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  By: sme6068

I am sitting on the couch late at night, my husband out of town for several weeks, when suddenly the front door is kicked in with a loud crash. Before I can hardly jump up I am faced by two young black men, one carrying a large black gun.

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"Don't move,Bitch!" he orders. He companion approuches me and wrestles my arms behind me. In a couple of swift moves he wraps a plastic strap around my wrists and pulls it tight. The first man comes toward me, as my robe gaps open exposing my ample breasts. He pushes the robe aside with the gun barrel to get a better look, slowly lowering it and pushing my robe aside to view my red bikini panties.

He laughs as he watches me shaking in fear. "Go see what you can find," he tells his partner as he pulls off my robe and forces me to my knees. He unzips his pants and pulls out the largest black cock I have ever seen. He strokes it near my face, then putting the gun to my temple says "One nibble, Bitch, and you're dead." He begins to pull my head toward him, and fearing for my life I open my lips and begin to lick and such on the hardening shaft. Slowly he picks up the pace, grasping my head and forcing it back and forth on his black shaft as he wishes.

In a few minutes his companion returns. "There is nothing worth anything here." He starts, grinning as he watches me being face fucked. "Just a couple of old computers and a big-assed old fashioned TV."

My rapist laughs, "Oh I think there is something worthwhile right her," and to emphasize his words he slams his huge organ deep down my throat and holding me there and I begin to turn red. Finally, as I am about to pass out, he pushes me forcably back, sending me sprawling on the floor.

He rips off my panties and lays back on the floor pulling me on top of him, his hard shaft sticking straight up. "Come one Bitch, ride it. Show us what a white slut you are." He waves the gun under my nose for emphasis. I straddle him and begin to lower my small, shaved pussy toward his black shaft. He guides the huge head toward my little slit. I blush for my pussy is already wet. Slowly he pushes me down onto him, my tiny pussy being spread wider then it ever has been before. Slowly he works it deeper until he bottoms on my cervix. I give out a squeal of surprise and pain as he slams all the way into me.

"Cut her loose," her orders his partner, "I want to see just how big a slut she is." His partner cuts my hands loose and my rapist pulls my hand to my clit. "Play with yourself, Bitch. I want you to show me what a real slut you are!"

Again he waves the gun at me for emphasis and I begin to rub my clit hard. His huge cock is working in and out as he directs me up and down, riding his huge shaft. It does not take long before I feel the heat rising from my pussy up through my body. He reaches up and grabs both of my breasts, squeezing and twisting them, then slapping them back and forth as he thrusts deep into me.

"Record this Bitch humping me," he tells his companion laughing. His friend pulls out a cell phone and begins to record me rubbing myself to climax while riding his huge cock. I can not take much more. I begin to moan and cry with a mix of passion, pain, and humiliation. My rapist begins to grind deep into me, slamming deep again and again.

My cries become louder and my belly starts to spasm and my pussy contracts around the huge organ buried in it. I feel the fire start to rise and take over. I throw back my head and begin to moan and scream as my whole body shakes and shakes in the rising tide or orgasm. In the middle I suddenly feel his organ start spewing stream after stream of black cum deep inside my white pussy. I almost loose consciousness as the emotions flow over me, and I collaspse on top of him,

He laughs again and he throws me off of him, gets  up zipping up his pants.  "You're turn he says to his companion.  He has been stroking his cock so it is already hard as he kneels over me and without foreplay begins to feed his large cock into my dripping pussy.  He is not quite as big as his partner, but still slides deeply into my wet pussy.  He takes my had and puts it back on my clit.

"Come on slut, show us how much you love black cock!"  He laughs and emphasizes his command by slamming deep into me.  He takes his time raping me.  Slower then faster until I am again gasping with passion, tears of humiliation rolling down my cheeks.  Meanwhile his companion is recording it all on his cell phone. 

I begin to loose track of time, dissolved into the passwion overwhelming my dripping pussy.  This time I scream like a banshee as a second uge orgasm rolls over me.  Sometime in the middle a firehose goes off in my pussy and black cum fills e and squishes out around his impaling shaft.

I loose consciousness briefly.  As I come too they are both standing hear the door laughing at my naked, sweating form, dripping with black cum.  "Don't call the police, slut, or we will post this," he waves the cell phone which has captured my cooperation with their assalt, "or maybe send it to your husband.  Who knows, be a good slut and maybe we can do this again."  They are cackling to themselves as they leave.

It takes several minutes for me to recover enough to pull myself to me feet.  I close the door and struggle to the shower.  I spend an hour under the hot water, washing and trying to rub the experience from me.  Somehow though I don't want to forget.  Could they really come back again?.  

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shamjz    (2011-09-25 04:31:01)    Flag as inappropiate
not many women can transform their internal desires in such amazing words.
inky49    (2009-06-04 19:20:40)    Flag as inappropiate
you write very good

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