This was written by my wife.... it was my Valentine gift and she is planning on making it happen:)   added 7 years ago    

  By: whtf

Walking around the apartment with a glass of wine i catch a glimpse of

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The Naughty Meter

a sex scene on tv, i immediately start to feel excited between my
thighs. My husband is away so I decide to take a shower to cool off,
but the sight of my naked body in the mirror only gets me more
aroused. I start having visions go through my head of naked men and
women touching each other and myself and i cant help bring my finger
up to my breasts and twirling it around creating hard little nipples.

Without even realizing my next move i feel my hand slide down my wet
body tickling down my stomach and finding a stop that sends a jolt
through my body. I look down and i see my clit is swollen, red and
tender. I quickly wash my body and jump out of the shower drying off
and pulling my wet hair back in a hurry to get out of the apartment
and straight towards my friend Pauls workplace.

I throw on some makeup
climb into a skirt so short you can see my ass cheeks and when i bend
even the slightest you can see where my panties cover my lips. i also
throw on some high socks and a see through top, no bra, and a sweater
and jacket.

I leave the house lock up and make my way down the street.
Eyes make thier way down to my legs over and over as I pass guys in
groups, guys by themselves, and some very shameless guys with thier
girlfriends. I notice one guy in particular who cant take his eyes off
my thighs, so i decide to give him a little present and tie my shoe
right in front of his eyes, bending over for a full view of my ass
with a red thong pulled tight up it hugging my pussy lips.

I feel
myself being watched which causes me to become even more turned on and
suprisingly I feel something drip out of my pussy soaking my clean
panties and created a wet patch, I slowly make my way back up and look
back at the guy and down at his crotch. He has a bulge in his pants
and a red face. I decide its time to get over to Pauls work,

I up my
pace and even run for a bit to get to him, and as i run i realize that
once i get there i dont know what i will do. I havent seen him in
years and remember him only as the best sex ive ever had and the guy i
fantasize about when im making love to my husband, the cock that pops
into my mind right before i come on my husbands dick. Wont it be weird
if i just show up. I stop quickly and sit down on the sidewalk. Its a
little chilly and i can feel the cold gravel on my thighs and pussy
and realize there is no choice,  i have already come this far and just
because im horny doesnt mean i cant control myself.

I walk up the
steps to the pub he is working at and open the door. Its packed and
the music is so loud it will be impossible to talk. but i find a
server and ask him if paul is working. he says he is but he is on a
liquor run and took the company truck and wont be back for another 15
mins. I decide i have come this far and i will wait.

i make my way up
to the bar to grab a drink, i sit down next to two guys who look about
27 or 28 and ask the bartender for a double vodka cranberry. he brings
it back and i take a sip, it is pure alcohol, i appreciate that he
added extra so when i go to pay i have a tip in my hand as well, but
he says the guys beside already got it. So i thank them and ask them
there names. there eyes keep moving from my face down to my thighs and
i realize they are both extremely goodlooking and fit. I decide to get
a little more comfortable.

I take off my jacket and my sweater and
reveal my see through shirt with my erect nipples taunting them to
stare. i then reach overtop one of the to grab a straw off the counter
and press myself up against him enough that he can feel my breasts
fully and pull away sitting down on a stool legs open just enough to

The drink very quickly gets me feely gutsy so i move my chair
closer to get a better read on the guys. Apparently they are good
buddies with one of the managers and come in almost every night. they
offer to get me another drink and to my suprise i had already finished
my first, as i start to reply a voice comes from behind that says
"thats okay i got the next one", its paul,

i would notice his deep
voice anywhere, he spins me around and i see him looking just as sexy
as ever. i dont really know what to do so i put my arms our to give
him a hug, but i quickly feel his hands on my ass lifting me up close
into him and kissing my neck.

im so shocked and flustered and turned
on that i feel as though i have wet myself. as he puts me down i feel
his hand slip from my ass and lightly brush over my pussy and i want
him. he talks to his friends for a second and goes behind the bar, he
hands me my drink and one for each his friends and he asks if we all
would like to head up to the vip area. we comply and grab our things.

once we are in paul wastes no time asking questions, i feel his hand
immediately under the table rubbing my knee and i tense up a lil. i
want to tell him im married but the timing is so wrong, my desire for
him is stronger than my guilt of betrayal. i decide i wont tell him
until later.

momentarily after his hand hit my knee it began making
its way up my thigh and under my panties. i suddenly felt an amazing
shock of pleasure and let out a small sigh, one of the guys looked at
me a little weird as paul was making no unusual face movements and
keeping the fingering very discreet.

