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  By: Jon

Beth, opened the reception door and looked out over the sea of people, "Jon!", she called. God were they overbooked! The doctor was running at least an hour late, but they still wanted her to move patients into the exam rooms....just to give the feel that people were being seen. She barley looked at the tall man, that smiled at her and followed her to the exam room. "Doctor is running a bit late?," the patient, John asked. "Not too badly," Beth said with a smile.

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John looked down at the young girl and could hardly keep from smiling. She was an angel and he wanted her so bad. She could not have been much over a 100 pounds, with dark hair and deep brown eyes. His cock twitched as he watched the girl and he wondered if she noticed. He smiled and said, "Well, with the number of people in the waiting area 'not too badly' must be less that two hours"!

John felt her small hands place the blood pressure strap around his arm. Taking a chance that he normally would never have taken he moved towards her and reaching out he stroked the inside of her left wrist, where she had a small Kanji tattoo. "Mmmmmm, that is cool, what does it mean?"

Beth's mouth went dry with the man's touch, "Lucky", she said with a small sigh, "Thanks, I am glad you like it." She started to pull away from him, but he held her writs firmly. With his other hand he started tracing the the small symbol with his fingers. She could feel the heat of a blush start around her breasts and move up to invade her throat and cheeks. She looked down at the man's hands and saw how powerful they were. For some reason, she still does not know why, she stopped resisting and let him draw her nearer. He was wearing slacks and this is when she noticed his full erection pressing against the fabric.

He could not believe that she had stopped pulling away from her. He knew that she had seen his erection and he figured he might as well go for it. He had just turned 48 and there were not many opportunities to nail a twenty something nymph like this. He slid off the exam table and pulled her in next to him. Looking down at her name tag then into her eyes, he said, "Now Beth, you know as well as I, that I will have an hour wait in this little exam room. I think, it should be your job to keep me entertained for a little while." He reached up and slid a thumb down her cheek and across her neck. Her skin was cool to the touch, but oh so soft. He move a hand around her back and pulled her into him.

Beth was shacking with both fear and desire as the big man pulled her near him. 'How dare him call me entertainment', she thought to herself. It was then that she felt his erection press against her flat belly. Oh, god! But was it big! And she love how he had commanded her, not with words but actions. He was so bold! He pulled her head back and kissed her, letting his tongue snake inside her mouth. She felt his hands on her head and a gentle force pressing her down. Holding him close she slid down his body, to knee in front of him. She knew what to do and what was wanted of her.

John smiled as she slid down to the floor, just like she knew her place. He released his belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. His erect cock jumped as his pants and boxers fell to the floor. He watched the young girls eyes grow wide at the sight of him. She started to say something and with that, John pressed his cock forward into her mouth. She started to resist, but then almost as if she knew it was futile, she acquiesced and drew his cock into his mouth.

She had only given a few blow jobs and they had only been with boys her age. She had never been with a man like this. Someone that had so much confidence and power over her! Yet, also, she felt like he would protect her....even if she was on her knees. She felt one of his hands press the back of her head, pushing her onto his rod. She tried to take it in, lick it, and suck on the big head. She was breathing hard through her nose wonder how she would ever take the whole thing in her mouth. She pressed both of her hands against his pelvis trying to hold him off. But his hand was relentless and he continually was working her mouth further over his cock. She felt his other hand inside her scrub top, pushing her bra off her shoulder. Then a big rough hand envelope her small tit. He flicked her nipple and it came alive under his ministrations.

God! He thought, he would not, could not let this little toy go. He was going to make her his, no matter the consequences. He could tell that she had not given many blow jobs, but that was good. He loved watching, and feeling her try, to take his full cock without gaging. "Relax your mouth," he said, "just let it go in until your gag reflex kicks in then pull back a bit. Then start over". She was a quick learner. He continued to fuck her face and feel her little body, knowing that she was now his. He came with a ferocity that even surprised him. Her little mouth full of his cock he started pumping his seed down her throat. She coughed, but he held her mouth and told her to swallow. A small trickle ran down her cheek as he lifted her to her feet.

The could hear the doctor at the door as he kissed her and licked he cum from her mouth. He pulled up his pants and buckled them right before the doctor entered.

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MotorSpike    (2009-03-07 19:43:32)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow that was hot, thank you.

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