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  By: DeeCee

We're at the restaurant together, finishing our meal and getting ready for our desert.  I've got on a white buttondown blouse, a short black skirt, white stockings, and black shoes.  You pay the check and leave a tip and we both get up and head for the bathroom while the rest of the room continues with their meals.together, we head into the men's room.
 Several sinks and a wide mirror line the right wall with urinals and stalls along the left.  You lead me back to the last stall and we both go inside.  Leaving the stall door open, you watch as I get down on my knees in front of you.  My skirt slides up my legs and you can see that I'm not wearing panties, as instructed.
I undo your pants and open them up.  Your stiffening cock falls out, hanging over me like a lordly scepter.  My eyes firmly rooted to it, I lean forward and you feel the hot wetness of my mouth close around your dick.  I close my eyes and taste you, my tongue caressing the underside of your shaft and gently tweaking your tip.  My lips tenderly suck you until you fill my entire mouth and then my head starts to bob back and forth, pulling back and then diving down into your crotch.  My hands slide up the inside of your thighs until they cup your balls, and you watch me suck your cock in the mirror across from us.
My shoes slip off so that I'm kneeling on the mens' room floor in just my pure white stockings that get dirtier with each moment that I submit myself to pleasing your cock.  You watch in the mirror as my hair starts to bounce between your legs as my head moves faster and faster.  Soon, my hand grips the base of your shaft and strokes it while I suck your dick.
You hold onto the side of the stall with one hand and place the other on the back of my head, guiding me faster and faster.  Glancing down at me, I've got my eyes closed and I'm totally focused on servicing your cock.  My cheeks hollow as I try to suck the cum out of you.  As you get closer, you start bucking your hips, forcing yourself farther and farther down my waiting throat.
Before long, you can't hold back any more.  When I hear your breathing start to peak, I take your cock out of my mouth and point it at my face, stroking you as fast as I can.  My hand speeds along the length of your slippery penis while my other hand rubs your balls.  You grunt, shooting your first load onto the middle of my face.  As your cum starts to slide down my cheek, you shoot again and your cum ropes from my forehead, across my nose, and down to my chin.  Again you release yourself on me and your cum splatters onto my cheek and down to my neck.  I stroke the final loads out of you and they land on me, dominating my face with your cum. 
You sit down as I continue to massage your cock and balls.  Your spent penis contently returns to its dormant position after a few minutes.  You look down at me and your cum streaks across my face.  I slowly slide back and then stand up gracefully so that not a drop of the prize that I worked for spills off of me.  There are grey spots on the knees of my otherwise snow-white stockings where I knelt in god-only-knows-what, and you note that the bottoms of my stockinged feet are also dirty as I slip my shoes back on. 
My face starts to blush a little with shame and submission as I quietly gather myself together and leave to walk through the restaurant with evidence that proves that my sexuality exists only to serve. 


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