Taking a Slave   added 6 years ago    

  By: Mr_Shock

He had stalked his prey for days now.  She is in his sights now.  He watches her through the window, waiting for his moment to strike.  He checks his supplies; ropes that soon will be encircling her wrists and ankles in a tight hog tie, a ball gag that will be filling her mouth, held in place by a leather strap.  His mind races at the possibilities of what he will be doing to her body.  Putting her into one tight position after another.  Touching, caressing, rubbing, her all over.  Spanking her when she's tries to escape, or just when it amuses him.  

She's not expected anywhere for days, how long can she last in such circumstances as these.

The time has come, his prey is ready and he moves in to strike..........


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Silently breaking into the house through the back door, He moves quickly to the bedroom his prey is in.  Her back is to the door and bending over the bed turning the covers down. She is wearing nothing but a nightshirt and panties.  He looks at her bare legs.  Starting at her thighs that are just peeking out from under the shirt he follows them downward, slowly his eyes take in her calves down towards her ankles all the way to the little white ankle socks she is wearing.  As she stands his mind breaks from it's fantasy.  He must make his move now.

Quickly traversing the distance between the door and her he moves in behind her.  In a flash he has his hand over her mouth that had a pre-cut piece of duct tape in it.  He presses his hand over her mouth securing the tape in place.  Her muffled scream of surprise is all that comes out.

"Shhhhhh, don't struggle and you won't be hurt." I say.

"mmmmphhhh!" is all you get out, but you struggle against me none the less.

I feel the press of your body against mine as you wiggle against me.  

I push forward bending you at the waist, pushing your head and chest onto the bed.  I hop up on the bed, sitting on your lower back, getting control of your arms and placing them under my knees.  Once done, I grab the rope out of my back pocket.  Grabbing one wrist I place the doubled over rope around it and run the free ends through the loop then pulling tight.  One wrist under control I grab the second, struggling to get next to the tied one, I finally do and begin encircling them with the rope.  After several wrappings I pull the two loose ends between your wrists and tie them off, out of reach of prying fingers.  

With your hands under control I pull your body fully on the bed, keeping it under mine to keep you under control. Now sitting on the back of your calves, you can't move your legs at all to get away from me.  I take a rope folded in half and start wrapping it around your ankles.  After several wrappings I tie the rope off like I did to your wrists.  

With you finally secured I get up off you, staying on the bed I look at my handywork.  You bound hand and foot laying across your bed.  Your butt haning out a bit under your nightshirt as it has come up during your struggles.  The white ropes on your skin look magnificent, your pulling them trying to free yourself begins to turn me on.  

"There, there my little pet.  I'm not going to hurt you, unless of course you give me reason to.  I know you enjoy being bound, being dominated, of course that's always on your terms.  Now though I'm gonna do things my way, show you real bondage, real domination."  I tell you in as soothing a voice as I can.

Your struggles start to slow.  I take my hand and starting at your ankles run it up your bound body.  Gently stroking your calves, moving to your thighs I caress every inch of your legs.  My hand moving up now, over your slightly exposed butt.  I get a quick squeeze on both cheeks before letting go.

I move towards your head, looking at your pretty face with ductape over your mouth.  Your eyes move up to meet mine.

"Now I'm gonna remove that tape, and then I'm gonna put this gag in your mouth.  If you do it easily and quietly you won't be hurt, if you fight....well there will be some pain."  I say as a warning.  Your only response is a nod.

With the ball gag ready in one hand, I move my other to the tape.  In one quick motion I pull it off, your mouth opens in reaction to the slight pain the tape caused.  My other hand already moving quickly shoves the ball gag into your mouth.  My hands grab the leather straps and pull tight, pulling the gag deeper into your mouth.  When it's at the stopping point I pull the straps together and buckle the gag into place.

"Now for some final touches to your bondage......"  I say as I move around you on the bed.

