Fast and furious   added 6 years ago    

  By: Nathalie

As I stepped out of the elevator, as everyday coming home, I began unbuttoning my jacket. As everyday coming home for a few months now, I was to undress right outside the elevator, and then unlock the door, put my clothes down inside, fasten the leash hung just inside around my neck and hold it in my mouth as I crawled in on my hands and knees. For months, I hadn’t been allowed clothes inside except there was someone we knew. Family or friends. Strangers didn’t count. But more about that later.

So far, I had been lucky. There were three other apartments on our floor, all couples without kids or one woman living alone. And nobody had seen me naked outside my apartment, crawling in with my ass up in the air.

Today, as I had just finished undressing – i.e., unhooking my garter belt – I heard the elevator arrive and the doors slide open. I dove into my purse and fished out the keys, knowing that I would be too late but trying anyway. I stood up, clothes in one hand and keys in the other, when my master spoke to me :

— Ah, good, you’re here. Drop everything and get down. (I did. He unlocked the door from behind me, took the leash and fastened i tat my collar.) Come, whore, quick!

Hi stone was harsh, his tug on my leash almost painful. He led me to the bed and made me climb on it, still on all four. Almost at once, I felt his weight behind me on the bed and felt his hard cock enter me. I was so surprised I yelped. Getting naked before I came in did get me wet, the risk, the rush, the instant change of status from ordinary working girl to submissive slut always had its impact on my pussy. But this!

My yelp did not phase my master. He slapped my ass and ordered me to shut up.

— You’re a cumdump pussy, and pussies have no mouth. Don’t worry, you’ll soon have a mouth, whore.

All the while he was fucking me, so hard, so rough, I felt completely dizzy. This was new, this was unexpected, what was happening? Had I displeased him? It almost felt like he was angry. But not knowing, and since he was very clearly giving orders, I felt I had to obey. Soon after, I felt a sharp pressure against my asshole, and something enter me there. It was thin and hard, and had me yelping again.

The pain was hot, but immediately erased when the thing started vibrating. I could feel it almost rippling as my master’s cock made it gently bob up and down as he was fucking me. Oh my god, maybe I was getting and anger fuck, maybe this was meant as a punishment for something, but the way he was fucking me raw, the way he was holding me tight by the hair, the way he’d just hurt me to use me, were getting to me really fast. Especially once he started slapping m yass every chance he got.

I was keeping silent, not even moaning, trying not to breathe too hard even, but I was getting aroused and the orgasm was coming near. Without warning, my master pulled out, and before I could really register the emptiness in my pussy, I felt some large object being shoved in. I opened my mouth to scream but managed not to. It was hard and dry, and had hurt going in, but it too started vibrating, all the way from my labia to my cervix, and by God the two dildos combined were amazing. I felt straps fastened around my waist, pulling the new dildo deeper in, and the my master slapped my ass and ordered me to turn around.

As soon as I had, he grabbed me by the hair again and started pounding my throat just like he had my pussy. Instead of my ass, he was slapping my face and my breasts as his cock entered my throat again and again, as the edge of his glans kept gagging me then liberating me for just the slightest gasp of breath. I have vitrually no gag reflex left, and I took it as I could, even when I started getting teary-eyed for lack of breath.

I was still stunned, my master was not talking, not explaining anything, if it was punishment he should have explained so I didn’t do it again… But i twas so good… I was struggling against the orgasm now, keeping i tat bay, I felt my pussy tighten each time my master rammed his dick in my throat and I found my nose buried in his pubes… held there… held there… taken backwards and the gagged again real quick…

With a heavier grunt, my master came inside my throat, held me pinned against him as he emptied his balls directly in my belly, I felt the first spurts against my throat. Then he pulled out and the last of his cum landed on my face and in my hair. He wiped his cock in a handful of my hair and stood up without a word. I was there, panting, sore from the fucking, and still stunned, when he said :

— Go get your clothes from the hallway. Once you’ve stepped outside, you may come.

And I would never have thought it possible, but I came as soon as I stepped out. Walking with my two holes filled with vibrations, smelling my master’s cum on me, I felt so degraded, so not important, that I came at once. My legs buckled, I almost fell face first, but managed to gather my clothes and crawl back inside, shaking all over. I put the clothes down and looked at my master’s feet in front of me.

— You’re a good pet, Nathalie. I just wanted to remind you that I don’t have to be kind to be a good master. I like pampering you, being attentive, but I can fuck you as hard as I want, be as rough as I like, and you’ll still come like a good little whore. But thank you, whore. That was fun.

Yes, that was unexpected, but it explained a lot. I wasn’t punished, just educated to something I’d never consider. And my body was still shivering his assent to his every word.



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unknown    (2010-08-10 12:56:03)    Flag as inappropiate
This was absolutely mind blowing. Great job, Loved reading it.
toooo9    (2009-03-22 13:03:45)    Flag as inappropiate
toooo9 Wonderful Nathalie, I am a Latin dance teacher in Beijing, your story reminds me of my private classes. Wonderful fantasy again, keep it up.

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