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  By: KneeDeep

 Hmmm. I love Saturdays. No school, no work and no plans... Except. My neighbor is home from college for the summer. Dark hair, silky smooth skin and rack as perfect and ample as you had ever seen.
 I saw her. Roll up in her 1996 Chrysler cirrus. Through the bay window in my living room. I was immediately drawn to her incredibly long legs and thick thighs. She was stunning as she walked up the drive as her hair waved in the wind and the golden hairs laid across her skin, lit up in the warm rays of the sun. The way she glowed in the light draws me like a moth to a flame.


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 As she gets to the door I notice she drops the key when trying to open the door. I must say I was in luck today because the lox cut skirt was more than adequate to give me a chubby to go along with the brief peep show of plain white cotton panties. 

 With impure thoughts in my mind I walk away from the bay window in the direction of my bedroom. Every step I took made my cock bend more and more but it was a welcome pain. I love it when she comes home. It’s like Christmas for me.

 My pants hit the floor no sooner than the door shut behind me. My dick flung out of the part of my zipper faster than I thought was humanly possible. The precum dripped in heavy drops as I reached for myself. 
 As I grabbed my shaft the precum flowed fiercely from my penis like tooth paste from the tube. I gasped as the shivers of ecstasy traveled down my spine and right into my balls. 

 I jerked faster, faster and faster still. The beads of sweat built up on my brow as I felt my package tighten up. About to release my load. I started to cum in what seemed like torrents of milky pleasure and then the thought of her cotton panties drove me over the edge and I unleashed another massive load. Imagining that I was exploding all over her perfectly shaped ass.

 After a thourgh cleaning of my love juice and a change of clothes I figured it was time to do some chores around the house. So I put on my yard work clothes which consisted of nothing more than a tight tank top and a ratty pair of shorts. 

 The day was already starting off hot so I was sure to bring a big bottle of ice cold water with me.
 I hopped on my riding lawnmower. And turned it over. My muscles shook as the mower rumbled to life. I put it in drive and lurked down the driveway heading to start the long task of mowing the grass.

 As I dropped the blade on the mower I looked up and saw my neighbor again. She quickly looks away and acts like she wasn’t looking. But I know she was. It kind of turned me onto see her looking at me. 

 I continued to go up and down the yard. Cutting the over grass. 
 I stopped for a little break. My mouth was so dry. I’m glad I brought some water with me. I thought as I gulped the refreshing water. The cold water ran down my chest. Wetting my tank top and exposing my six pack and large pecks through the drenched shirt. 

 As I brushed the cut grass from my shoulders I noticed that her windows drapes were shut except for there was this little corner in the bottom right of the window that was lifted up. So I decided to get back on the mower and roll past her window to see if I could get a peek. 

 I rolled by the window. A was very carful not to be too conspicuous as I tried to get a peek inside. What I saw was almost too good to be true. It looked as if she was standing in front of the window rubbing herself. All the while her hand movements could be clearly seen in the open portion of the drapes in the window. Not being sure of what I saw. I decided to make a second pass. Wow. She’s really working herself over. I thought as the vibrations from the mower helped grow my erection to records length.

 After an hour or so of cutting grass and watching ass. I pulled the mower into the garage and head inside and right to the shower. 
 The water was hot and steaming up the bathroom so I opened the small face high window to let some fresh air into the room. I opened the shower door and stepped into the soothing jet of the shower head.

 As I turned to the mirror in my shower to shave my face. I noticed somthing dark waving in the corner of my window in the reflection of the mirror. Stared for a minute till I realized that it was my nieghbor peeking in on me. She must have liked what she saw because she kept staring at my rippled back and firm buns.

 I forgot about shaving and figured I would return the favor and give her a little show. I reached up and grabbed my body wash and rubbed it all over my body untill I got down to my balls. I could see her biting her lip as slowly started to stroke myself for her pleasure. 

 I kept staring at her in the mirror as I stroked my cock ever so faster and faster. Her lips were puckering and all I could think about was putting my dick in between her luscious, big, puffy red lips. And watching her drool drip down her chin as she forced all of me down her throat.

 I was about to over boil with pleasure. I saw her lips mouth the words "Cum." and I released a flood of my juice all over the shower wall. All the while I imagined the wall was her soft face and sexy mouth. 
 No sooner did I cum did she back away slowly from the window and disappeared into her house. I don’t think I ever have felt so liberated and free. Vie never done anything as kinky and perverted as that before. God that was great. 

