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  By: DocBuck

I’m just a guy.  I’m not into any particularly deploring (or what mainstream society America would call deploring) sexual acts.  I’m not submissive.  I don’t particularly have to have my sex any specific way.  I do, however, always need sex.  Whatever form it comes in, as long as there’s a woman there, I’m happy.  So, instead of telling you a fantasy, I’ll tell you a story. 

Warning Label:  This is not particularly dirty and not written to “get you off.”  This is written for me, a record of my thoughts and deeds that only the anonymous have access to.  Romantics, tragic cases, read on. 

I’m deployed to Iraq at the moment.  I’m a medic and I go out on patrols nearly every day.  I’m a rather experienced medic, this being my third tour.  When we came into country, we stopped in Kuwiat as usual.  There, I worked at a consolidated aid station.  There are no females in my particular unit, but when you work in an aid station there are females from other units that work there with you.  Three new young female soldiers straight out of school were assigned to work with myself and a few of the other experienced medics from my unit. 

I honestly didn’t have a sexual thought for any of these girls, barring the slight staring and sexual longing that comes with deployment.  I tried to keep it professional because I knew where these girls were going in a few weeks, and I knew that to survive it they had to be treated like one of the guys.

The medic I was assigned started working with me that night.  Her name was Sarah.  She seemed professional and uninterested.  She’s half Hispanic, full hips, dark long brown hair, beautiful brown hazel eyes, legs that go to heaven and a smile that lives there.  But I didn’t notice any of that, I swear.  I did notice the very round D cups.  Not gonna lie.  Everybody did.

A few days went by working with Sarah.  What a fuckin’ attitude!  The girl was a born soldier.  She didn’t take shit from anybody, didn’t matter their rank.  She took to her profession like a fish to water.  She has something very rare, even in the medical world.  Her touch calms.  She need only touch a man in pain, look into his eyes, and he forgets what’s bleeding, forgets where he is.  She’s every soldier’s angel. 

One day we were out smoking, only a few days from being sent north.  She approached me in front of my guys and asked me if I knew about the new regulation.  “Apparently, it’s legal to have sex here now, as long as you don’t stay in the person’s room past midnight,” she said, as if this were just passing conversation.  Like I said, one of the guys.  I mention she smokes newports?  Anyway…

“Really?”  I said, lamely. 

“Yeah.  Hey, aren’t you going to the same FOB as me?”  A FOB is a base.  And yes, I was.  I was getting a little red, my boys were staring at me and they seemed to be enjoying my discomfort.  I was enjoying my discomfort too.  I was at a crossroads.  Depending on how I took this advance, I could go 12 months without sex, or 12 months with sex.

“Why yes, yes I am.”  I responded. 

“Cool!  Hey listen, when you get there you should look me up!  Word is females are going to have their own rooms.”  Wink wink.  I let it go at that.  The aid station closed down as we began the move north, and I saw very little of Sarah over the next two weeks.  Word was she’d been attached to a squad of MP’s, and I figured they’d take care of whatever needs she might be having.  After we reached the FOB, and as time went on, friends of hers and friends of mine kept fucking with me, telling me she was trying to reach me.  One night, they told me she was leaving, heading north to a different FOB.  I figured I’d better take the chance. 

I found her in the tent with her new guys, a platoon of them.  She stopped what she was doing, walked up, gave me a hug and a kiss and asked me where I’d been.  I mean we were cool but… I didn’t expect such a warm welcome.  I figured I’d roll with it, and I did.  I burned a few down with her and told her where I was living (as it turned out I got my own place before she did :-P).  I told her that if she was really leaving, maybe she should show up.  She agreed.

A few hours later, she did.  I was asleep.  I have to tell you, there is nothing more sexually frustrating than a warzone.  We didn’t talk much.  My roommate left as soon as she showed up, and the lights went off.  We sat there for a moment, then she kissed me, or I kissed her, I can’t remember but the point is we kissed.  And it wasn’t a peck.  We didn’t start slow.  We just went right into it.  Hard kissing, the type that sorta hurts your mouth after.   The kissing quickly progressed to lip biting, to moaning, to the neck and the shoulder, at which point clothes got in the way.

We quickly undressed one another.  There was no ceremony to it, more of an urgent need.  I ripped whatever it was she was wearing right off of her, and she was no further behind with me.  I was feeling dizzy, starting to lose myself in the moment.  Note, this is not normal for a medic, to lose himself in the moment.  We’re all about control in uncontrollable situations. 

