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  By: KneeDeep

 Mel and I were the best of friends while we were growing up. Although she was 4 yrs older than I was. I still was extremely attracted to her. Every time I was near her I couldn’t help not getting stiff thinking impure thoughts about her hot breasts and firm ass. A blond bbw that had the whole package. I can still smell her when I think about that one night.
Like any other day I was by myself. Hanging out in my bedroom when the phone rang. It was Mel. “Hey there. My parents are gone for the weekend and I’m going to have a few people come over. You want to come over?" Yes! I replied without hesitation. Any chance to be near her was always a welcomed experience. Maybe this will be my chance to finally tell her how I feel. Will I make things weird? Will she reject me?

As I arrived at her house I noticed that there was a car already in the driveway. I was expecting more people. 

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 There was a note on the door. "Come on in. Make yourself at home. Went out to get some beer. Be back soon"

 I sat on the couch waiting for other people to arrive. As I’m sitting there I stare at the family pictures strategically placed around the house. I’m instinctively drawn to her face. "God I want her so bad." I thought to myself as I feel my pants getting bigger from looking at her pretty smile in the pictures laid around the house.

 My day dreaming was interrupted as Mel and her other friend Jay walked in the door. It was clear at that moment that this would not be the right time to tell her how I feel about her seeing that she was already with another guy. But this still didn’t not make me wary of wanting to be with her. If only for one night. 

 She sat the beer on the floor and her blouse drooped down exposing her perfectly round breasts. “Oh they look so nice." I shivered inside as I tried not to get erect right in front of her. The thought was embarrassing but in a strange way that turned me on more so I went and sat down and waited for them to come into the living room.

 I got excited when she sat next to me on the love seat. I thought that maybe she really was interested in me until she started talking to Jay. You could see the lust in her eyes as she chatted away with hi. I have to admit. I was super jealous. But didn’t want to act stupid and scare her off. 

 As the night went on I realized that no other people were coming and we were all pretty drunk. Mel says "I think I’m going to go to bed." She gets up and goes to her room. As I start to get comfy she says "What are you doing? You’re sleeping in my room." My heart raced as I swallowed the knot in my throat and followed her in to her room. 

 I loved the smell of her room. Sweet and sexy. 

 My joy was quickly replaced with disappointment as she laid a blanket on the floor for to sleep on. "Man this girl is hard to read I thought" But I still laid on the floor because just be in there with her was more than I could have asked for.

 She left the room and came back wearing nothing more than an old white t-shirt. I couldn’t help but stair at her perky nipples popping out through the shirt as she went to hit the light switch.

 As my head started to spin from booze and lust I could faintly hear a sound that sounded like kissing. But we were the only ones in the room I thought. So I look up thinking that Jay had come in to the room. But I was over joyed with ripples of pleasure when I saw her pumping her clit with her fingers. My heart was beating so fast that I’m sure she could hear. 

 My cock was so hard it hurt as it bent from the constriction of my pjs. I reach down to adjust my man hood and it felt so good to touch my self that I couldn’t stop. The pre-cum flowed as I gently stroked myself wishing my rod was her fingers.

 All of sudden she stops. "Oh my god. Did she hear me? Does she know I’m watching her?" I thought as I watched her close her big beautiful legs. I pretended to be asleep so she didn’t find out how truly perverted I truly am.

 "Darin" She called from her bed. I couldn’t believe it. She’s calling for me after banging her clit right in front of me. I was so excited I froze. 

 I felt so stupid as she walked out of the room. I was sure that that would never happen again. I missed my chance!

 A few moments later she comes back into the room. But she isn’t alone. Do I get up and leave? Should I stay a sleep? What do I do? Ill keep pretending to sleep. As much as I want her. It turns me on more to think about her with another man. So why not see where this goes.

 I knew that things where about to get hot and heavy when I hear Jay say “Not with your friend in here." She affirms him that I’m sleeping and calls out my name another three times. But I’m still silent. So they proceed to kiss and moan. 

 I almost came when I heard his cock slide into her. I can still remember how wet her sweet pussy sounded as he stuck it in. 

 I had to open my eyes. So I slowly released the muscles in my eyelids and opened my eyes just enough to see her amazing ass sticking up in the air as Jay slowly put his cock in and out of her clit. 

 I can’t believe I’m watching the girl I want fucking another guy. But I’m so turned on that can look away. I pray they don’t hear me as I slid my hand down my pants to releave some pressure.

 I slowly slid my hand over my cock and start to slowly stroke my shaft and listen to there sounds of passion. "Oh Jay. Yes. Oh yea. I love it." is what I hear Mel say under her breath so they don’t wake me up (Wink Wink) the moans get harder and the bed springs get squeakier and squeakier as I stroke myself faster and faster.

 The final moment came when she had her orgasm. She starts to whimper so silently but the whimper gets longer and louder. Jays stops right before she comes. I assume he doesn’t want to wake me. Even though I’m watching his every move. But she doesn’t want to loose it and tells him "Do it." As he lunges his prick deep inside her she comes so angelically and with such passion that I explode with her completely soaking my pants. I almost screamed as the last bit of cum pumped out of my shaft. But Luckily I passed out from the pleasure and no one was the wiser. 

 Ever since then our friends ship was changed. I’m not sure if she knows that I saw her have the greatest sex ever but ever since then she always gets risky when I’m around. 

 I love this perverted relationship. Nothing needs to be said. Because she and I know that we are having fun. Or am I just obsessed? 

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