You are one hell of a women   added 6 years ago    

  By: inky49

Girl why do you tease me so much? You dam well know every time I see you’re picture my cock gets hard as your Head. You well know that you are the PRETTIEST WOMAN on this network. Now that you got my attention I will tell you about my dream.


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I had the wildest dream about you last night.

You wanted to show me were you worked, so I said ok.

We arrived there (don’t ask me were it was, remember I’m the new kid in town) and you started showing me around, and we went in this one room and it was somebody’s office, a nice office, but from following you around for about 10 minutes and watching that pretty ASS of yours

I put my arms around you and gave you a kiss and you laid one of your specialty kisses of yours on me that left me no choice but to lay you back on top of the desk and take off your panties and start kissing that wonderful pussy of yours. As I licked inside your left pussy lip and then the inside of your right pussy lip your body started a slow quivering motion and as I was gently moving my tongue up and down and in and out of that sweet pussy the quivering picked up and the moaning stared. It was total bliss for the both of us.

I then started gently sucking on your ClIT and the more I sucked the harder and longer it got. I did not realize it last night,  but you are gifted with a rare CLIT that actually grows longer and longer the more it is aroused and by now yours was 3 inches long and you were having a multi orgasm screaming don’t ever FUCKKKKKKKKKKING STOP and pulling my head tighter and tighter into your pussy, and I didn’t stop until you pushed my head away and than you went in motion to suck my cock, but I wouldn’t let you. I said I had something special planed when I cum, and (knowing you)you said what could be more fucking special than the way you just sucked my pussy.

I said you will find out when we get to the car. I picked up your panties and we headed for the car. I felt you were a little pissed at me for taking complete charge of the affair, but I also figured you would soon forget about being pissed off. We arrived at the car and I started explaining what we were about to do. I pulled you closer and unbuttoned your blouse to expose those gorgeous tits of your and naturally when I saw them it was back to having a big stiff cock. Then I explained that she was going to take me for a ride and it was strictly a experiment. I was going to get in the drivers seat and let the seat back and then she was going to get in and sit down on my cock till it slipped all the way up her ass and my big hairy ball were surrounded by her sweet pussy lips.

You gave me that beautiful smile of yours(one that a man does not see too often) in the mean time I have 3 finger up your pussy rubbing them around inside your pussy getting them good and wet. Now I’m squatting down licking your sweet asshole and I take my hand out of your pussy and rub all that sweet cum all around your asshole in order for my fat cock not to hurt you on the way up. Again believe it or not another smile

(don’t get upset I’m just fucking with you about smiling).I get in the car behind the wheel and let the seat back, take out my cock and balls, and say cum get it honey. You get in and start wiggling you ass around and pushing easy until you have the whole cock up your ass and I reach around with both hand and spread your pussy lips over my hairy ball. You can’t wait, you are wiggling around having one hell of a good time. You are HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. Now I tell you what the experiment is.

   You are going to take us for a ride and I want to see how much control you have over your ass and the car at the same time, and how fast we have to go to make me cum. Your reply “I CAN FUCKING DO THIS WITH NO PROBLUM”. We started down the road and before I realized it we were going 50 miles a hour and I wanted to cum so bad(you were some kind of tearing my cock up)but I wasn’t about too until you had the big orgasm.

I knew you had already had a couple of small ones because your juices were flowing all over my balls. I tell you to just keep your eyes on the road and I would tell you how fast we were going. I felt you push down on the gas peddle and I whispered in your ears that we were doing 60mph, keep in mind I am squeezing those fantastic tits and pinching your nipples, that are hard as rocks. Then I feel you go for it booth with the car and you ass again I whisper in your ear 80mph. Once more you increase your ass and the car and I say 90 miles an hour as your were still putting your ass to the cock and the peddle to the metal. Then you started hollowing FUCKFFFFFFF ME and I knew you were cumming hard and I wanted to say I am FUCKING YOU, but I couldn’t, I was busy having the best climax of my life.

After we finished we sat on the side of the road for a little to get back to normal and then we had a nice SAFE ride back to your house. We are going to have to do the whole thing over, because when we hit 90mph is when I really started pumping my cock up yours and I never gave the speedometer a though until after we had both had cum.

Cum to think of it how fast will your car go???????????

You probably think I’m NUTS for writing this, but what can I say, just that a dream is a dream is a dream.

I hope you like it.            

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