He then shoved two fingers inside
me and held them there for a little, and i couldnt take it any longer,
my hand reached for him, not for his hand not for his leg or thigh,
but right for his cock, that magnificent cock i had been craving for
so many years finally in my reach, and it was throbbing, it was as big
if not bigger than i remembered and clearly yearning to be milked.

rubbed it up and down thinking how many inches larger it was then my
husbands , two atleast i thought and i saw his face finally start to
slip, he was unable to control himself anymore, he made a clear face
to his friends that it was time to get lost and i grabbed him,
whispered quickly in his ear, and he asked them to stay.

I told him
that they could watch, or participate if they wanted and if Paul felt
comfortable. Paul left for a minute to tell the rest of the staff that
the vip area was going to be closed for awhile and not to bother us. I
started in on his friends. I reached for thier cocks with both hands
feeling that they too were already hard and ready to go,

i took off
thier shirts as well as mine and undid both thier pants, when Paul
came back we were sitting there half naked and begging him to start to
work on getting me out of my skirt. he moved quickly over too me
turning me around and bending me over, he then buried his face in my
ass and grabbed my thong with his teeth, he pulled it off fast and i
had to lift my knees to get it off my legs which made me feel dirty
and sexy.

Pauls friends both had thier pants at thier knees now and
had decent sized cocks. not as big as his but still bigger than my
husbands, i was in heaven it was more than i could have asked for and
paul was even more sexual than i remember, he moaned as he ate my
pussy and i couldnt help but yell out once in awhile and beg to suck
the other guys cocks.

Paul said it was fine but he wanted to be the
only one inside my pussy. as my lips touched the first cock paul moved
infront of me and put my hand on his naked hardon, it was spectacular
my pussy wanted him so bad and his friend moved behind me for a taste
of my wet lips.

i sucked and tugged and paul decide it was time for me
to feel him again, he moved his buddy to the front again and grabbed
my hips. my whole body convulsed as i felt him slide into me, i was
finally feeling it again, raw uncontrollable passion.

He moved slowly
at first allowing my pussy time to relax and grip around his cock, but
once i was comfortable he started to go wild pounding my pussy causing
red marks to form on my ass and then losing himself so much that he
asked one of the other guys to fuck my pussy while he used my asshole.

He knew i woudnt mind as he remembered from our past that his cock was
always allowed to cum in my ass. his friend got underneath me and slid
in really easy after the stretch of pauls bigger member. and then it
happened paul shoved so deep into my ass that i screamed with
pleasure. after a few strokes the guy below me said he couldnt control
himself and started coming paul told him to hold it but he couldnt and
he covered my pussy in cum

. as soon as he was done paul made his other
buddy switch. i was fine with this as the cum in me made me even more
horny and hungry to be fucked. the first guy pulled out and i licked
his cock clean. the new guy moved below me and started the same way
but this time with another guys jizz lubing his cock.

paul was so
turned on by this that he started looking like he was going to cum,
but if there was one thing i knew about paul it was that he would
never come without me, so he took his cock out of my ass and put it
inside my pussy with his friends, it was tight but it felt incredible
i started to shake and my pussy convulsed so hard i felt juices
splashing everywhere and my knees were shuddering as i screamed and
came with them,

the other guys eyes rolled back as he began to cum
creating a lake of cum and paul put himself back into my ass and came
within seconds, his cum filling my asshole and leaking into my pussy
with the rest. the two friends got up and put thier clothes back on,
and left to clean up, but paul wasnt done,

he still wanted more, he
placed me onto the booth and licked my pussy until every drop was
cleaned off, then he took my underwear and said i couldnt have it back
cus he wanted me to walk home with the wind blowing up my skirt so
everyone could see where he had been. I walked home that night glad i
didnt tell him about my husband, cus that way i could go back and do
the same thing tommorrow.

hope you liked it
i love you sooo much #####,

your wife, hope you like the pic! I sent it to him too!

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Comments for This was written by my wife.... it was my Valentine gift and she is planning on making it happen:)

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hotbody2    (2009-06-13 03:03:34)    Flag as inappropiate
I would love for my wife to give me a Valentine gift like this, only I want to watch, not participate.
dannymike    (2009-02-24 06:45:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Your husband is a lucky man, greata fantasy

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