Pulling more rope from my stash I start binding your elbows together.  Pulling them closer and closer till they almost touch I finally wrap the ropes around them and tie them off.  With your upper body done, I move down to your legs again.  Grabbing another rope I start wrapping it just above your knees.  Pulling the rope tight around your thighs.  Once the rope is securely knotted I move down a bit to just below your knees and your calves.  Repeating the process that I had done on your thighs I quickly tie them together as well.

Pulling out another rope I grab your ankles and pull them up.  I take the rope and wrap it around the ropes that are already there.  Using the loose ends I pull you ankles up, bending you at the waist some.  I take the loose ends and start wrapping them around your elbow ropes.  With the added leverage of that rope I pull on it, pulling your ankles up towards your elbows.  As the ropes pull tighter, your bend becomes more pronounced.  Soon you look like a bow that you use to shoot arrows with.  Your ankles now touching your elbows, feet nearly touching your head I pull the ropes around and tie them off keeping you in this strained position.

With the other rope I work a little to reach your wrist bindings and attach it to them, bring it up through your tied legs and around your lower knee bindings, then back down to your upper knee bindings then tie it off so your arms are now tied between both sets of ropes on your legs.

"What a lovely little package you make."  I say.  You grunt, somewhat in response to me, somewhat to the pain of the strain your body is in.

Once again I sit back to take in the sight of your bound body.  And once again I take advantage of it by running my hands all over it.  I push you on your side and this time run my hands up your shirt.  Moving over your belly and up to your breasts.  My fingers find your nipples, already rock hard, and start tracing around them, flicking them and pulling them a bit.

Then my hand moves down your body again, over your stomach and towards your waist.  It lingers at the waistband of your panties, gently caressing that area.  Then moves down again slowly, feeling your hot body through the fabric of your panties. Moving down your underwear I feel the outline of your pussy lips, I start tracing them and reach the entrance of you pussy.  Your panties are soaked.

"Enjoying this aren't you my little pet.  Despite the tightness, you still are aroused beyond belief."  I say with much delight.

My hand still rubbing along your panties finally hits your clit.  You jerk, as much as you can, at the touch.  I begin to rub it, watching you trying to move along with me, straining at your bonds to help me touch you even more.  I start rubbing faster, and harder watching you squirm as much as your body can that is.

My rubbing stops, and you squirm now in frustration.  But then you feel my hand moving your panties to the side, exposing your pussy to the open air and to my bare hand.  All you feel is the cool air, until my hand gets closer to you again.  You feel the warmth radiating from my hand as it gets closer.  Now with nothing between my hand and your pussy I once again trace your lips.  Your squirming, and low moaning into the gag tells me once again that you are enjoying every second of this.   My fingers slowly work their way into your pussy, first one then a second.  Feeling the walls of your pussy contract around them.  Slowly pumping them in and out. Your body reacting to my every touch.  

The in and out continues you trying to move your body in time to my rythym.  My thumb moves to your clit, just a quick touch, but your body reacts like it's been hit with a cattle prod.  I worry a bit that you've pulled every joint out of their socket with as quick as you tensed up.  But then you relax again and I continue to rub. Your breathing gets heavier and heavier as my fingers keep up their work.  Your bound body starts glistening with sweat as you start getting closer to the brink.  My other hand works it's way up you body finally resting on your left breast.  Once again  your body reacts spasmically as my hand touches your nipple.

Your breathing reaches new heights as both my hands are rubbing your body.  Your body straining ever more against your bonds, pulling at them.  

I feel your pussy starting to contract and spasm against my fingers as you finally cum.  One last time you tense and pull at your bonds, then relax.  Your breathing also slows as you come down from the wave of your orgasm.

After watching you finally calm back down, I stroke your bound body much like one would a cat.  "There, there." I say as I continue to pet you.  "This is but the first of your trials with me, and I promise not all will be as pleasant as this.  But when this all ends you will be calling me Master."

The End of this Chapter.

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Sounds like fun to me.

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