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  By: caughtagain

The following is a draft as I try to remember the real events that I allude to below.  I've changed things around to pace them out better, but otherwise it's real, as I experienced it.  Let me know what you think.  I'll be releasing more as I can.


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The Naughty Meter

"Oooh, morning wood!" Rachel cooed, as she seized hold of me, twisting.

"Honneey, I've got a surprise for you!"

I sat up, and immediately my eyes were caught by her feet, and each of her toes that glistened a rich dark red. 

"Do you like them?," she purred, her stare downcast and glaring at me, examining me.  She understood her power, even if I didnt. 

"Oh yeah-"

"You're speechless aren't you!?"
"No, no I like-I [i]love [/i]them-"
"Eliza and her underwear boytoy are going to stop by a little later."  She bit her lip and looked at me mischeviously.  I drew a nervous breath.  "But maybe we could do something with this, huh?" Rachel was referring to my newly hard penis.  It was not just Eliza and her beau's impending arrival that was an issue.  The real danger afoot was Rachel's recent ultimatum: fix my limp dick or she would need to find most if not all of her sexuality elsewhere. 

Last night had not gone well.  As I dutifully rubbed her feet, she'd hungrily grabbed and devoured my cock the moment she spied it stirring to life.  Her warm mouth noisily enveloped me, but I felt myself immediately soften and go slick in her hands and lips, until they popped off me in frustration.  "What the fuck, Pete?" She tugged on me, and I twisted like string in her grip, whithering her interrogation.  "And you swear you didn't jerk off this week! You fucking liar!"
I felt done for.  She had kept her girlfriend Eliza apprised of my performance issues, and I had been foolish enough to go along with it.  She had given Rachel counsel, encouraged her to explore my foot fetish, even relating her own experience of using her own feet to seduce and manipulate.  And Eliza was adamant Rachel not be bound to me, she having even made advances on Rachel, as well as overt advances on me, if only to amuse Rachel at my awkwardness. 

And now Eliza wielded a well hung boyfriend whose portfolio she'd often use to antagonize her girlfriends.  Rachel had shown me pictures on her cell phone.  Both of them were inbound, after Rachel, only a few hours before, with her mirror as witness, suggested Eliza's beau as an inevitable partner, and swore she couldn't turn down the opportunity if it ever occurred.    
My mind raced, with Rachel stroking me gently as she reached for the Eros gel with her other lovely hand.  As she squirted a gelatinous string onto her shifting hand, she shifted her feet to each side of my crotch.  "There, sweetie, that's what you like, amiright!? Feel them! There all soft!" My hands hungrily flew across them, feeling every detail and curve.  "Daniel, Eliza's Beau, needs some massage certification, so I offered myself to join Eliza and catch up.  I've only talked to him once or twice, and Eliza's been busy with him, so.  I wanted to be extra soft if someone's gonna be working on me, you know?"
My eyes were closed, I couldn't believe what Rachel was saying, and my fingers tried to lose myself in the shapes of her toes, and all this as she gently stroked me.  I suddenly felt my penis strengthen in her grip.  "Uhoh, what's this? Are you getting hard because you want to fuck or because you want to see me get a massage?" I gasped as her words hung in the air, and she was on to me. "Try to stay hard sweetie! I want you to be hard so you can fuck me!"  I desperately thrust my hips into her hand, anything to stay hard.  And she knew she'd gotten to me.  "If you stay hard, I'll tell Eliza and Daniel I'm busy! I mean, I'm going to fuck him, but I can fuck him some other time..."

