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  By: LBI_NJ_36

Chapter 3


I feel you sit back and rest, your pussy pressing against my hard cock, and then you lean over and rummage a bit.  I feel you lean forward, then slide something around me, pushing it downward all the way to the base, and my cock swells even more.  You tell me, “This cock ring will keep you hard for as long as I want you to be.”  I strain to push my hips higher, but you have me tied tight enough so I can’t move up from the bed, and you enjoy teasing me.

            You begin telling me as you tap the clothespins on my nipples, “My girlfriends and I have been planning this weekend with you for a few weeks now, and each of them has brought a little present for you that I am supposed to use on you tonight.  The rules are that if we start one of the presents, you have to finish them all.  Would you like that?  Do you want to know what all the girls brought for me to give to you?”

            I nod, then say, “Yes Mistress, please.”

            You lean forward and kiss me, both hands caressing my face as our tongues gently glide over and past one another, and then you ease back to straddling me again.  You say, “Are you sure?  We can stop now if you like, but then the weekend would be over, do you want to go on?”

            Again I nod and say, “Oh God yes, please Mistress, please go on!”

            “Good,” you say, and bounce down on my hips hard, and I feel the butt plug push into me briefly, and my hips buck upwards, arms and legs straining against the bonds.  “All of the presents are relatively the same, but there is a twist in each one,” you tell me as you open the first box.  “Oh look!  Oh that’s right you can’t see, ok, I will tell you then.  I bet you thought sniffing dirty panties was disgusting before tonight, but you love it now, don’t you slave?”

            I nodded sheepishly, “Yes Mistress, I love sniffing your panties.”

            “My dirty panties, slave, isn’t that right?  Well there’s a pair of dirty panties in here, I think you should sniff these too.”  You carefully bunch up the sexy satin panties in you left hand so the panel is exposed and reach down between our legs and guide me into you.  I moan gently, “Oh God that feels so good,” and you cover my nose and mouth with her.

            “I am going to fuck you twenty-five strokes for each part of each present you get through, if you cum before I do, we will end this weekend right now.  If you cum before I tell you to, I am going to punish you severely.  Do you understand slave?”

            I mumble through the fabric, “Yes Mistress,” and I squeeze my muscles tight enjoying the feelings, letting that erotic scent fill my nostrils sending shivers down my spine.  I strain not to cum as you slide up and down, almost all the way off, before coming back down slowly.  I can feel how wet this is making you.  As you close in on the twenty-fifth stroke, I feel you shudder a little bit, and I know you feel that little chill too, and as you finish, and slide all the way onto me you go a little too far and gasp, and quickly come back up a bit.

            “Let’s see what else she packed for you, shall we?  Oh look!  I don’t know if you’re going to like this one, hmmmm, there’s a pair of her dirty socks in here too, must’ve worn them to the gym.  Oh well, I am going to have fun!”  I feel the cotton pressed to my face and you start sliding up and down, not as far this time, more grinding than fucking, but you hold the socks over my nose tighter.

            The scent is much more pungent than her panties, but the idea is so naughty that it just drives me wild, and I strain to grind my hips into you.  I can hardly breathe as you and I both begin to sweat, and each passing moment gets more and more erotic.  As you come close, you remove the socks and kiss me again.  You finish very slowly again, teasing us both as you slide back down.

            “There are two more gifts in this box for you,” you say.  “I think we’ll use them both this time.”

            I start to speak and you say, “No! Did I tell you to speak slave? I didn’t!” and you stuff one of the socks balled up into my mouth.  I strain side to side to spit it out, but you hold it there and tell me to leave it.

            “Ok, the first gift she has here for you is a sex toy.  Oh look, it goes around your balls, and there’s a little vibrating thing too.”  I feel you slide off of me and quickly position the toy, and just as quickly I feel your warmth, and tightness return.  I can just feel sliding into you feels so comfortable, just a perfect fit.  “The other gift she has for you is, oh my… It’s a used condom.  Oh this is dirty, isn’t it?  I wonder what I am supposed to do with this.  It’s so full too!  Well you said you wanted the presents, I am going to give them to you.  Fifty strokes this time, and I am going to cum, but you aren’t.  Do you understand?”

            I nod yes, and you begin.  It’s nearly impossible for me to hold out. I strain and twist and you hear my muffled moans as you go faster and faster.  You’re getting really close now, I can feel you bucking and grinding against me, getting tighter, and then I feel it.  You totally release, shaking, shuddering, in a mind blowing orgasm that drenches you.  Good feelings fill your body and mind, and you lean forward, gasping for air, panting.  The vibrating toy is still going and you reach down and quickly remove it from me.  I feel you take the sock from my mouth, and I move to kiss you, but you put your finger on my lips and say, “No, not yet, open your mouth.”  I feel you pour the cum into my mouth, and I taste the salty sweetness of it, not knowing whose it was, and then I feel your kiss.

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