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She woke lazily, not even opening her eyes. Enjoying its warmth, she pulled the bearskin closer around her naked body. The soft fur tickled her skin, and she curled up tighter to savor its blissful embrace. She was just slipping off to sleep again when there was a muffled thud, and her eyes sprang open. She remembered that she had not fallen asleep alone in the bearskin, and she came fully awake. He was gone.


Natalia looked around the cabin. Everything was rough-hewn and completely earthly; like the hewn oak logs and bag of down on which her bearskin lay. The door was open, the sunlight shining brightly, and throwing comparative darkness around the rest of the room. She blinked her eyes several times, and realized that it was not so bright; it just seemed so to her unaccustomed eyes. It was, in fact, drizzling; a faint mist floating down from the heavens.


The young woman glanced about the room, taking in the wood floor strewn haphazardly with rugs and animal skins, the rough logs and stones that made up the walls and supported the grassy roof. It was a real-life Nordic house that she new he had made with his own hands. A fire cackled merrily on the hearth opposite the bed, guarded by two chairs and an amazingly comfortable sofa. A table strewn with papers also resided in the room, but humbly stayed in its corner. On the other side of the room was the kitchen, made mostly of large, polished stones set on each other; and the windows that offered expansive views of the tree-clad hills and lake they protected.


There was another thud, and she realized he was outside splitting wood. Her clothes lay strewn about the room, mixed with his. The door was letting in a cold draft, and she wanted to close it. His flannel shirt lay on the end-table, so she slipped out of the bearskin and threw it over her shoulders, before walking quickly to the door. After that, she would make him a nice breakfast for when he came back in.


She peeked out in to the falling mist, and saw him very close at hand. He was only wearing a pair of jeans, and some slippers. He swung the axe over his head single-handedly, and she saw his muscles twist under his wet skin. A faint steam rose from his body, as a consequence of his efforts and the cold air. He grasped the axe-handle in both hands and brought it crashing down on a helpless log, splintering it into two pieces. Ana felt a shiver run down her back as she saw his muscles contort under his taught skin. Oblivious to his audience he twisted the axe, and it came loose from this striking log, and bent to pick up another faggot. Up-ending the piece of wood, he stepped back to strike again, his breath coming out in a cloud of vapor. He deftly flicked the axe over his shoulder, and then smashed it down on the chopping block. A splinter flew away to be lost in the fog.


Natalia stared entranced. She watched his broad shoulders moving with each strike, and his hands snatching up the logs and leaving them exactly where he wanted them. She traced the path of a droplet of rain running down his neck and then down his chest, before it was dashed away by another stroke. She shivered again, and felt the coarse fabric of his shirt rubbing against her hard nipples. She was about to turn away when he looked up.


She stared into his clear eyes a second and she noticed a smile creeping into the corners of his mouth. He stooped and snatched up half a dozen cut pieces of wood in his arm, before he took the few steps that separated them. He stopped and looked down at her. She was about to say something in greeting, when he grabbed the collar of his shirt that hung about her shoulders, and pulled her close. The wood he held in his other arm pressed into her shoulder, but she only had mind for the kiss he planted on her lips, opening her mouth to let his tongue in to play with hers.


Suddenly he broke away, and walked into the house to deposit the wood by the fire. Ana stayed in the doorway, and hugged herself, smelling him in the warmth that rose from the shirt she was wearing. He walked back to her, and slipped his left hand behind her neck, to pull her face up so he could kiss her, while his right hand snuck under the shirt and caressed her stomach and thighs. She reached up to embrace him, but he quickly grabbed her arms and forced them to her back. She understood, and kept them there, while he pushed her back up against the door jamb, and stuck both of his hands under the shirt to plunder the sensation of her soft skin. He cupped her breasts, and stared to roll them up and down.

His hands were rough from the wood-chopping, and she arched her back trying to feel more of him. He started to play with her right nipple, then pushed her face aside with his and began to kiss his way down her jaw line, her neck, the top of her shoulder, and back up to her ear. She was breathing quite fast, and pushed her pelvis forward to rub against his. His right hand snuck down from her breasts, over her stomach, to her hips and then down in between her legs. His fingers traced the lips of her pussy, and a gasp escaped her.


His fingers traced her pussy lips again, but with a little more pressure. And then a third time, but this time she parted. He pressed down again, riding all the length of her slit. She so much wanted to touch him, to play with his hair, feel his skin. But, she knew that she couldn't. He had put her hands behind her because he wanted them there, and she would obey. A small moan escaped her as he slipped his finger into her wet pussy. She forgot about her hands, and her world reduced to the sensation of him touching her.


Just as suddenly as before, however, he broke away again. She stared up at him in frustration, but could still feel his finger in her cunt. She closed her eyes, and dropped her head. Then he pulled on her pussy with his finger, quite gently, but very firmly. She pushed her pelvis forward, following his command. "Come, my kitten," he said, and started pulling her into the room. With his free hand, he flicked the door shut, and the room turned the color of firelight dancing on the walls.