Now, this wasn’t like that.  This was raunchy.  This was violent.  There was nothing comforting to the outside eye.  She thrashed me out of my clothes and tried to pull me down onto my bed.  I took offense to that, and bodily shoved her onto it before me.  I stood there for a moment, and watched her laying back, arching her spine seductively as she took me in.  I’m not terribly impressive to look at, but all I saw in those eyes was hunger and appreciation.  I felt like a man, god damnit.  And a man was what I was gonna do my best to give her.

She sat up and grabbed me by my hips, forcefully pulling me down on top of her.  I began kissing my way down her body, starting with her ear (which I now know she loves), moving down to her neckline and shoulder, roughly grabbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples with my fingers and my teeth.  I moved further down, planting kisses on her soft belly, hips, and nicely trimmed bush.

  She was enjoying it, but getting a little frustrated that I wasn’t inside her yet.  It was amusing to watch her whimper when I planted a wet kiss on her clit.  She let out a pathetically sexual noise, and bucked onto my face immediately. She did this thing with her legs, they came up to her chest, and she rested them on top of my shoulders so her pussy was basically burying my face.  It was already drenched to the point of dripping, and I was entranced by the smell and taste immediately. 

I will admit, I love eating a girl out.  Something about the way it makes her body shake, the way it makes her lose control, is as pleasing to me as receiving oral.    I wanted to do my best for her.  I don’t know what it was about this night, but I wasn’t just trying to get off.  Something about Sarah made me want to make her feel like a queen.  I began licking her clit lightly, every once in a while straying further down to lap up some of her juices and stick my tongue as deep into her as it would go. 

She seemed to like the clit best, so I wet my mouth, took it in, and began rhythmically sucking.  She tried to take it for about thirty seconds.  Then she arched her back, her eyes shot open, and she shoved a pillow over her face so the neighbors wouldn’t hear her through the precariously thin walls.  She looked down my direction, I had been trying to make eye contact, but she wasn’t looking at me.  She was somewhere else, almost looked panicky.  I quickened my beat, and something happened then that I’d never seen.  Sarah let out a moan that started low and rose in strength and tone until it was barely audible. 

As she reached her high note her face turned red, her stomach muscles convulsed, then loosened, and her legs began to shake uncontrollably.  For a good twenty seconds Sarah was lost to the world, having a quaking violent orgasm.  She was loud, and I couldn’t have that.  I kept my hand over her mouth as best I could, but she wasn’t paying attention. 

After a few moments she began to calm down.  Just as her eyes came into focus I plowed my patiently waiting cock into her as hard as I could.  She came sharply back to the real world, and grabbed me using everything she had; her legs wrapped around my back, her nails dug into my lats, and her teeth bit deep, all at the same time.  She was screaming again, this time into my shoulder.  The marks are still there from that one.  She looked at me with those damned eyes, and I instantly knew what she wanted.  There was something romantic about this.  Something so primal it’s still hard for me to understand.  She looked at me and didn’t say a word, but her eyes told me that her body was mine, and that she was there, with me inside her, simply for my pleasure.  At that moment, she wanted me to feel good more than anything else in the world.  I’m sure some of you have seen this look. 

I took her legs caressing them and kissing them, and put them on my shoulders, folding her over.  I didn’t waste time with anymore preliminaries, it was my turn.  I took hold of her wrists, and put them behind her head, pushing down on them with the strength of my arms.  She looked to be happy about that.  I bent forward, folding her until her knees were touching her tits, and began to plow as hard as I could.  I went fast and deep.  She started screaming again, and this time there was nothing at hand to cover her mouth, so I kissed her.

 Her screaming was lost in the kiss.  She let her feelings out without inhibition.  I was grunting and panting loudly, forcing myself into her as fast and hard as I could.  Her eyes were rolled back.  One of her hands was clenched around mine, the other was spread so far apart I thought she’d break her own fingers.  She kept gasping, trying to catch her breath, trying to make sense out of what was happening to her.

  What I was seeing was too much for me to take.  I didn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes, we lost track of time.  When I came, I was going to do the polite thing and pull out.  She panicked at the last moment, realizing my plan, grabbed my ass with her hands and pulled me in deep just as I let go.  My spasms shot everything I had been saving for two months deep into her pussy, and she ground on me appreciatively as they did.  I started to shake, and used my last strength to unlimber her legs.

We collapsed in a heap of sweaty flesh, and eventually fell asleep.  To this day, months later, things haven’t gotten any more boring.  




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