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  By: LadyEleanor

You are my favorite fantasy. You are the vision I have when my skin becomes electric and my inner fires burn. You make my breasts feel heavy and my mouth water. The way you look at me. That occasional glance and grin in my direction. The things I want to do to you, the desires I have. My body is yours, a buried treasure awaiting discovery. I long to feel your slender fingers glide over my flesh. I ache to feel your breath on the back of my neck, to arch my back into your beautiful breasts and to surrender to your touch. I have envisioned it many times. You are my favorite fantasy.


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I see the look in your eyes, revealing your desire for me. I feel your heart quicken. Your breath catches. I feel your body slowly arch towards mine. Your beautiful body is so perfect, so milky sweet. I want to plunder you, to take you in my arms and ravish you. But no, this must be slow and lasting. I want to tease. I want to taunt. I want to play. The feather-light brush of my hand against the back of your thigh sparks an electric current that trails far behind my touch. Desire mounts upon the tongues of the hungry. I see your shadow. I feel you move, adjust, get even closer. The hunt is on. Who will be the aggressor? Who is the prey?

Slowly hands inch closer together. Lust blankets the air so thickly I can taste it. Soft touches lead to gently teasing caresses. You’re so sexy sitting there. I want you. Now! You lean back into me and I adjust ever so slightly until you feel my breath on the back of your neck. My nipples brush your back ever so softly. Gentle sighs of anticipation escape our lips. I kiss the back of your neck. Instant liquid heat sears my body, igniting my every nerve and teasing my senses. I kiss harder and suck ever so slightly. I feel your body sink further back into mine. Your erect nipples pierce your flimsy top. I reach around to caress your neck. I pull the tip of your ear into my mouth, nibbling and breathing my hot excitement in your ear.

You turn around, push me back on the sofa and smother my mouth with a deep and passionate kiss. My toes curl and I feel you running through my veins. My tongue traces the softness of your lips. You bite my lower lip as I try to maintain my composure. I feel the weight of your body upon my as I pull you closer. My hands slide down your back pulling your heat to me. You kiss me deeper... harder ... our bodies pulling at one another, grasping for every movement.

My fingernails slide down your back and a deep moan escapes your lips. Your back arches to me while your knee parts my thighs and finds my treasure. You pull at my shirt, kissing my neck. I feel your tongue as you slide it across the crease of my blouse going deeper. My top comes off as our bodies tangle in a mass of kissing and groping.

You stop....then taking my chin in your hand, you gaze deep into my eyes. We pause... breath, and absorb the energy of one another. A long passionate kiss follows, so slow, so deep and with so much intent. I feel myself soaring as you lead me to the haven of your bed.

Standing behind me I feel your breath on my shoulder. Your hands slow and precise, you tease me by dipping a finger into your mouth and then trailing it across my neck. My body moves to your rhythm now. My clothes are gone. I stand naked before you. Your mouth finds mine once again and you kiss me. Then your tongue trails away and down my neck to find my nipples. I feel you cup my breasts. Your tongue darts out and instantly my nipples harden to you. Enticed you take me in your mouth, suckling, squeezing, and teasing. My aching pussy drips wet at the feel of your touch on my skin as you lay me down.

Removing your clothes you continue down my stomach, kissing my navel, teasing my inner thighs. With a gentle hand I urge your head to my inner sanctum. Your breath hot on my nether lips a shudder surges through my spine. My clit in your mouth, you softly suck me. I moan out loud as I feel myself move to you. Your hands tease my breasts as you lick and suck until I shudder in the heights of my frenzied passion. My thighs squeeze but you do not let up. You continue to please me, teaching me what a real woman can do, you do not stop until I cum for you again and again!

I love the way I taste in your mouth! You are on top of me now, my legs spread wide for you, your fingers dipping into the nectar of my pussy. I am very tight. It has been so long since I was pleased that the first moment your fingers pass inside me I want to explode. You are slow and easy. For a moment you let me breathe, then your rhythm picks up... you start to fuck me, your fingers sticky and wet slide deep inside. I feel you massage my g-spot and I can’t help but grab your back and pull my body fiercely to yours. My nails dig into your soft tender back. The ecstasy I feel for you is overwhelming. I cum again, harder than ever before, and leave your hand soaked with my juices.

Kissing passionately, it is now my turn to please you. I have waited for this moment for what seems like forever. My passion is insatiable. I want to taste you. I want to feel your silk on my fingers. I want to watch you cum as I gaze into your eyes. I want to hear you scream my name. Your breasts are so perfect, so round and supple, your nipples dark brown nubs that tease my lips as I take them in my mouth.

I suck and tease. Your body responds eagerly to my touch. My hands glide over your smooth skin and I feel the curves of your stomach and your warm breath on my neck. I trail down your body, kissing and touching, building your desire for release.
I can smell it now, so sweet, so luscious. Kissing your inner thighs I feel your hands on my head as you guide my tongue to your sweet lips. Parting you, I take in the glistening beauty before me. I take a brief moment to breathe hot air onto your clit. You buck in pleasure and my tongue caresses your magic button, drawing a response of instant moans and thrusts. I taste you. I lick you. I suck you. You are so sweet. I can’t stop until you cum for me. You explode in my mouth. I feel your hot juices drip down my chin but I still cannot stop. You are so addictive. You taste so sweet. I want to make you cum over and over again. I pleasure you until you have to beg me to stop. You can’t take anymore. I move up on top of you. Your tender kiss is so long, so sweet, so passionate. I want more. I want to feel myself inside you.

We lay for hours, kissing and touching. Eventually we fall asleep in one another's arms. The smell of sex surrounds us, our bodies hot and sticky from pleasure.

Now can you see why you're my favorite fantasy?

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