He brought her close to the fire, and then she realized she was a bit cold from standing outside. The fire's warmth was welcome, and so were the soft rugs under her bare feet. He still had his finger in her pussy, and she could feel some of her juices starting to foray downwards. He stopped in front of one of the chairs and took a towel from it, and handed it to her. She unfolded it, knowing he wanted her to dry his rain and sweat soaked shoulders. Just as she reached out, he slipped another finger in her cunt and she had to stop and grab on to his arm. As she ran the towel over his skin, he slowly played with her pussy, wiggling his fingers, slipping them deeper or pulling them out. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the sensations that were coming from between her legs, and concentrate on drying him. But, soon she was beginning to feel weak, and her breathing was short and sometimes caught in her throat.


He stopped rubbing her pussy, and took the towel away from her. She continued to stand, with her eyes closed and her head bowed, trying to recover herself. He leaned forward, and said softly, "kneel."


"Yes, Master," she whispered and slipped down at his feet. She bowed her head and stared at his slippers.


"Hands," he said, and she raised them so he could take them in his. He placed them on his belt buckle, and she began to unfasten it. She new what was coming next, and really wanted to please him. She loved him so much, and couldn't wait to feel his ecstasy when she wrapped her lips around his cock.


But, when she had undone his pants and slipped them to the ground, he gave her no such instruction; rather turned away, stepping out of his trousers and leaving her kneeling on the floor. He walked over to the box where he kept his special toys, saying, "On all fours, my kitten. Let me see that beautiful ass of yours."


She put her hands on the ground in front of her, raising her behind, wondering what this was about. Her hair fell all around her head, so she couldn't see what he extracted from the box, but only hear his footsteps as he returned.


He sat down next to her, and started to knead her thighs and back with his hands. Then, one of his hands slid around and cupped one of her dangling breasts. His other hand caressed her bottom, and then in between her legs until it touched her pussy. Vaguely she wondered what he had brought from the box, but then he shoved two fingers in her cunt and she lost interest in anything but the feel of those fingers. He toyed with her until she could no longer control her breathing, and she was moaning quite loudly.


When she started pushing her ass against his hand, trying to get more of him in her, he pulled out his fingers, and inserted them from the front. Now, they rubbed up close and intimately with her clit, eliciting sparkling showers of pleasure to run up her body. With his other hand, he grabbed her about the shoulders, put his mouth close to her ear and whispered in his deep voice, "You're such a sexy little kitten. So beautiful, so hot. Everyone wants to fuck you. Everyone wants to have you. But, you are only mine, aren't you, Kitten?"


"Yes, Master," she gasped.


"You're so adorable, and lovely, and such a nice little kitten, aren't you?"


The sound of his voice was making her melt, but combined with his fingers fucking her insistently, she could feel she was starting to loose control of her body. "Yes, Master," she managed.


"Such a good girl deserves a treat. What do you want?"


She hesitated. She could still remember when this was embarrassing for her, but she was way beyond that. He continued to whisper, "A good little girl would beg for what she wants."


"Please," she managed to get out with her labored breathing, "please, Master, fuck me, please." Her mind was so lost in the sensation of his fingers on her clit, the smell from his arm, and his voice in her ear that it was surprising she managed to speak at all. "Please, fuck me, I'm begging, please..."


Suddenly he lifted her bodily off the floor, and pushed her over on her back, so she landed back on the carpet. He fell on top of her an instant later and quickly slipped his entire length into her. She arched her back as the sensation filled her pussy, and he started thrusting deep inside. He forced her arms down against the ground, and she started to spasm as the waves of her orgasm washed over her, drowning her in ecstasy.


Her master wasn't going to let her go that easily, however. She wasn't fully recovered when he pulled out and stood up. She saw his engorged member throbbing in the air above her, and realized he had not cum with her. She sat up quickly, wondering how he would take his pleasure from her, and remembering that he had not used whatever he took from the box. She saw the fire in his eyes, and worried that maybe he had taken out the crop.


He reached out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to her feet. He was no longer gentle. He roughly pulled his shirt from her shoulders and threw it away.


"Hands!" he barked, and she extended them timidly. She made sure her head was bowed, not wanting to cause him displeasure.


He picked up a rope from one of the chairs and bound her hands firmly together in front of her.


"Lay down in the bed," he commanded. When she turned away, he slapped her hard on the ass, leaving a tingling sensation. She lay down, and surreptitiously rubbed her behind against the bear skin, trying to get the tingling back. He stood by the bed, staring down at her, with a coil of rope in his hand. She lay wondering what would happen to her.


"Open your legs," he commanded. She did, and noticed that her hands were shaking. She could also feel her pussy getting wet as it was exposed to his scrutiny.


He grabbed the hand that bound her hands and made it fast to a hook on the wall, extending her arms above her head. Then, he used each end of the rope to tie both of her knees securely to the side of the bed. He sat next to her, and started playing with her breasts, running circles around with his hands. When her nipples were good and hard, he started to use his mouth. First, he kissed a line down between her twin mounds. Then in ever closing circles he reached her nipple. He chewed on her engorged aureole while his other hand played with her other breast.


