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  By: anathema2222

Not sure if anyone else can remember the days when raves were really raves, and not the commercial events that they became before they pretty much disappeared, but I look back at some of those moment with much fondness. The freedom to be who you were, the sexual inhibition, and of course, the freely flowing “party favours”, as we used to refer to them. Yup, I was a raver (I’m hoping at least some people can relate to that!)

I think my favourite memory comes from a huge yearly festival that happened in Toronto, where ravers from pretty much across the country would pack up their gear, and prepare for a 3-day electronic camping festival. Of course, this always happened during the summer, so there was plenty of skimpy getups and skin to be seen. My favourite girls to ogle were the sweet candy ravers: the girls who wore baggy short or pants, with tank tops or bikini top, with their bright coloured hair, visors and sparkles.

One year, my husband (back then he was still only my boyfriend) and I packed our gear up and headed out. Our spot on the grounds was pretty sweet, but made all the better with the awesome ‘neighbours’ we’d have over the next few days: 2 really hot candy raver chicks who were (thankfully!) a little older than the rest; a little more serious about partying, and a little more to their package. One girl, Jess, had the brightest blue hair, and the most amazing tits I think I’d ever seen. She caught my eye immediately, and I guess I caught hers, as she introduced herself and tent-mate as soon as we started getting settled. At first, I thought she had eyed my boyfriend, who’s fairly tall, and definitely a good-looking guy, with his dark hair and light eyes, not to mention his great ass. But, as my boyfriend later made sure to point out, she definitely had a thing for me as well. Not always evident, especially since I’m not what you might call everyone’s type. I’ve got a pretty tall, somewhat athletic build, great tits and legs (and modest, too!), but lots of piercings and some tattoos added to my bright red hair usually make me somewhat intimidating to less confident folks, I suppose.

So after a few hours of setting up and “get-to-know your camp mate” chatter, Jess and her tent-mate Amy told us they were glad to make some quick friends, as they had come alone, and would be sure to meet up with us later that night. They both gave Andrew (the bf) a hug, which I’m sure he LOVED, and Amy gave me a quick friendly hug, while Jess waited until she could slide in and give me a nice soft kiss on the cheek. She whispered “there’s more of that if you want it” in my ear, smiled, and the 2 girls linked arms and started the walk to the main event area, where the music was already banging from the speakers.

Several hours of loud music and dancing later, I was in need of a break. I decided to go outside for a smoke and some water, leaving Andrew with some old friends he had run into. As I lit my smoke and began to stretch my legs, someone came up behind me, covered my eyes and said “hey hot stuff, guess who!” I knew it was Jess, judging by the voice, and amazing feeling of her hard nipples poking me in the back, but I decided to be a little raunchy, just to see how far she would take things. I reached around, and grabbed a handful of her nice, round tits, squeezed a little, and then said “Amy?”

She scoffed (which I thought she would), and I laughed. In one quick movement, she turned me around, planted my hands firmly back onto those amazingly soft boobs (which were far less covered than the last time I saw them!) and said “These, my dear, are far larger than Amy’s, which I’m sure you already noticed…and pierced. Please, let’s not make that mistake again.” We both grinned at each other, because after some pretty obvious and silly games, we knew we were on the same page. After realizing that several people were now staring at us, with me squeezing Jess’ naked tits in public, we decided maybe we should find some pot and a more private place.

“You look like you’re starting to crash” she said to me. “What do you say to a little pick-me-up?” she winked, and nodded to the space between the buildings that looked a little more secluded. We headed back there to smoke the joint she pulled out, and see where things went. Not exactly incident free, I have to admit, but that’s another story…


We had finally managed to make our way back to our tent, and hastily made our way inside, being completely riled up and ready to fuck each other silly, making sure to zip it closed. Before I could even turn around, Jess had my tank top over my head, and had latched on to one of my nipples with her gorgeous lips, flicking her tongue back and forth. I moaned (probably too loudly) as we fell into the pile of sleeping bags. While she was busy sucking on my painfully hard nipples, teasing and biting them to agony,

I got busy undoing her pants, and my fingers finally found their way down to her pussy. Hot and sticky, I probed my way in and found her wet clit, rubbed it softly, then squeezing it suddenly to tease her. She squealed with pleasure, which was exactly what I wanted to hear, so I decided that was as good a sign as any to drive 2 very wet fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly only for a second as I fucked her with my fingers, picking up speed as she got more and more excited. I found one of her amazing tits with my free hand and squeezed, pinching a pierced nipple between my fingers. I wasn’t going to let her cum just yet…we had an entire night ahead of us! Just as I had that thought, she had finally succeeded in getting my shorts undone and had begun slowly rubbing my clit, picking up speed as well.


