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  By: LBI_NJ_36

Chapter 5


After a sleepy rest, it was almost dawn.  We all started stretching and writhing, waking up.  There were kisses, and cuddles, and tickles and caresses, and you realized how simple it was to feel so incredibly and irresistibly attracted to someone.  You could just relax completely, and let all your shame float away.  You knew exactly what you wanted to do, and you had everything you needed and ever wanted right there with you.

            I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I got back, you and your friends had rearranged things a bit.  I noticed all of the blankets, sheets, pillows and dirty panties were tossed between the bed and the wall in that narrow space, and the bed was empty.  As I came back into the room, you took my hand, and your friends came close as if to prevent me from backing out.  I knew I had no choice but to let you lead me, and you had no choice but to accept control.  You led me to that narrow spot where all of the blankets were piled up, turned me around, and pushed me backward.  I tried to stop myself, but I just fell back into the soft pile.  There was hardly any room on either side of me, and my head was close to the night table.  I didn’t even get the chance to try to get back up before you had climbed on top of me.  I felt your weight pressing, holding me down, and your lips lock against mine.  Your tongue parted my lips and teased mine gently.

            As our kiss finished you whispered to me, “I am ready again,” and you started moving your knees upward kneeling over me still facing me.  I tried to sit up, but one of your friends laying on the bad took her index finger, put it right on my forehead, and pushed me back down, giggling and saying, “You’re not going anywhere mister…you stay and take what we give you. You got that?”  The way you were positioned on me, just that little force kept me in my place, and you were able to move up closer.

  Where you were almost directly over my face you swung your leg over me and in a quick move completely faced the other direction.  Thinking I wasn’t going to be trapped anymore, I started to move my knees upward to plant me feet. I thought I would be able to squirm free, but almost immediately I felt two pairs of hands on my legs, and then their firm hold.  I knew I had no chance of getting free.

            You said aloud, “I wonder who is going to enjoy this the most?” and laughter erupted from your friends.  I became a little worried again, fearing that you might take things a bit too far.  Your knees were on either side of my chest and your shins had my arms pinned down.  I was looking up at you and I admired your body.  You are so perfectly smooth, and sexy. I felt your hands caressing my chest, rubbing my body, and I see you lowering. 

You sit perfectly positioned, as my tongue reaches out and penetrates slightly into you.  You gasp, and your friends chuckle a little.  As you adjust to, and enjoy more my licks and probing tongue you tell the girls, “Okay, get him into position,” and a thought of concern runs though my mind.  (What position?  I think) Then I feel it.  The girls push my legs up and you catch them with your arms, and with their help you push them back until my stiffening cock is pointed right between your legs.  All of your friends are watching with amusement and one says, “Look at how helpless he looks!”

            You say to them, “This feels really good though.  You should try it, and the best part is, he can’t talk back!”  Again they all laugh.  They hold me in ‘position’ while you begin to move your hips.  You move back and forth, side to side, and in circular motions making sure that you get full contact and enjoy all of the feelings fully.  I feel your hand encircle my now very hard cock, and start to stroke it slowly. 

It’s more of a ‘milking’ motion, and your friends look on in fascination.  I feel two girls kneeling and their warmth against my back, and I feel a hand with long nails caressing the back of my right leg.  As you stroke me faster, I can feel another orgasm building in me, and I start to probe you with my tongue faster and deeper.  You can feel yours building up as well, and you stroke me faster and you grip harder.  You feel my cock swelling, and see that I am right on the edge, and you know you’re so close too.  As we are both about to explode, you quickly sit up and let go of my cock.  I am begging, straining, wishing for release, and I want to give you yours too, but you wait.  And you wait, and it seems like an eternity, but it’s only maybe 45 seconds, just enough time for the orgasm to back off the edge. 

            You gently guide yourself back down, and I resume licking, and pressing my tongue between your lips, gliding it forward with the underside, and touching your clit with the tip.  One of your friends then presses what feels like the dildo from before into my upturned ass, and sinks it slowly and I hear them collectively sigh.  I imagine how they are all fingering themselves watching how you dominate me, and how it turns them on.  The thought of being so vulnerable in front of so many women turns me on so much more.  As I get closer again, you sense it, and as I am about to shoot right between your legs, again you sit up, and release your grip on me.  All motion stops, except for me straining, I have to cum so badly now.

            Before you sit back down again, you gently rub the underside of my cock against your clit teasing me even more.  Almost instantly I am on the edge again, and the thought of how much control you have over my orgasm is enough to have your head swimming.  I more forcefully push onto my face this time, and I feel you rocking back and forth.  I know this time you won’t stop and I give it my all.

  My tongue plunges deep inside of you, and I feel the dildo moving in and out of me with more urgency.  I hear your friends moaning, and panting, and gasping as we all move closer again.  Your body tenses up, and I feel a quick shudder, and I know you are right on the edge, and so am I.  You stroke me faster aiming it right between your legs.  As I hear one of your friends start to cum, I can feel you let go, and I taste it as you cum.

  I thrill of each of you cumming and making me do anything you wanted is too much.  My cock starts shooting and the first shot lands right on your clit ring.  Almost immediately, you shift back a little and aim the rest straight into my mouth.  I shut my mouth quickly, and you continue stroking.  Shot after shot lands all over my face.  As I finish, your friends let my legs down.  You tell me, “Open your mouth slave!  You should never let this go to waste you dirty little panty whore cum slut, do you understand me?”  I open my mouth obediently, and you use your fingers to scoop it up and push it in.  The salty sweet creaminess coats my tongue and I swallow.

            “He’s definitely ready for the next stage,” your friend says.

            Then I hear you say, “I agree, you girls have to get him ready though, he still looks too ummm, rough,” and I am so relaxed that I just accept that whatever is next I will enjoy as much as this.


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