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"So what's she like?" I asked Jack, my best friend and one of my companions for the evening.

"Jesus, Mike," he replied, "You'll find out any minute now. She's on her way here. I told her to meet us at your place. I didn't think you'd mind."

I didn't at all. Jack and I had plans to go out tonight, to unwind after a long week. Graphic Design was work we both loved to do, but the clients we had on our current project were murder, and we needed to cut loose for the weekend. Now, I'm being told by my friend, we have a young lady joining us for our night out, and it's someone that I had, to this point not been introduced to.

All Jack would say is he had met her about a week ago, that she worked as a copywriter for our previous clients, and that she'd be a lot of fun to go out with for the evening. I had no idea what she looked like, or what she was like, and I was more than a little curious.

Jack had been a totally different guy in the past few days, normally a ball of anger around demanding clients like we had now, but this week he was unusually mellow. We polished off our beers and talked about a couple of different topics as we worked on our second bottle each, when the door buzzer sounded.

"That's her," Jack said obviously. I hit the button to unlock the front security door, and a couple of moments later, when we heard a soft rapping on the door, I shouted to the person outside to just come on in.

The person that came through the door, was quite frankly, stunning. A blonde haired, green-eyed beauty, her figure perfectly proportioned to her height and weight, walked in with a quiet confidence and warm demeanor that had me instantly attracted before she even said a word. She wore a red, somewhat low cut blouse and a black stretchy mini-skirt and black four-inch heels; an outfit that highlighted her natural charms, without looking slutty.

This woman, I knew, was pure class. She introduced herself as Lorie, and accepted my offer of a glass of wine to start off the evening. As I fetched the wine from the kitchen, Jack leaned in and said, "What did I tell ya?"

"Well, you didn't tell me jack shit, but man, is she ever hot." I said as quietly as I could. Returning to the living room, I handed off her wine, and she accepted the glass, looking up at me, tilting her head, and smiling warmly. The look seemed to convey something to me, and I would have taken it as flirting interest, had she not come out as Jack's date for the night. I sat down in my armchair, and Jack came into the room to sit beside Lorie, putting his arm around her, gently drawing her close to him. She leaning into the embrace, looking at him with a caring, comfortable expression.

We talked a little, and I got a little personal history from the gorgeous woman in our midst. Where she was from, how she had moved into the area, and a little about work, although not too much as were trying to escape stress of our jobs for the night. She seemed at ease, but when she looked at me, there seemed to be a twinkle in her eye, the way she cocked her head with interest when I spoke that had me uneasy.

Once again, her actions, in any other context, I would have taken as an attraction to me, but as she was still nestled in Jack's arms, well it had me a little confused. Jack for his part seemed completely comfortable, and it didn't seem like he was getting the same vibe as I was.

I looked at my watch and mentioned that we should get going. I called a cab to pick us up, and Jack headed to the bathroom to do some last minute touching-up to his hair, I stood in the hallway with Lorie. She said she hadn't been to the club we were going to, and I let her know it was something of a meat-market, and she had better stay close to Jack if she didn't want to be constantly hounded for the night.

"I don't know Mike," she replied, "it might be fun to be chased tonight. Jack might get a kick out of it."

I was surprised by her answer, "Lorie, I really don't think Jack would just let any guy walk up to you. He's easy-going, but not that easy going." Lorie cocked her head and her eyes grinned with a coy smile of their own, "I didn't say ANY guy..."

I was left speechless. Here was my buddy's date for the night flirting with me rather obviously. Maybe she's just an incurable tease, I thought to myself. Mercifully, before I could answer her, the cab arrived, blowing it's horn to signal it's arrival. I shouted to Jack to get his ass in gear, and the three of us came out of my apartment building and into the cab.

The cab ride only took a couple of minutes, with the three of us in the back seat, Lorie in the middle, leaning against Jack. We laughed and joked about a couple things, mainly the kinds of guys we'd see, the desperate ones that were almost a sport to watch in a place such as where we were going, and the women who dressed brazenly, that did all but wear a neon "Come Fuck Me" sign over their heads.

I complimented Lorie on her attire for the night, mentioning that she looked rather classy and sophisticated. She blushed slightly, and I felt her foot against my ankle as she politely accepted the compliment. Her foot started trailing up my leg slightly, and again, I felt somewhat uncomfortable with her flirting in front of my friend.

