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  By: IcyPrincess

He showed up around lunchtime. We took our usual spot at the kitchen table, I dealt the cards and we caught up. It was part of our routine, it was comforting. I rested my feet in his lap, he traced lazily on them as he waited for me to finish my shuffle. As if what had happened wasn’t real. Except for the fire he’d left smoldering. That was definitely real. Except for the way he looked at me. Except for the way he traced lines on my feet aimlessly. The tingle I got was new but real too.

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It still seemed odd to associate him with the one who’d come to me in the night. He was still staring at me while I dealt.

“So honey, how was your weekend?” I asked.

We all turned in early that night. I was reading some paperback I’d gotten at a thrift store. He came waltzing in wearing a wolfish smile. I pretended not to notice. He sat next me, with the same eyes as earlier. He grabbed my book away, smirked at me.

“That’s rude you know.” He held it out of my reach, taunting me.

“Is not, reading is quiet. I’m not bothering anybody. Grabbing things away from people is rude.” I glared at him. Reminding him I’m not a woman to trifle with. My wrath is legendary.

“Reading with someone in the room is.” He taunted me.

“Is not, it’s not my job to entertain you. You’re just bored and want to mess with me.” All perfectly true.

“Maybe, but if I want to talk to you then your reading is rude.” He had an answer for everything.

“That still doesn’t make grabbing it away OK.” I reminded him. He tossed it over his shoulder. His grin at my fury made it worse. Why did he love to taunt me so? He leaned in until our noses were almost touching.

“Why don’t I just play with you instead?” He really was to much.

“No, why don’t you play with yourself? It’s perfectly normal for a boy your age.” I gave him a cheeky grin.

He scowled, clearly not wanting that answer. He backed up an inch. Served him right, after all the torment he’d given me in the last few days. I was still fighting a losing battle with my conscious.

“I’d really rather play with you.” He insisted.

“No, after last time I don’t want to be played with anymore thanks.” I was still in agony. He gave a smile then.

“You were awake? Why did you stop me then?” He was clearly puzzled. I shrugged lamely. His inquisitive look made my objections seem silly. I groaned, standing to retrieve my book, dodging the question. I could feel his eyes on me. I picked up my novel, steeled my resolve, and met his eyes.

“You know good and well why. You’re my friend’s son, honey. It’s just wrong on so many levels.” I shook my head. Did I want him to understand or was I reminding myself? I didn’t matter, facts were facts.

I sat out of his reach, started searching for my place in the book. He sighed, I pretended not to notice. Burning or not I couldn’t let this happen. He rose and flipped off the light. While my eyes were adjusting he came and lay next to me.

“Tell me why you stopped me. Was it really just because of my Mom? She doesn’t need to know. Nobody needs to know.” As he spoke he bared my stomach, sliding his warm hands across it. His face clear now, very close. He kissed me then, before I could object. All my concerns flew though my head in worried circles. Our kiss deepened, my thoughts stopped. His grip tightened, held me in place. I realized I was kissing him back.

The smoldering fire went up like an inferno. Everything he’d done came back in a rush. I was burning again. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands slid up my back. He crushed me between the bed and his bare chest. I could see the outline of his face. Just an outline in the dark. He yanked my top off, starting at my ear his lips whispered down my skin. Past my collar bone, between my breasts, towards my navel. He started to tug at my pants. I tried to hold them on but he was much stronger, using both hands

. They slid down and tossed aside, almost torn in his impatience. His lips continued down my aching body. I rose to meet him, eager now. He didn’t raise his head but lifted his eyes watched my reactions. He moved slowly down, parting my legs as he went. He held my thighs down so I couldn‘t resist. He dove in, parting me with his tongue, sliding it into my wet center, tasting me. I shuddered, pleasure drifted in waves over me. Each wave pushed the fire inside me higher and higher. He’d clamped onto my clit and was teasing it like a nipple. I was whimpering softly, steadily, the climax building inside me was tremendous.

He released my thighs, but I didn’t move. He slid his fingers inside me, not letting up on sucking my clit. I was throbbing, soaked. He knew exactly what to do. He stretched his fingers deeper, found my g-spot and pushed hard, still licking my pussy. I came really hard, wave after wave of satisfaction washing over me. He didn’t slow or raise his head. He pressed my g spot every time my orgasm ebbed, making it go on and on. He didn’t stop until my body was still again. I was totally limp, shaking, panting. I’d never been worked like that in my life. I thought I knew a few things but this was insane. I couldn’t believe his expertise. He was clearly talented and eager to please.

I wanted him to fill me, fuck me as hard as he could. Despite the limpness in my limbs, I’d recover in a minute. I wanted him to be pleased too. I wanted to sate his lust. I lifted his face and began to pull him up, until he was a dark shadow hovering above me.

