggled to swallow. She  gulped down my load just as her own orgasm overcame her, and she buckled at the knees which lead to the dildo in my ass popping out, and her lying on the floor gasping, fake cock sticking up into the air. 



It was a wonderful night, the night she pegged me. It wasn't the last time, but it will always stand out as one of the great table-turnings in our relationship! 

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