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The first part of the date with Heather had gone really well, we had gone to dinner to a little bistro I know which just happened to be round the corner from her house.  We had talked for ages about everything and nothing; it was one of those dates where you just click perfectly.  The food was lovely, the wine was lovely and the company was even better.  When she invited me back to hers for a little nightcap I had no idea this is what she had in mind.  It’s amazing what a guy will do if he thinks he is going to get laid at the end of it.  We were sitting on her sofa drinking a very good whisky and the conversation had worked its way round to sexual fantasies, I had said something about screwing my secretary after hours at the office while she was still in her suit, short skirt and seamed stockings as well, not to exciting I know but it was all I could think of at the time.


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Hers however was a little more adventurous.  She had pulled the old “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” trick and you know what it worked.  She had asked me if I would like to act it out, she had an old business suit with the short skirt and seamed stockings and she would wear it for me as long as we acted hers out first, GREAT.  At this point I think I would have agreed to just about anything, I have to say that this girl was fucking gorgeous, a body to die for, great breasts, fantastic legs, stunning blonde hair and eyes that would stop any man dead in his tracks.  She then pulls some rope out from what seemed like no where and said that she wanted to tie me up.  Sure, I thought, I’m going to get laid.

Before I knew what was happening I was kneeling down with my hands out splayed tied above my head to eye hooks in the ceiling, my knees parted, tied to two little eye hooks in the floor none of which I had noticed before, my ankles had also been tied behind me to two more eye hooks.  Heather had left the room, when she came back into the room I looked at her and I could barely speak, she looked that sexy she could have stopped traffic; she was wearing white silk panties with a white silk camisole top and to top it off white silk stockings and patent white leather stilettos.

“This is just a hunch, but I’m guessing you have done this sort of thing before?”  I said as she walked over to me.

“Maybe” She replied with a smile on her face and a look that said she had a lot more in store for the evening.  She knelt down in front of me and kissed me like I had never been kissed before, it was so tender and sensual, she had the most amazing lips.  She kissed her way down my chest and towards my rapidly hardening cock, as she got down to my stomach I arched my head back expecting her to take my cock in that gorgeous mouth of hers.

“Oh no you don’t” she laughed “You are going to have to work for that.  You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?”

My disappointment must have been obvious, she got to her feet and stood with her pussy inches from my face, she moved the gusset of her silky panties to one side.

“You make me come and then we will see about your needs.”

I started to lick her pussy which was already pretty wet.  She pushed her groin into my face as I worked my tongue around her clit and over her pussy lips she started to moan softly at which point she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face and tongue further into her soaking wet slit, my tongue really working in and around her clit.  She was really starting to moan properly and her breath was becoming shorter and shorter.

“Make me come, make me come” she yelled in ecstasy as she ground her pussy into my face.

I flicked my tongue across her clit a few more times and finally she came to a shuddering orgasm.

“Wow” She said as she started to come down off her high.  “That was pretty incredible, this is just a hunch but I’m guessing you have done that before?”

“Maybe” I replied with a certain sense of satisfaction.

“Right then” She said still getting her breath back “Lets sort you out shall we.

Standing in front of me she took her panties off very slowly making a point of showing me every thing and wiped herself clean with them, pushing them in to her pussy and drawing them out slowly.

“Do you like the taste of pussy juice?” she asked.

“I haven’t given it much thought really” as I said this she walked round behind me, took some things of a shelf that I couldn’t see, and then came right up behind me.

“What are you doing?” I asked slightly nervously

Grabbing my head from behind and holding it in a kind of head lock Heather rubbed the crotch of the panties under my nose so I could smell her scent properly, she then forced her soiled panties into my mouth and equally quickly taped them in there with two or three strips of strong adhesive tape.

“Well you are going to get plenty of opportunity to think about it now” She said with a rather evil snigger in her voice.

A slightly panicky “Mmmppphhh” Was all I could offer as the situation and atmosphere rapidly started to change.

“What am I doing” She mocked.  “I am treating you like the little bitch you are.”

I pulled against the very effective restraints trying in vain to free myself and tried to yell out from behind my very effective gag. Again a very muffled “mmmppphhh” was all I could manage.  I could taste her pussy on the panties which was surprisingly very arousing.

Heather noticed my cock was still very much erect at which point she said “I promised you a good time didn’t I”

She took another rope out and passed it around my hips looping it four or five times and tied it off to one of the eye hooks behind me.  This now meant I couldn’t move my hips forward at all.  She walked back round in front of me, knelt right down and kissed the very end of my throbbing cock, tracing a finger along the slit she wiped some pre come that had seeped out and licked it off her finger, the whole time looking straight into my eyes, I nearly exploded there and then.   She then turned round and put her ass right up to me. She placed the tip of my cock into her juicy wet cunt.

“So come on then fuck me” She said “It’s what you want isn’t it. Plant that big cock of yours right inside me and fuck me good and proper.”

I went to thrust forward and was horrified to find that I couldn’t thanks to the rope around my middle. I tried again but with the same result.  Heather started to laugh

“Aaawww, are you not man enough.” She taunted “Have ever even fucked a girl before you little bitch.”  With that she stood up and walked over to the table that was sitting just a few metres away and sat on it, hitching her legs up she began fingering her clit all the while looking at me.

“Never send a boy to do a mans job” She sighed.  “SLAVE” she yelled.  To my amazement a man built like a gorilla walked in wearing nothing but a leather thong and a leather eye mask that obscured his face slightly.

“I want you to fuck me please, as that worthless thing down there isn’t man enough. I want you to show him how to pleasure a woman properly.”

He then dropped his pants and with the most enormous cock fucked Heather for what seemed like hours they did it in every conceivable position and even a few that I didn’t think were possible.  The whole time they made sure I had the perfect view of what they were doing.  Eventually his whole body shook and he shot his load into Heathers pussy, at the same time as bringing her to orgasm as well.

“I suppose you can finish him off to” She said to Him gesturing to Me. I moaned through my gag wondering what she meant and struggled against the restraints as he crawled over to me.  To my utter horror he took my cock in his mouth and began working his lips and tongue around my still fully erect cock with a skill that I will probably never see or feel again.  I started to moan with joy this time trying to move my hips as much as I could with the rope around my middle.  Here I was, completely bound and gagged, getting the most amazing blow job from this bloke I had never met before who has just fucked the girl of my dreams right in front of me and I was loving every minute of it. 

I looked down and saw him pounding my cock with his mouth then slowing almost to a stop and moving his tongue round my shaft, then he would speed up again, this went on  for what seemed like ages, eventually I could feel the pressure of my climax starting to build   My orgasm was the probably the most intense I had ever experienced, it felt kind of like the first time, the whole thing was new and I didn’t know what to think, the only thing I could think about was the mind blowing blow job I had just had.  He licked my cock clean making sure to take his time so I could properly watch him at work.  When he had finished He straightened up, winked at me and left the room without saying a word.  I hung there in my bonds looking at Heather who had watched the whole thing.

She slowly walked over to me bent down and kissed me on the cheek.  “Night Night” she whispered, she then turned round and left the room as well as turning the light off behind her leaving me in total dakness.

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happy Had a pleasure to read, thanks, Poolking.
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Good Story
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Very, very hot, good work!

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