 Later that day. When the day started to cool off I worked up enough courage to walk to her front door. I straightened the collar of shirt and fixed my hair as I rang the bell and waited with anticipation. I could see a silhouette in one side of the chunky glass window that hugged the door on both sides. My heart raced as I saw the figure stop at the door.

 As the knob turned my mind raced a mile a minute. Will she like me up close? Will I scare her? What if she’s crazy?  "Hello" is what I heard as my thoughts went completely blank. I was stuned by her beauty up close and couldn’t think of a single word to utter. I was sure I was making a fool of myself but my nerves were so shot I couldn’t speak.

 "Are you ok? Can I help you with something?" My name is Andrew I said in a high pitched pre-pubesant voice. "Hi Im Veronica... I think I no why your here." "You do?" "Sure silly. I know you were watching me in the yard. And I know that you knew I was watching you in the shower... You... Wanna come in?" Sure I said in a confident and relieved voice. Even though I was nervous I thought I might vomit.

 She lead me to the living room were she sat me on a very poch black leather sofa. She handed me the remote to the TV, told me where the fridge was and said "ill be right back. I need to get a little bit more comfy." Wow... Was the only thought I had as she walked away. "Is this really happening? This is so great. I can’t believe it. Porno movies start off like this... I’m so excited." With the thought of imanate raunchy sex racing through my head my pants started to rise from the rush of blood from my big head to my little head.

 I sat for what seemed like a lifetime watching the TV and twittling my thumbs. Then I heard "Come to me." I was stunned when I saw what I never expected. She was draped in the full bondage get up. Chains, whips, black hooker boots and a pair of pitch black aviator glasses. I was scared but intrigued so I got up to meet her standing in front of her bedroom. 

 "Wow. You look..." "Shhh. Don’t say. Another. Word." What? I asked before she threw me on the bed and told me a last time to "Shut up." 

 She climbed off and me and started to remove my shoes. I felt so helpless. It was very erotic. Then came my socks. The she tugged at my jeans. Not even bothering to undo my belt. Laying there scare and aroused. My cock started to grow until the pressure forced it through the opening in my boxers. 

 "Do I turn you on?" she asked as I agreed in a soft tone. “Do you want to fuck me Andrew?" "Yes." "Then why are you just laying there? Come fuck me. Fuck me now!"
 I lunged my face into her voluptuous firm breasts’ Nibbling on her skin and tugging at her nipples through her black leather bra. "Why aren’t you fucking me yet? Do I have to teach you how to fuck Andrew?" I was speechless so I just stared at her not knowing what to say. She gave me a disgusting look and threw me back on the bed. She fiercely grabbed my throbbing cock still sticking out the opening in my boxers and crammed it into her dripping snatch.

 She rocked on my cock so verosishly. I thought she was trying to break my dick off... She was on fire as my balls ached for released. "I’m going to cum!" I screamed. "O no your not" she gasped as she reached through my legs and pressed with some force on my gooch. At that moment all feeling of ejaculation ceased to be. And continued to grind her hot pink clit on my ever growing shaft. 

 After for what seemed like forever. She leaped off my dick and tells me I’m going to cum now. "But I cant now." "We will see about that" She says as she starts to beat my meat with such intensity that the thought of Cumming quickly returned... She opens her mouth and pushes as much as she can into her small mouth. The girth of my penis stretched her mouth to the limit. And just as in my fantasies she starts to suck me like a champ. The spit ran down my shaft and dripped off my sack. 

 "IM... CUM. CUMMING!" At the moment of my expression she takes her finger and wiggles it into my tight asshole. The hugemungus nut blasted from the corners of her mouth as she try’s to swallow the whole thing.

 As I lye there. Dizzy from the explosions of my member. She throws my paints, shoes and on my chest and tells me to get out. I was still so horny that I didn’t even care that I had just been used as a human dildo. 
 As I was walking out he door. Still struggling to put my pants on she leans in, kisses my cheek and says “See you soon. I promise." I didn’t know what to think. My mind was still trying to grasp what had just happened for the past hour.

 I walked to my front door. Still drained from my experience. Shaking as I try to put the key in the knob. I slammed the door behind me and walked to my bay window and there she was. Just looking back at me. Wearing a short mini skirt. Pressing her ass against the window. TO show off her white cotton panties. God she knows how to turn me on.... This is going to be a great summer.

   TO BE CONTINUED.........

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easypeasy    (2009-06-26 18:17:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice! That definitely got me hot. :)
unknown    (2009-05-13 22:39:24)    Flag as inappropiate
I like it *g* She sounds aggressive!

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