She stopped the rubbing of my leg almost as suddenly as she started it, and I was left to wonder if she just enjoyed teasing me for fun. I let it slip from my mind, and at that point, the cab arrived at the club.

The three of us paid our cover charges and headed inside, feeling the humidity from the dance floor as soon as we walked in. The club was hopping, and in the sea of bodies on the sunken dance floor, you could already see the men and women paired up, some dancing closer than others, some obviously romantically attached, some where there was no chemistry between the dance partners, and every other combination in between

. Lorie and Jack headed almost instantly to the dance floor, and I headed up to one of the raised bars bordering the dance floor. I grabbed a couple of beers and a cooler, passed one of the beers and the cooler to Jack and Lorie through the railing, and then scouted the room. The bar I was standing at had a couple of ladies that seemed to be my type, and I chatted with a few of them.

I ceased the conversations with each of them after only a couple of minutes. Every one of them were asking almost the same probing questions, about the car I drive, or what part of town I was living in, or what kind of money I made. None of them trying to get to know me, but all of them trying to get to know my wallet. I excused myself from the last woman I approached, ordered another beer and leaned on the railing, watching the dancing, thinking it just wasn't going to be my night.

My eyes quickly picked out Jack and Lorie, not too far away, and the crowd was leaving the area where they were dancing, off to the side. The dance was one of subtle eroticism, of closeness and sexual tension, without obvious raunch or anything explicit in their movements or contact. I watched them move, the looks they exchanged as the music made their bodies sway, the gentle firmness of Jack's hands on Lorie's waist, the lust that smoldered in Lorie's eyes

. I became aroused in watching them, then looked away, somewhat guilty in the voyeuristic pleasure that I took in observing them. I looked around at the other couples in the vicinity, some of whom were quite demonstrative in their dancing, and my eye was caught by two girls, dancing very close together. I wasn't able to tell from the few moments

I looked at them whether they were actually lovers or just putting on a show, but the close body contact and coy stares they were giving one another had attracted a crowd of men around them.

As erotic and exciting as it was to watch them, my eyes could not stay away from my friend and his date, whose quietly sensual dance was far more arousing than the two girls almost making out in the middle of the dance floor, as I turned my eyes back to Lorie and Jack, Lorie locked eyes with me and slowly crooked a finger, beckoning me to join them.

I thought it over for a moment, drained the last of my beer and walked down to the dance floor, joining my friends in the corner, which had started to empty a little as the crowd in the area moved to look at the show the two girls were putting on.

As I came before my evening's companions, Lorie turned to face me directly, her body moving in perfect time to the music, her arms and hips moving seductively, and though I could have watched her luxurious body as it moved and swayed, my gaze were fixed to her lovely green eyes, feeling them see right through me, deep into my being. She moved closer, placing her hands on my chest, closing her eyes and letting the rhythm move her, every movement exuding a palpable sexuality that was for more entrancing that anything I had felt or seen before.

Jack had a soft smile on his face as he came up close behind Lorie, and pressed his groin up against her ass, gyrating his hips in time with hers. Lorie's head tilted up, right close to my throat, and I felt her hot breath on my neck, causing my own breath to halt for a moment. She groaned audibly as Jack pressed himself against her, which was fortunate, as it masked my own barely audible groan.

I cursed myself for letting my arousal show even that much, but nothing I could do could shield my excitement from Lorie as she spun around, burying her face in Jack's neck, licking her way up to his jaw, and kissing his full on the lips. As she did so, she ground her ass against my groin, and the obvious hardness she had created. My hands involuntarily grasped her hips, and I held her against me for a couple of moments, pressing my hardened shaft against her soft curves, closing my eyes and losing myself in the grinding, before I came to my senses and excused myself to head back to the bar.

I admonished myself again, this time aloud, making the bar patrons around me wonder who I was cursing at. I ordered another beer, sat on a barstool, and did whatever I could to calm myself down, reminding myself over and over, Lorie was Jack's date. No matter what she was doing, or how hard she was flirting, I couldn't do this to my friend. I stewed in quiet fury on my barstool.

I hadn't sat for more than three minutes, before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around to see Jack standing there, telling me that we were going to head out. I froze for a second, thinking he was going to chew me out for what had just happened on the dance floor. I swallowed what was left of my beer, joined Lorie and Jack and hailed a cab.

