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  By: Slayzee

We had been meeting for coffee once in a while for the last few weeks. Nothing more that coffee but still, the sexual tension between us was tangible enough. During conversations, we had occasionally made veiled references to the last time we were together, all that time ago. It became obvious that repeating that encounter was something we both wanted.

We didn’t speak about it directly though.


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Apart from the occasional text message and email, our contact was fairly minimal. That didn’t stop me thinking about how much I wanted you again. I remembered how good you felt, how soft your lips were when we kissed, how firm and smooth your ass was when I ran my hands all over it, how good you tasted when I went down on you. I needed to feel all those things again.


You called me one Friday afternoon to chat. Invariably our conversation moved to sex, as it always seems to do and this was a little different. We weren’t very veiled in our statements of what we wanted to do to each other. The desire in our voices was obvious. We needed to plan something soon.


You began to tell me how your husband had plans to play golf with some friends of his the coming Sunday. Your sister had offered to take your kids to the zoo in order to give you some much needed time for yourself. She knew you were taking a bit of strain and wanted to help out. I already knew that my wife had plans to spend that same Sunday with her mom and sister, one of those “girls” days. We had inadvertently stumbled upon a perfect opportunity. We decided that we should meet on some kind of neutral ground so I suggested my office. Nobody would be there on a Sunday and I had all the necessary keys. My department has its own storeroom out of the way of everybody else. In that storeroom, there is a large wooden desk that is used as a testing station, we could use it for something else!


Your husbands golf game was scheduled to start at nine o’ clock and my wife was meeting her mom and sister at ten. We decided that ten-thirty was the time we would meet in the parking lot of my office park. From there, it was a short trip upstairs to a place where we would be undisturbed for as long as we needed.


The prescribed hour arrived.

I must admit, I was there a little earlier than scheduled


We said a few hellos and walked hurriedly into the building. Up the stairs, through the security gate and into my department. Once we were in the storeroom, you sat down on the desk while I locked the door. Turning to you, we smiled at each other as I walked towards you. You instinctively opened your legs to allow me to get closer to you. This was not the time for small talk, we wanted something and we wanted it now.


We slid our arms around each other and our lips met. Those lovely soft lips I had been thinking about since we had spoken seemed even softer that day. Our mouths opened almost immediately and we devoured each others tongues with a hunger that could not be matched. Your legs wrapped around mine as you pulled my even closer in to you. Our breath was hot and ragged, being forced into our mouths, we couldn’t hold back any longer.


I pulled you off the desk, turned you around and began squeezing your tits. One hand moved down your front towards your pants. I deftly undid the top button of your jeans, pulled the zip down and slid my hand inside. I bent my head and kissed your neck. I knew how much you loved this position and the heat I felt between your legs bore testament to the arousal you were going experiencing. In the same way you had done the last time we were in this position, your left hand reached around to my pants and you began to undo my belt. I moved to help you as I could feel the desperation of your movements in trying to get what you wanted so much.

My hand was inside your panties now, my fingers being rapidly coated in your juices. Your right hand was trying to get in as well so you could masturbate yourself with me. Feeling your hand on mine was electrifying, I loved the feeling of both of our hands pleasuring you and my hardness confirmed it.

Finally, my jeans were unbuttoned and you forced your way inside, your hand wrapped around my cock and you began to stroke up and down its length. You coated as much of it as you could in its precum, lubricating the skin.


I needed to have unrestricted access to your pussy so I moved my left hand away from your tits and pushed your pants to the floor. I did the same with my pants, allowing you the freedom to my cock. We masturbated each other for a while, moaning each others names, making no bones about how good this felt.

I had spread your pussy juice all around your lips making sure that I would be able to enter you as easily as possible.


I pushed you towards the desk and bent you over. You placed your hands on the top and lifted your ass towards my waiting cock.

I quickly found the entrance to your pussy and pushed my way in. In one fluid motion, I buried my length inside you. The warmth I had wanted for so long was finally mine. I grabbed your hips and began to fuck you. Each time I withdrew my cock, it felt like your pussy was trying to hold onto it and pull it back in. Each time I thrust into you, I heard your breath get forced from your lungs.

Our mouth were open, drawing huge breaths of air, simultaneously letting loose moans of ecstasy.

Maybe it was an indication of my intense desire for you but your pussy had never felt quite this good.


I pumped your willing little pussy for a while, enjoying each hot, wet stroke.

All at once, I pulled out of you and turned you around to face me again. I sat you down on the desk and pulled your jeans off completely, your white g-string followed to the floor. Pushing you back onto the desk, I dropped my face between your legs and clamped my mouth over your wet pussy, sliding my tongue inside you.

I had longed for this taste.

I dropped to my knees as I licked you. Opening your lips, I tongue fucked you, alternately sucking on your hard clit. Your moans were now cries and I hoped your orgasm was on its way.

Your hand moved behind my head and you pulled me into you. I felt your muscles start to contract and I knew it wouldn’t be long now until I would be rewarded with a mouthful of your orgasmic juice. I felt your pussy expel ever more juice until you threw your head back and came.

My reward was fantastic. Squirt after squirt of juice splashed against my face as you rubbed your clit, forcing more of your orgasm to the fore.

While you were still cumming, I stood up and pushed my cock back into you, enjoying the feeling of the last few squirts of your orgasm. I felt the contractions weaken and your body start to relax and loosen.

I stopped my thrusting and gave you a chance to recover a bit before I subjected your pussy to more pleasure.


You lifted yourself up to put your arms around my neck and pull yourself towards me. Our mouths met again in another passion filled kiss. You seemed to relish the taste of your own juices and I relished in that.

Our eyes were wide open and locked together as we kissed, as we fucked, as you forced me towards my own orgasm.

I reached down between our bodies and my hand found your clit again. I pressed my thumb against it and began to rub in time with my thrusting. I wanted to try and give you another orgasm to coincide with mine.

It seemed to be working as, almost straight away, I felt your contractions start again. It was probably just residual sensitivity though. Still, I was enjoying the feeling of your pussy tightening.


I bent down to kiss you again. I couldn’t stop kissing you, I loved your lips, the feel, the taste, so soft, so wet.

I felt your hand move down to where mine was and push it out of the way. You wanted to tease your clit in exactly the way you wanted, the way that, you knew, would bring your orgasm the quickest.

Our kissing did not stop, I couldn’t bring myself to remove my lips from yours. I knew I’d have my mouth glued to yours throughout our impending orgasms.


I felt it begin, the cum starting its journey to the end of my cock, the contractions in your pussy. This would be a big one for both of us.

At the last second, I pulled my cock from your depths and stroked the cum from it. I felt the hot liquid shoot from my body. I couldn’t see where it went as my mouth was still attached to yours, just the way I wanted it. Halfway through my orgasm, I felt your second one hit you. Like before, you expelled a stream of juice, this time landing all over my body, raining down over my cumming cock and rapidly emptying balls.


Our orgasms took everything out of us. In a hot, sweaty, satisfied heap we collapsed on the desk. Our arms wrapped limply around each other, our breathing was now panting.


That which we had wanted for so long, was finally ours. It was then that we realized we had only been together for about forty minutes. We still had quite some time together and we were determined to milk this opportunity for as long as we could.


What could we do next…?

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