After a while, he got on the bed and knelt between her legs. He started stroking his member gazing at her prone and immobile form. She tried pushing her hips forward in spite of her restraints, expecting him to penetrate her. But, he didn't. He returned to kissing her breasts, then kissing just under them. He kissed a path down to her bellybutton, and her breathing came faster. He kissed a little farther down, and then reached where her bush started. Kissed the line along the top, and then ran his nose along the inside of her thigh, right where it joins her body. Then she could feel him over her pussy, and once again she tried to move her hips forward, but couldn't. She was tied too tight.


She felt his tongue very gently run the length of her slit and a plaintive gasp escaped her. He ran his tongue along again, and again. Pretty soon she was moaning in anticipation. Using his fingers, he opened her pussy lips, and exposed her to his tongue. Just to torture her some, he explored everywhere but not her clit. He came dangerously close several times, and each time she emitted a loud groan of frustration.


"A good girl," he said, his breath tantalizing her pussy, "wouldn't loose eye contact while she came for her Master."


"Yes," she moaned, "I will be a good girl for my Master."


She stared down at him between her bound legs, and as he finally touched her clit, she had to moan almost like a scream. But, she continued to stare into his eyes, as he began to attack her clit with a vengeance. To make matters worse, he slipped two fingers into her pussy, and started rubbing them all over inside. He closed his lips about her clit and sucked it in so his tongue could play, then released it to rub it with one of his fingers, and then to tease with his tongue again.


Finally, in spite of the restraints, her hips began to buck against his face, as waves of delicious sensation flowed up from between her legs. He clamped his mouth down on her clit and sucked it in real hard, while rubbing with his tongue and fucking her pussy with his fingers. She arched her back and surrendered to her orgasm.


A few seconds later, she opened her eyes and saw a very displeased face on her Master. She realized she had not done has he had wished; that she had disappointed him and she felt really sorry. He was still kneeling between her legs, and she burst out, "I'm sorry, Master, I didn't mean to. Please don't be angry, Master..." but he ignored her, leaned forward and pulled a rather cruel-looking knife from the headboard above where she lay. She grew silent, and she felt afraid. Why did he need a knife?


"You were a very bad girl," he said, his note serious.


She nodded her assent, unable to speak and her eyes on the knife.


"Bad girls get punished," he said threateningly.


She found her voice again, "I will do anything, Master. Please, I'm very sorry."


He placed the tip of the knife against the soft skin between her breasts, and slid it lightly down her heaving chest.


"Please, I will do anything, Master. Anything you ask. Let me make it up to you, please, I'm begging you, Master. I will do anything you-"


He pulled the knife away suddenly and flicked it in the air, cutting the rope that tied one of her knees. He did the same with the other one. "Roll over," he barked. As she complied, she felt him get off the bed.


"On your knees!" he ordered. Her hands were still tied to the headboard so this proved a bit difficult, but she managed. Her ass came to be rather high in the air, and her hair fell down obscuring her face.


She stayed like that for a minute, not knowing where he was, and dreading what he would think up to punish her. She tried to relax, but her heart was beating fast, and she had still not recovered from her orgasm. Her pussy was still tingling. Because she could not see around her hair, all these sensations were magnified in her brain.


SMACK! She convulsed in shock. It was the cat-o'-nine-tails. He hadn't hit her really heard, and she knew instantly that he was not really angry at her. The slap sent a shiver up her spine and left her tingling all around her bottom. He rubbed her ass with his hand, stimulating the abrasions. The second strike was a little harder than the first, but she was expecting it. There was a rather long pause before the next blow, building her anticipation. When it did come, she moaned appreciatively and felt her juices welling up again between her legs.


"Do you want to be a good girl?" he asked, but before she could answer, the bands of leather came down on her rear, causing her to scream her answer.


"YES! Yes," she repeated a bit softer.


"Will you be a good girl?" he asked and again punished her before she could answer.


"YES! I want to be a good girl."


Rubbing her now very red ass, he said, "I know you do. That should be enough for now."


She sagged in relief. She was glad he was happy. She concentrated on the feel of his hands on her bottom, and she started to breathe hard, with her eyes closed tightly. It was so intense.


He climbed back on the bed behind her, and began to tease her pussy with his cock. She wanted to lean back, to get him inside, but the restraints on her wrists wouldn't let her. Then, quite suddenly he shoved his whole length into her. He pulled back slowly, and then slammed home again. His pelvis slapped against her sensitive butt, making the sensation all the more exquisite. He continued to fuck her like this, slowly increasing the speed of his stroke as she climbed to her climax. He leaned forward as he continued to pump, and fondled one of her breasts, taking time to torture the nipples with his finger and thumb. Then, he switched to the other.


Not long after, her regular moans had built into screams of pleasure. Just as her orgasm started to rake her body, she felt him clench inside and knew he was cumming with her. Their bodies wasted, they both collapsed on the bed, chests heaving. He reached above her head and pulled her bonds loose, and then rolled her over to gaze into her eyes. She brought her over-extended arms back to her chest, and flexed them to relieve the stiffness, then threw them about his neck. He kissed her and hugged her tightly.


A few minutes later, he kissed her forehead and looked down at her with a slight smile. "We should have breakfast," he said. --


The End


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