I pulled his face toward me, felt him slide between my legs. I kissed him, tasting myself on his tongue, wrapping my arms around his neck. He was panting when he drew away, looking a little surprised. Maybe he wasn’t used to such a bold partner. Whatever it was he leaned in and I was lost in him another long moment.

He kissed my lips again, positioning better as he did. I was aching for it. I opened my mouth to him, savoring his lips and his hands on my skin. I’d twisted my fingers in his hair and was holding him in place as I ravaged his mouth with mine.

I wrapped my legs around him and quickly rolled so I was on top of him. He was definatly not used to this. Time to learn then. I wanted to torment him like he had me. I loosened my grip on his hair he relaxed a little. I remembered something he’d said. He’d never really had a partner who liked to suck his dick. Well he was in luck. I wanted to show him everything I knew. All that I’d learned about how to please a man was a good amount, even then.

My mouth moved slowly downward slowly circling his jaw before moving down his chest. His heavy breathing was the only sound. His body was a shadow beneath me. My hair tickled his sides as I reached his navel. He groaned as I went around his hardness moving along the crease of his inner thigh, flicking my tongue as I went. Teasing him with my intent, making him groan again. He was watching me I knew it. Starting at the base I ran my tongue slowly up the vein he bucked under me a little. Groaning more loudly now. I traced the tip, before taking it in my mouth. I held his hands down with my own. Reminding him not to move as I sucked and traced the tip of him, he tried to push in farther but I wouldn’t let him yet. I wasn’t done tormenting him just yet. I wanted him to feel a glimpse of my madness. To make him as crazy as he had me. So I worked him just like that a minute more. Until I was satisfied he could take no more.

Then I took all of him I could. He was huge, I stretched my tongue out and reached the base past my lips. I sucked as hard as I could, bobbing my head franticly, making him moan over and over. He pried me off slowly the suction breaking with a loud slurp.

Then I was on my back and he was testing me with his fingers. I was still wet, eager for him, excited by his pleasure. He slid his hands under my backside and eased his way in. He stretched me out, remaking me to accommodate him. It was a really tight fit, the pain pushed the pleasure higher. I didn’t care if he hurt me, I just wanted him to fuck me. He was keeping himself in check, I pushed against him hard. He groaned as he was buried in me to the hilt. I wrapped my legs around him, arched my back to give him more access, better control. I was certain he would give as I demanded. Right now I wanted him to pound me for all he was worth, problem was he was being way to gentle. I clenched my pussy tighter, pushed into his slow thrust. Moaned with him. He didn’t need any more encouragement. He immediately picked up the pace. Fucking me harder and harder as my moans assured him I wanted more. I begged him not to stop to do it faster, harder.

He turned me to my side, lifting my leg and resting it on his hip. His arms wrapped around me, pinning our hips together as he teased my clit with his fingers and took me roughly from behind. His breath in my ear sent thrills down my skin.

“That’s right, you like it don’t you? I could fuck you forever, you feel so good. I want to feel you come all over me. I’m gonna see how many times I can make you come tonight. I love the way I feel inside you.” His words were rushed, breathless, yet very sincere. I had no doubt he meant all that he’d said. I rested my head on his shoulder, whimpering softly as he worked my clit and fucked me hard. His expert fingers toyed with me relentlessly. He was pushing me over the edge again. I was going to explode all over him, his fingers relentlessly pushing my cum button. I shuddered, melting into him. He paused deep inside me, nipping my ear, whispering while I came all over him, soaking him down to his balls.

“That’s right, come all over me. Oh my God you feel amazing. I‘ve wanted you for so long. I‘m not even close to done with you yet.” He nipped my ear, my neck, giving me more shivers. He was so carnal it seemed impossible. He held me to him tightly until I rode out the rest of my climax.

I don‘t know how many times he made me come. I lost count after awhile I was limp, spent, covered in sweat, there was only him. I begged him to come. Wanting to feel his lust come to a head. I gave him access to my body the best way I knew. I got down on my knees, stuck my ass in the air and let him have me. He took me hard, driving into me again and again. I buried my face in a pillow and cried out, begged him not to stop. With one last hard push he exploded into me. I could feel him twitch inside me as he pumped his hot come into me. He’d been putting this off for ages. I could tell he was coming really hard, it seemed like forever before he was finally totally spent. Then he collapsed beside me, pulled me close ands drifted off to sleep.

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thor-axe    (2011-08-07 15:08:01)    Flag as inappropiate
thor-axe Oh wow! So hot! Incredibly turned on!
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 14:53:29)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah! Very, very hot, thank you! I'm totally turned on.
bikerjohnny    (2009-03-12 10:23:16)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Fantastic! Well worth the wait, I'm way turned on, felt had to get to the end, now going to read it again bit slower and savour it.

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