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  By: LBI_NJ_36

 Chapter 2


After your friends had fallen asleep you guided me to your bedroom.  You stripped me completely naked and untied my hands so I could lay down for you.  I did exactly as you commanded me to, moving into position on the left side of your large bed.  Again you tied my hands together, but this time it was to the bed over my head.  Leaning over me, you repositioned the blindfold so I couldn’t see.  Even though it was dark, before the blindfold I could make out your form in the light coming in through the window, but after it was completely black.  I couldn’t see anything.  I could hear you moving around the room. 

It sounded like you were gathering things, opening and closing drawers, and closet doors.  I waited patiently, nervously.  The room was warm and smelled very nice, almost perfumed, but not intentionally, just very light pleasant odor.  I could feel you slide into the bed.  You snuggled up next to me on my right side resting your head on my shoulder.  I can feel your soft warm lips kiss my ear gently and I hear you whisper to me, “Are you ready?”

            I nod my head and breathe in with anticipation.  I know the rules, but you whisper, “If you say stop, it’s all over… for the rest of the weekend.  Do you understand?”  Again I nod my head, but you say, “Tell me.”

            And I whisper, “Yes Mistress, I understand.”

            I feel your fingertips lightly caressing my skin as you drag them across my chest.  I shiver and writhe with the pleasurable feelings, especially as you lightly touch my nipples.  I feel you pinch and tweak each nipple until they are both very hard, and extra sensitive.  Then I feel it, an intense pinching on my left nipple and I writhe again, but this time in pain.  You tell me, “Relax, I just put a wooden clothespin on your nipple.  The pain will be intense for a few moments but will subside soon.”  Then you do the same to my right nipple.

            As the pain subsides and is replaced by a dull squeezing, I feel you caressing my legs, and inner thighs the same way with your fingertips.  Again it feels really good, and my legs involuntarily part for you.  As you guide your fingers slowly up my inner thigh, my knee lifts further.  You do this to each side spreading my legs.

            You slide back up close to my ear and whisper again, “Are you enjoying this?”  And I nod, once again, and you say, “Do you want me to continue?”

            “Yessss Mistresss, please,” I say.

            Then I feel it, something different, it’s cold and wet and pressing against my ass.  Then I feel you slide it in a little, and it hurts just a tiny bit at first.  You keep going slowly, then back out a bit and go further.  I try to relax and you push deeper.  Then it goes in all the way and the flange is tight against me.  I fill filled up with your butt plug and you press on the flange harder now and tap each nipple just to watch my writhe under your control.

            I feel your warm breath and your lips kissing gently on my stomach. Then your hand gently encircles my balls, caressing them gently.  I feel your grip tighten and then such a wonderful feeling.  You lips part and glide over the tight, hard, smooth skin of my cock.  I gasp as these wonder feelings shoot through my body.  Again you press on the butt plug and I thrust forward into your mouth, then you reach up and tap my left nipple and I squirm.  With your right hand you stroke up and down and twist side-to-side half turns and you go up and down slowly, building me to a climax.  As you sense me getting close you push again on the butt plug and I explode, shooting a sweet creamy load, spurt after spurt, and you hold your mouth there, letting me cum inside.  I finally subsided, and as you withdrew with a gentle sucking I shuddered.

            I feel you slide up to me, now you’re straddling me and you bend close.  I feel your lips on mine and as I part my lips I feel your tongue press into my mouth.  There it is, my surprise, you press my cum into my mouth and push it around in a passionate kiss.  You won’t stop until I swallow, and I do.  Almost instantly getting hard again as I feel your warmth over my cock.

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