Forbidden Fruits pt. 1   added 6 years ago    

  By: doncupido

Melanie always fancied me, I am sure of it. A relationship though, was never something that could have happened.

We were good friends through our first years at college and while she was being a little firecracker, enjoying the attention her


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The Naughty Meter

looks and her seductive ways brought her, I was happy with my steady girlfriend - more or less. While the sex with Suzy was
good, even naughty and wild at times, my libido craved more adventure.

Yet, I stayed faithful till we broke up, no big fight, no cheating the relationship just ended. Of course by now, Melanie was
herself in a relationship. Although I had from now and then fantasized about how it would feel to touch her body, kiss those
lips, that elegant neck and then make my way down to taste her breaths, use my long tongue on her sensitive spots...I never
gave it serious thought.

While Melanie discovered the pleasures of being a nice guy's girl, I discovered how exciting it can be to live the life of a "bad boy".

I always dismissed the term as silly, yet being regarded one by a selection of gorgeous girls and women, acting like one and
being rewarded for it with the most thrilling of all gifts, made me embrace this lifestyle and not mind the childish word for it.

By the time Melanie and I - we were still friends but  she did not know about my dating life, yet undoubtedly noticed the change
of appearance that went along with my change of lifestyle - were close to graduation, I attended a little party at her place. I of
course displayed my newly found way of life with the obligatory leather jacket and the cocky smile. Sometimes it is good to be a stereotype. 

I was leaning against the door frame of the living room, a drink in my right hand, talking to Rob, Melanie's boyfriend, when
Melanie appeared behind me and smacked my ass rather hard. She always did that, she greeted me as one of her buddies.
I used to smack her butt as well but I refrained from doing this, so not to offend Rob.

When she put her arm around my hip and hugged me a bit - which Rob didn't mind - I thought of something else. I realized
what a different guy I was now when my left hand gently reached for her butt and squeezed it. My fingers put a little pressure
on the area right between her vulva and her anus, rubbing it a little. The denim in my hand felt so good but I wanted to feel
more. After giving her butt cheeks one more firm squeeze, I let my hand wander upwards and reached into her lowriders, and
pulled her g-string up. I pulled it hard but not too hard.

While I did all that, I talked to Rob with a smile, I laughed a bit in order to let nobody wonder why my cheeks were so red out
of a sudden. My ears picked up Melanie's heavier breathing, I looked at her profile and saw how her boobs were moving with
her breath, almost as if they wanted be freed out of her tight top.

I was about to reach for her anus with my middle finger when Rob interrupted my deeds, that were so wrong and therefore felt
so good.

"Sweety, come here, I think it's time for the big news."

I quickly but smoothly pulled my hand out of Melanie's jeans, she let go of me as well and walked to her boyfriend, not without
giving me a a look that expressed everything from lust, over guild all the way to hate. I knew I wanted more of this.

That Rob and Melanie announced their engagement did neither surprise nor sadden me. I did not love her, I was not jealous. I
wanted her and I wanted her more because it was wrong. And while grabbing her butt a minute ago had been good, fooling
around with an engaged  or even married woman, I imagined, would give me even more forbidden pleasure.

In the following weeks, I did as if nothing had happened but contacted the bride and groom to be quite often. We went for
drinks and to the movies, we did double dates with several of the easy going girls I had met over the course of the last year.
I never once mentioned the incident between me and Melanie, never even gave her a guilty or seductive look. What I did
instead was being awkwardly forward with my dates, french kissing them in public and the like. I always brought a different
date and was very careful to not chose one that Mel would not like.

When I did not gain the results I hoped for though, I brought a good friend of hers to one of the dates and decided to do to he
r what I had done to Melanie those few months back. Of course I made sure Melanie and Rob were both able to see what I was
doing and at the end I got what I wanted.

Right after I said goodbye to Melanie and Rob and had left their place - her friend had to catch an early flight - the door opened
again and Melanie stepped outside, wearing her satin bathrobe, looking at me with anger in her eyes. She closed the doorbehind her.

"What do you think you are doing?", she began.
"I'm entertaining you." I said, while looking right into her eyes for the first time since months. The cocky "bad boy" smile in myface.
I reached for her chin with my index finger and said "I am just showing you things you like."
"What could I possibly like about you grabbing my best friends ass in public?"
"It was meant to remind you what I did to you." She did not resist me petting her chin and she did not resist my short kiss on
her mouth.
"I haven't forgotten it."

She sounded less angry now but still resistant, her arms were still crossed but I could see the shimmer of weakness and lust
in her eyes. I put my left hand on her butt, pulled her closer to me so that she could feel my erection against her. I gently
kissed her neck several times.

"I don't want to ruin anything." I whispered."I just want to please you, make you moan and scream.You're still the girl I knew
two years ago, who would get herself free drinks by showing her cleavage and liked to fuck whenever she felt like it." I sucked
on her neck. "Relationship." I licked her chin. "Or." I let my tongue slip into her mouth and kissed her till she sucked on my
tongue as well, then I stopped. "Not."

She did not stop me from holding her head in one hand, she did not try to get space between us. But still her mind worked.

"How do you know I am still that girl."
"I noticed how you are wearing your hair longer again, how the dye is redish with blonde streaks again, how your skirts get
shorter and your old tight tops are en vogue again. He doesn't like you looking like that, I know him. You are bored by him,
bored already. You need fun."
"And why do you think this is the fun I want?"
"Because it's not what you should want. Because you lust after being bad. Because this is what this wants..." I put my hand
under her bathrobe right on her wet dripping pussy. "'s wrong"

My fingers start massaging her lips, I kiss her neck again and after a few seconds, she opens my jeans and frees my hard cock.
She pushes me away, stares at me and licks over her right hand, then spits in it and grabs my cock. Before I can reach for her
to finally touch her breasts, Melanie goes on here knees and strokes me with both hands, she puts the tip of my cock into her
mouth and sucks so hard, it almost hurts. Now and then she mutters lines I only heard in porn movies before.

"That's what you like? Having your friend's girlfriend suck your hard cock? How do you like me now? I am your flithy slut."

And so on. After what felt like ten minutes, she reaches with one hand for my balls and gently squeezes them, I cum instantly.
The high is great, the rest of my body almost feels numb and useless, while the tip of my cock seems to explode.
My cum shoots in her mouth with force but she does not gag.
After she has swallowed everything, she closes her bathrobe, gets up and kisses me.

"Wednesday, 8pm. Here. And you better make me cum at least as good."

I hear the door close. It takes me a few moments to realize that I am standing in the floor of my friends' apartment building.
My cock hanging out, still dripping, still hard. I put it away after some effort, take my leather jacket and leave.

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doncupido82 Hi,

I lost all my passwords and signed up again, find my profile now here:
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doncupido Glad you enjoyed it so far.
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cant wait for pt. 2

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