When we got into the cab, Jack gave my address to the cabby, which caused my eyes to roll. Bloody hell, I thought, can't he take her back to his own place if he wants to fuck her? Jack had crashed at my place, and had occasionally used my couch to bed a couple of his conquests, but none of those girls ever had the effect on me that this gorgeous woman did. I didn't partake in the conversation, pressed myself against the door, and did what I could to keep myself away from Lorie, looking out the window, watching the buildings pass.

We arrived back at my apartment, went inside, and somehow all of us ended up on my couch, again with Lorie in between Jack and myself. We watched a little TV, and the end of some banal movie that really didn't do much for any of us, we chatted and talked our way through the flick, and then my attention was taken by what came on to the screen after the movie had finished: one of those hour-long commercials for some 900-number phone sex service, with women in bikinis posing on beaches and beside pools.

I watched for a couple of minutes, and then turned back to Jack and Lorie, to find them kissing deeply, seeing her tongue lick along his lips, her hands in his short hair, their breathing audible as their passion grew. Feeling horribly uncomfortable, I sighed and started to get up. What happened next shocked me like nothing else.

Lorie, still lost in her kiss with Jack, placed her hand high on my thigh, and gripped it with a strength like steel, preventing me from rising any more. I fell back down on the couch, and she broke away from her kiss with Jack to whisper in my ear, "Please, don't go..." He breath was hot on my ear, causing me to shudder, and my shaft, which was in a state of semi-hardness for the majority of the night, to come to full rigidity.

She nibbled lightly on my ear, her hand on my thigh, creeping up to feel my cock through my jeans, rubbing the length of it slowly, her mouth came down to kiss my neck, feeling her kissing and licking, feeling her teeth lightly graze my flesh. I looked over at Jack with a confused, questioning fear, anxious for him not to be angry with what Lorie was doing to me. Jack looked back at me with a smile and a chuckle that said "go for it", before starting to unbutton Lorie's blouse.

Lorie moaned as she felt Jack's hands on the smooth skin of her abdomen, her fingers working on the button and fly of my jeans. I positioned myself with my back against the arm of the couch, lifting my hips so she could take of my jeans, as Jack took off her blouse, revealing her lacy black bra.

Jack's hands came around Lorie's body and cupped her full breasts, squeezing them softly, as she took down the waistband of my silk boxers, exposing me, and with a look that one would associate with a pornstar in a blue movie, looked up into my eyes as she lowered her mouth onto my rod.

My hands grasped the cushions of the couch as Lorie peeled back my foreskin and licked and sucked on the head of my cock, rolling her tongue around the head, moaning as Jack pulled down the cups of her bra, exposing her breasts to the cool air of the room. I arched my back and watched as my shaft disappeared into Lorie's mouth, lifting my hips as I felt the gentle suction of her mouth, her lips sliding up and down my length, looking down her luscious body to see he g-string pulled aside by Jack and watch him lower his mouth and eat her pussy from behind.

I felt her push back onto his mouth, and increase the speed and suction as she sucked my cock, closing my eyes and letting her work on me. My fingers tangled in her hair, my hand on the back of her head as my hips stared to buck, hearing her moan in enjoyment between Jack licking her snatch and my fucking of her mouth.

Lorie moved onto her side, against the back of the couch, her legs splayed wide, letting me see her wondrous body, her full breasts with the large pink nipples spilling out over the cups of her bra, her panties pulled to one side to see a shaven-bare pussy, which Jack was going to town on, lapping at her clit as his fingers teased her netherlips, her hair askew as she blew me, seeming to lose herself in fellating me.

I threw my head back over the arm of the couch, now both my hands on her head, not forcing her to suck me, but not wanting her to move too far, loving the feeling her talented mouth was giving me. She moaned on my cock as Jack rapidly licked her clit, his fingers invading her, his thick digits, sliding in and out. I looked down to see her nectar shine on his upper lip and nose, while he ate her out with total abandon, the enjoyment visible on his face.

I watched her gyrate her hips, undulating on his face, her hand on the back of his head, pulling him closer to her snatch, much as my hands were on the back of her head as she took as much of my cock as she could in her current position. She pulled away from my shaft as she started to moan loudly, the two of us watching Jack tongue lash her clit and finger fuck her pussy.

I heard her moan and whimper as she pulled Steve's head tight to her sex, and then scream as she came, grinding herself against Steve's mouth as her orgasm rocked her, writhing and thrashing as waves of pleasure rolled over her.