She felt my cock pulse harder in her hands as my body quivered.  "Ooh la la, this might be easier than I had hoped." She paused, clearly a stategic move, and kept stroking in silence.  A minute or so had gone by, the dull sound of only my breathing and her lubricated hand.  I was trying to smother every subtlety of her feet with my hands.  And then she pulled one away from me.  Thrown off, I paniced.  I thought of any feet that could keep me hard: Angelina Jolie's, Scarlett Johannsson or Jessica Biel's.  Montages flashed before my eyes.  But it was only a matter of time at this point.
"What do you want me to do, Pete? Should I keep working on you and maybe you'll get better or can I maybe have a little fun?"  She spoke over my heavy breathing.  "Because I still care about you.  Do you care that I'm horny?" I was stunned, fearfully shriveling in her slowing hands.  "Wow, that was a record for quickest lost erection."  My fate was sealed now.  Eliza had turned several prior boyfriends into slaves as she grew bored of them.  It was the natural progression for her, indeed, she seemed absolutely at home in playing mind games or dictating her opinion.  I wanted to leave Rachel and her both, but I knew I had nothing else, and I was desperate for their affection.  I only realize in retrospect how easily they used it against me. 
"You're not going to piss everywhere are you?" This was Rachel's inside joke: she'd remarked that she'd seen me urinate plenty, but she'd never once seen me come.  "Pleease! Don't be an asshole, ok? Daniel and I've got it bad for one another.  I think I just need to be with him today, and I don't know what that means yet.  Maybe we'll just talk, smoke and I can check out his package.  I just want to know you're not going to freak out, ok?"
I didn't know what else to say.  I was naked, clammy, limp and vulnerable.  "Rachel, I just want w-whatever makes you happy.  I-"
Rachel was beaming now, still gripping my retracted penis, brushing me with her thumb as she locked her glare on my squirming.  "Sweetheart, were not going to leave you out or something.  I just want you to have an open mind.  Eliza is a sexual force of nature, so she's going to teach us both some things, ok hun? And Daniel or Eliza might be weird, so maybe nothing will happen.  I won't do anything but talk to him until I talk to you again, ok?"
She dropped my limp penis and pulled her feet towards her tight shorts, cleaning her hands on a wad of kleenexes.  I opened my eyes and looked at her, wiping herself of me.  "I care about you, Pete.  I want you to be a part of my sex life and I think it'd be really hot and I know Eliza would think its hot too.  It's not like I don't want you to massage my feet ever again," shooting one poised foot towards me as a coy giggle sneaked out of her grin. 
"Look, Eliza wants to help me help you.  You should trust me, honey! You really should trust us."  She pivoted her foot in front of me as if to emphasize her point.  Eliza and I have massaged eachother's feet, and I know she thinks mine are hot - she's a shoe designer afterall.  Do you think that's cheating? Do you think I'd run off with Eliza?" 
"No, Rachel, I trust you, I just didn't think it was this bad.  I thought-" Rachel turned and got off the bed to pickup underwear on her floor. 
"Sweetie," she sniped, "uh yeah you go down on me whenever, thanks, but I need to fuck.  I need to sweat and yell and just be taken.  You can't bend my legs and make me sore!"
I looked away.  I just couldn't do it.  I'd alienated her too.  "Pete, I've always had a good sex life.  I've never not had that, so I'm not sure what to do either, but I want to help you, ok?"
"Ok, look.  I want to get past this.  I want to -"
"Sweetie, dont feel bad for not fucking me.  I'm a resourceful girl.  And did you know Eliza totally wants your cock?"

"She's bringing toys over! And some weed! Thank god for that!" Rachel poured over earrings and atop her dresser. 

I saw a chance to collect myself from the chaos and tried to take it.  "Ok, well, I'm going to go shower and get dressed." Rachel spun around, "Oh nonono! Sweetie, dont be stupid.  You have to stay like this!  Eliza is going to photograph us.  I'm just wearing my pajama shorts, and Eliza will need me to get naked too.  It'll be so hot! Don't worry, hun, you can fluff yourself before the she shoots! And she's not really here to focus on your cock, anyways." She said, consoling my shoulder and kissing me on the cheek before darting into her bathroom. 

"Can you change the sheets on the bed, sweetheart? The other set is on my desk."

Chores were a small manipulation at this point.  She was using the bathroom anyways.  Maybe I could still have time to shower and get dressed before Eliza arrived.  I was searching for some foothold, anything to give me some modesty or a way out.  Once her comforter rested voluminously above her massive mattress, I spotted my underwear and slid it on and sat on the bed, determined to at least gain this for now. 
I could hear the tub running as Rachel shaved.  Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, steam and the storm of soap scents exploded out, as Rachel looked at me.  "Oh those are real cute, hon!" she mocked as she shut the door and returned to shaving.  I was shaken and could not think straight.  I'd been in denial about Rachel's ultimatum until now.  I was convinced these were just fantasies of hers.    
For instance, Eliza was obsessive over Daniel's penis, flooding Rachel's imagination with wild tales and even a framed photograph of his fat flaccid cock.  Eliza had always encouraged and cultivated a dominant sexuality in Rachel, but then suddenly, as she was flexing her pussy against my mouth, forcing me to twist my neck to lock my lips and tongue to her pivotting.  "Oh my god, sweetie, oh my god!?"

"Yes?" I muffled, dutifully, continuing.

She panted, gyrated, and shook.  "Honey, ooooh." She was panting out her words now, visibly affected by her speech, as if it enhanced everything.  "I-I-I want to fantasize about-about Daniel! Do you hate me!? Mmm"

She was intensely aroused, and twitched with what was building in her body.  I couldn't bring her down.  That would only alienate her further.  I wanted to make her cum until she was exhausted.  Anything to keep her.  It was the best way to show her how hot I thought she was.  "Oh, Rachel, that's so hot.  I hope you think about that, you dirty girl! Please think about that if that's what you want-"

My face was wet with her and she filled my senses.  She sighed only to then shriek, her face grinning devilishly as she reached across the bed to and slap me.  "Oooh, I love slapping you.  Eat my pussy or I'll slap you again, you bitch!" Her hands pressing my head to her pussy, I road two orgasms on my face and tongue before she demanded I finger her.  "Now, use three fingers.  Please, please.  Please-"  She wasn't her domineering self, now.  She quivered, hungry to feel, and her pussy swallowed my three fingers hungrily.  "Fuck me slowly.  Slowly, slowly, sweetie..."

[to be cont]

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