A recurring fantasy about my wife   added 6 years ago    

  By: JackRidley

I have fantasized about my wife all through our marriage. When I met her we worked together. She was so hot looking to me, with long legs, short black hair, and such class and grace. She had been recently
divorced and was trying to raise her family alone. My fantasies might have been considered humiliating to her and she would never have understood them, I don't think. One of the ones I had was voyeuristic
in nature and was all about a work meeting she might have attended before she knew me.


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I pictured our boss, who was jerk, arranging it and telling the other salespeople that they were going to "break her in". She, too, would be told about what was going to happen and being lonely, and horny,
not having had any satisfying sex in years she was ready but nervous. She came to work for the special meeting wearing a white leopard print form fitting skirt and red heels. In my fantasy, she came into
the boss's office and looked around at the other salesman, joking and having a few drinks.

The boss would say, "Here she is". Then, he took her in his arms and began kissing her which she hungrily and lustily responded to. He pressed her against a wall and she bent a leg as he put his hand up
her skirt and played with her pussy. The men wowed as they heard her moan and and grind her hip against him, taking in his kissing more deeply. Then he took his wet fingers and squeezed her tit through the
soft fabric of her dress as she squirmed against the wall.

Then, he leads her over to his desk in my fantasy and he sits down and unzips his fly and takes out his cock. She is just standing there breathing heavy, her eyes wide. He orders her to get down on her
knees and open her mouth. She complies like a good employee. The guys are stroking themselves and murmuring now. He takes her by her hair and pulls her face close to him and orders her to suck him. She does hungrily and eagerly. The men crowd around but the boss orders them to back off.

Finally, after some time of her sucking he moans and his hips rise up to meet her face as she drinks his hot cum and swallows it down. By this time someone is rubbing her ass under her skirt. She takes one
finger and rubs some cum off her lip and into her mouth so shedoesn't miss a drop. He calls her a cumslut and this turns her on.

Then, the boss tells her to strip which she does slowly and enticingly looking around at the rock hard crotches while he calls her some humiliating names just to let her know her place. He has her lay down on the sofa with her hands over her head, which he handcuffs to the end table. She is laying there naked except for her heels. Her glistening body and shaved pussy for all to see. She opens her legs slightly and looks hungrily at the men in the room. The boss says, "drench the wench, guys."

It isn't long before one is eating her out, licking her thighs, and sucking on her pussy, while I another is rubbing his cock on her tits and making her suck on him. Soon, they are taking turns fucking her pussy and her mouth and she is cumming over and over, screaming in pleasure, moaning in ecstasy. That's how the night ends, when they leave, with her laying there covered in cum, dripping off of her body, handcuffed, throbbing with pleasure.

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