Lorie closed her eyes, panting and releasing Jack's head, but only took a moment to recover, before attacking my shaft again like a woman possessed. I felt her relax her throat as take my cock all the way into her mouth, looking up at me with a wanton, brazen look that sent a chill of passion up my spine as I felt her mouth envelope me

. Jack wasn't finished by a long shot with Lorie's wetness, and pulled out his own cock, nudging it against her pussy lips. She spread her legs wide, and with a guttural moan, accepted Jack's dick as he pushed his length inside her. Both of us bucked our hips, fucking her at both ends, while Lorie seemed to enjoy every moment of being filled, moaning on my cock and fingering her clit as Jack slammed his rod deep inside her.

Jack held onto Lorie's hips and pulled her onto his dick with each thrust, which in turn, increased the speed of her lips sliding up and down my own shaft. Lorie pulled he mouth off of me, looked down at Jack, then up at me. Her eyes flashed and blazed with absolute ecstasy as she locked her eyes on mine, showing her enjoyment, and then pulled my cock back into her mouth.

Lorie raked her nails along Jack's chest, rolling her hips, fucking him as much as he was fucking her, her hand jerking my cock to go along with her blowjob. I myself tried to distract myself, thinking of anything to prolong myself, not wanting to cum yet. Jack on the other hand, was losing control; I could see it in his face. He pulled himself together for a moment and cocked his head as a signal for me to switch places with him.

I disengaged from Lorie's mouth, and Jack and I traded places. Lorie climbed up the couch so her back was up against the arm where I was, and Jack stood at the end of the couch, holding his cock out. Lorie let her head fall off the back of the couch and sucked his cock into her mouth, her pretty throat exposed completely as she spread her legs for me.

I held them as wide as they would go, watching as he petals opened of their own accord, and slid myself inside her, easily impaling her on my rod. We all gave a collective moan together, and fell into a wondrous rhythm, watching Jack pump his cock in and out of Lorie's mouth, with her hands on her ample breasts, squeezing the tender flesh, and I thrusting away inside her, her skirt pushed up to a thin band around her waist, her black lace panties hooked to one side, as I pounded her smooth, bald, moist, glistening snatch.

I closed my eyes yet again as a shudder of excitement flowed through me, and opened them to see Lorie pinching her nipples, rolling and twisting them, her head hanging over the arm of the couch as she fellated Jack. I held on to the tops of her thighs for leverage, burying myself to the hilt with each thrust, feeling Lorie's pussy clench and contract around me, spurring me on, bringing me closer to my release.

Jack groaned loudly, and with a look that, if you didn't know better, you'd think he was intense pain, pulled himself from Lorie's mouth, aimed his cock at her breasts, and shot his load all over them, his thick white jizz coming in jets on her tits, her collarbone, her throat. Lorie wailed as his seed landed on her, massaging it into her skin, and as his climax subsided, grabbed his cock and licked the remaining sperm off him, cleaning his shaft.

As my cock slid in and out of Lorie's hot, wet sex, I watched the terribly erotic sight of Jack unloading on Lorie, watched as her fingers rubbed the sticky liquid into her flesh, watched he suck the remaining cum off of him, and now watched as she turned her total attention to me, licking the last of his juice of her fingers, her eyes heavy-lidded and half-closed as she beckoned me to cum, too.

"Oh, yes, Mike, fuck me, cum inside me, make me feel warm inside," she hissed, desperate for my release. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, before lifting a cum-covered breast to her mouth and licking the nipple, still coated with Jack's seed.

That was too much for me, and as my cock twitched and swelled with each thrust, I felt myself lost in a full body-orgasm, my hips bucking involuntarily as I emptied myself inside her, feeling the hot jets of my cum escape my cock head, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me, hearing and feeling my orgasm trigger Lorie into a second climax herself.

As I felt the last drops of my seed leave me, and the last wave of pleasure crest over me, I fell back against the other arm of the couch, spent and sated. I looked down at Jack on the floor leaning against the couch, and Lorie, still lying with her legs spread wide, my cum dripping out of her sodden pussy, Jack's seed still visible on her chest, and me, lying back on the opposite end, my cock slowly growing limp following my satisfaction. With each of us too exhausted to say anything but smile at one another, I lay my head back on the couch and slept a happy, contented sleep.



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