So here we were, furiously going at each others pussies, pawing at each others tits and spewing all sorts of nasty profanities at each other, in some sort of delirious state. I was far too absorbed to even notice Andrew enter the tent, let alone notice him position himself over our heads and pull out his hard cock. Jess wasn’t really shocked when we finally noticed; she just looked at me and smiled, and managed to take the whole thing down her throat. (I suppose she thought I could use a break, especially after taking on those 2 security guards to let us get away with the joint we had.

I guess her watching me suck them both off simultaneously got her really wound up, and why we had hastily retreated to our tent after they’d emptied their loads onto my face and gave us back our joint) Jess repositioned herself on her back so she could have better access to Andrew’s huge, throbbing cock, and I took the opportunity to tear her pants right off and plunge into her wet, swollen pussy. I spread her legs and pussy open wide, and dove straight for her clit. It tasted so sweet, rolling it around on my tongue, and slipping my tongue deep into her pussy every once in a while

I’m sure Andrew was having a little trouble keeping his composure, as this was the first time he’d seen me eat pussy, live, and it was quite the show, my mouth sucking hard on her clit, and my right hand fingerfucking her furiously. The look on his face said he needed to fuck pussy – didn’t matter whose. So I tore myself away from Jess, and told her to get on her knees. She didn’t miss a beat, helping me take off my pants, positioning herself on all fours for Andrew, and waiting eagerly for me to get my pussy to her face.

Jess was the reason I loved chicks as much as guys – her tongue lashed my clit like I’d never felt before, sucking, nibbling, and occasionally diving in as deep as she could go, licking deeply at the juices coming from deep inside. I could feel Andrew start pounding away at the pussy I had just finished priming for him, and I could feel his hands clumsily groping around to grab Jess’ huge tits. I looked up for a split second and could barely contain myself any longer: the site of this blue-haired vixen licking greedily at my pussy, while Andrew pounded away at hers and squeezed and pulled at her tits for leverage was driving me over the edge.

Finally, I heard a gutteral “oh, shit…” from Andrew, and I knew he was going to unload. “Cum in my pussy…oh shit, please, cum in my pussy” Jess moaned into my ready-to-explode cunt, and she lifted her head away from me while Andrew fucked her hard and fast. He grabbed onto her tits hard, and pounded her until he let his jizz go deep inside her, groaning, and slowing with each buck. Finally, he was spent, but Jess wasn’t done.

She positioned her dripping pussy over my face, and dove her tongue back into mine. I didn’t wait to be told – I started licking furiously, as I sucked Andrew’s cum out of her stretched hole. Within seconds, we were both ready to explode, sucking and licking away like starved children. Andrew took it upon himself to help us along, and managed to finger-fuck us both at the same time, making the orgasms that much more explosive. We were squealing into each other’s pussies, at the tops of our lungs, cumming all over each other’s faces and riding and incredible wave of ecstasy (take that as you will…)

We lay there, breathing heavily, spent from all the action, for some time. Probably, sub-consciously, to wait out the curious bystanders around our tent as well. After cleaning up a bit, and getting some water, we sent Andrew back to his friends with a huge, shit-eating grin on his face, and Jess and I set out, hand-in-hand, to find Amy. This was just the first night, and the shenanigans were only beginning ;)

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Comments for My wasted youth

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 16:08:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Shit, that was HOT! Loved it. :)
anathema2222    (2009-03-29 13:20:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Glad you enjoyed it ;)
magictonic    (2009-03-28 12:02:02)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic Simply awesome. I gotta find me a rave party especially since I love trance music.
MotorSpike    (2009-03-26 20:36:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Damn that was hot, thanks!
CanadianCasanova    (2009-03-26 18:32:09)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Great story! I hope you share the rest of your experiences.
anathema2222    (2009-03-26 15:18:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Sort of goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway...feel free to leave any comments :)

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