Taking a Slave Part 3   added 6 years ago    

  By: Mr_Shock

    She awoke in darkness.  As her mind cleared she realized that once again she could not move.  Her arms, legs and body were pinned down.  She was inside something, but wasn't sure what it was.  She had no idea how long she had been out as her mind started remembering the events that occured before she passed out.  


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The Naughty Meter

    She remembered being bound totally naked, almost doubled over, to one of her dining room chairs.  Her captor had inserted a vibrator into her pussy which was set pretty low to keep her on the edge.  He had stepped around  to her uplifted head, having removed his clothing as well, and proceded to fill her mouth with his cock.  All the while he had lubed up a rather large didlo and began insterting it into her ass.  

    She could feel it stretching the opening of her ass.  By the size she knew it was one of her favorites that she used on her pussy when she really wanted to feel full.  She'd never used it up her ass before, and she was surprised he would use it there this first time.  The lube was helping but it couldn't help the pain that was coming from the stretching.  It was all she could do not to bite down on the cock in her mouth.  

    He was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth at a fairly slow rythym, making sure she was licking and sucking on it herself.   She felt it hit the back of her throat when it was all the way in.  The first couple times it had almost caused her to gag, but she was getting used to it and now was taking it all in.

    The dildo entering her ass was almost all the way in.  She could feel it stretching her insides quite a bit.  In fact she could feel both the dildo and vibrator side by side inside her, with just a bit of skin between them.  The vibrations from her pussy were passing along to the dildo in her ass.  She would swear she could feel the vibration all the way to her stomach.

    She starts feeling the dildo going in and out of her ass now, a slow regular motion.  All of her holes filled now.  The vibrator buzzing relentlessly, the pressure in her ass, and the cock in her mouth.  

    Her body starts responding to all that is happening, despite her will.  She starts squirming.  Starts enjoying the sensations, and starts to really work on the cock in her mouth.  

    I feel you mouth start tightning around me.  What little you can move your head, you begin moving it back and forth, meeting my strokes.  Your tongue moving around the head of dick.  I start pushing faster and faster in your mouth, my cock getting harder.  I feel myself on the brink, and I grab your head and force my cock all the way into your mouth.  I spasm as I shoot cum into the back of your throat.  I keep my hand on your head, you're forced to swallow my load.  I feel your throat convulse as you do. 
    As my cock goes limp I pull it out of your mouth.  "What a fine cocksucker you are my pet."  I tell you.  I bend down and grab the ball gag again. Pushing it back in your mouth.  You feel the straps tighten in the back, this time tighter than before.  

    "You're punishment begins now."  I tell you.  You eyes go wide as I move behind you.  "By the way I never did put the dildo all the way in, there's still more to go in, about 2 inches more actually."  You're muffled scream tells me you understand fully the nature of what is going to happen.  You prepare yourself for the push of the dildo, but instead you squeal in surprise as you feel a lash hit your left ass cheek.  You jump in your bonds from the hit.  

    "Not expecting that were you." I say as I chuckle.  Another hit on your right cheek.  Then I alternate between them.  Each cheek getting a red handprint on it that gets a bit brighter with each smack. 
    After five hits on each cheek my hand moves to the dildo.  I give it a quick push and the remaining two inches fly into you.  Your body tenses at the invasion, your back arches a bit from it. Now completely filled you really feel as if there is no seperation from the vibrator and the dildo. Your whole insides are now vibrating.  

    Just as you're getting used to that, you feel my hand smacking your ass again.  Each time a little harder, each smack making your ass that much redder.  I stand at your side and see the tears running down your eyes from the pain.  "I'm hoping this will teach you just who the master is in this situation.  You will earn to listen and obey me without hesitation."  I tell you.

    Your whole body is spasming now, I reach over and crank the vibrator up to the highest setting.  You really test your bonds with that one.  You body is taut as you feel the orgasm growing inside you.  Building, the vibration in your pussy mixing with the dildo in your ass.  I watch as you tense even more.  Then finally I see it, a brief shudder as you've finally climaxed.  Your body is spasming, then it calms and I noticed that you have passed out.

    I make quick work of untying you and clearing out the invaders from your pussy and ass.  I lay you on the floor, watching you breath.  Seeing that you are, I make my way to a wooden box I brought.  Carefully made it will just fit you inside it.  The top and sides come off.  I take the bottom and slide it under you.  Before binding you to the wood, I place a vibrator in your pussy, and another in your ass.  Both have external controls that I can use once I have you settled into your box.

    The bottom has holes spaced in it, I place your arms and legs between sets of holes and the rest of your body the same.  I slip plastic zip ties through a set of holes near your wrist. Once around I pull it tight, trapping your wrist against the wood.  I do the same at holes just under your elbow, another just above, and another at shoulder level.  Repeating the process on your second arm, I have your arms completely immobilized against the board i move down to your legs.  Zip ties around each of your ankles, just below the knees, just above and at the top of your thighs. Moving to your head I place a zip tie through holes that are near your neck.  Careful to not tighten it too much I just make sure you can't move your head.  I then place an inflatable gag into your mouth.  I pump it up enough that you won't be able to get it out no matter what.  

    Now that your are secured to the board, I place the sides of the box back in place. Once locked in, I grab the top.  I run the wires for the vibrators through holes in the top then place the top of the box on you.  I lock it down, now you are completely secured in your little prison.

    I sit and wait, and finally I've seen you stirring.  The top of the box has a few small nightvision cameras embedded in it.  Once I see you start to try to move you hear my voice through a speaker in the box. "This is the second part of your punishment.  i hope you like what I've come up  with for you."

    I flip a switch on the vibrators, one springs to life and then the other.  I flip them back off after seeing I have your attention.  "Now my dear, you are going to learn I control your pleasure every aspect of it. Once you learn that, you will learn to pleasure me."
End of Chapter 3

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