A little masturbation to get back in the game   added 7 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

Mmm, I haven't been able to find time to write for a while, wow. Busy life, but I've also been a bit distracted by some new vibrators I got recently. I went on a little shopping spree, and since they arrived in the mail, I've been fucking myself with them every chance I get. But I miss this outlet for my fantasies, so I'm hoping to find more time to write again. For now, I thought I'd share some adventures I've been having with my new toys.


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One of them is a double ass and pussy penetrator, but it's not that great. I was really into the idea of being able to fuck myself up the ass and the cunt at the same time so easily, but it's pretty cheap and the rubber is too soft to really feel like I'm taking hard cocks.


So instead, when I want to really take it hard and deep in both holes, I've just been using two toys separately. I've been putting this big, thick purple silicone dildo up my ass, and it's got a tiny little vibrator in it that I can use if I want to. Then I got a new silicone vibrator that's also bigger and thicker than my old one, and it's perfect for fucking my pussy. Both have wide realistic cock heads that I just love to force into my tight pussy or asshole. What's really excellent is getting that big dildo up my ass, making my pussy take the big thick vibrator, and then using my old vibrator to buzz my clit. God, I've come so hard doing that, buzzing around and around my clit while I bounce my cunt and ass up and down faster and faster, trying to fuck the thick hard cocks deeper up my ass and pussy when I start coming. So hot.


I've also been spending a lot of time watching public exhibitionist porn. God, it just gets me off so hard to watch girls fingering their pussies right behind a bush with people walking on the street behind them. Or getting fucked by the side of the train tracks as a train goes by. Fuck, my cunt is getting really wet just writing about it. I haven't gone out in public and masturbated in a while. When the weather gets warmer, I'm going to try to outdo myself and see how close I can come to getting caught with my fingers in my pussy.


The other day, I had the house to myself and it was a warmer than average day, so I knew I had to take the chance to really have fun getting off. I took a shower and put on my favorite tiny tight red lace panties and black mini-slip with see through cups for my breasts.

My pussy started getting wet right away just walking around the house in that. I let the panties ride up into my cunt and my ass crack, and sometimes it felt so good I had to pause and just rock my pussy on them a little, letting them rub over and over my clit while my pussy got hotter and wetter. I got all my favorite new vibrator and dildo out, and some lube, and I put some porn on with the volume turned up loud.

I fingered myself a little as I watched girls getting fucked in their wet hairy pussies, or taking two thick wet cocks up their cunts and assholes, or eating each other out all wet and noisy with their pussies grinding up onto each other's tongues. I played with my cunt, pulling on the panties, rubbing over my clit and fingering my hole, rubbing down my ass crack and pressing the panties over my asshole, rubbing around and around my asshole while I fingered my clit. And, god, I was moaning and whimpering, and I knew I was going to come so hard when I was ready.


I took the lube and the dildo and vibrator, and I went out onto the porch. Now, in the summer that's a much safer thing to do because the big bush in front of the porch has leaves on it and obscures the porch mostly from the road and the neighbors. But in the winter it's bare, and if anyone drove by or the neighbors looked out the window, they would have seen me there on the porch, big soft tits almost spilling out of the tight, sheer, black cups of the slip. My red panties showing under the slip, pulled up tight into my dark hairy cunt.

They would have seen me grab my tits and pinch my nipples, twisting and pulling on them until my cunt is throbbing, and I'm moaning loud. They would have seen me put my leg up on the porch table and start pulling on my panties as I grind my hips, moaning and grunting as the red lace rubs over and over my clit and hole, making me hope somebody drives by, wanting someone to see me almost coming as I slide my fingers under the lace and over my clit.


(I'll tell you a secret. I'm writing this with one of those vibrators shoved deep in my pussy right now. I got so turned on writing about getting off that I had to get it out and buzz my clit, but I don't want to come yet, so I just worked it into my cunt, and now it's deep up my pussy, just turned on low, buzzing a little deep in my cunt and reminding me that I get to come later.)


I opened the lube and rubbed some over my asshole, two fingers slipping into my ass really easy. It felt so good to have something sliding in and out of my asshole, rubbing into my ass and fucking as deep as I could get my fingers, and I let myself moan and fuck my ass back onto my hand for a while, feeling my pussy tingle and throb every time I managed to get my fingers extra deep. I was really getting into it, thinking about how good it was going to feel to force that big dildo up my ass, when I heard a car door slam, and I looked up to see the neighbor getting out of his car just over the hedge around his yard

. Oh god, my heart started pounding, and I pulled my fingers out of my ass, crouching down a little. My cunt was throbbing constantly, and I couldn't help putting my hand down between my legs and rubbing under the panties to brush over my pussy lips a little, letting my fingers rub lightly over my clit when they slipped between my wet hairy cunt lips. The neighbor got his grocery bags out of his car and went into his house without looking over, but I started to finger myself harder thinking about him seeing me with my fingers up my ass like that.


Before I could get too close to coming, I stood up again, and grabbed the big, thick dildo. Almost two inches wide, and 8 inches long, realistic shape with a big wide cock head and thick veiny ridges along the shaft, mmm. It hurts so much at first every time I take this vibrator up my ass, but I love it, fuck, I love the burn and the stretch so much, I love feeling it deep and hard, fucking me so deep and hard once I finally take it all the way in. This time I put my leg up on the table again, and rubbed it around over my asshole until I could start to push just barely inside. Oh, fuck, it always hurts so much at first, too thick, too wide, forcing my asshole to stretch, burning and throbbing and aching as the head forces its way inside, until I always think I'm not going to be able to take it, I always start shaking and my body wants desperately for me to move away, get it out, don't let it fuck me up the ass, but my cunt is wet and throbbing, and I want it so bad. I can do it if I buzz my clit, let myself moan and shake, and buzz my wet cunt hole and throbbing clit while I push my ass down harder and force the cock into my asshole, make myself take it all the way, hard and deep, and once it's in, I almost come every time.


This time, I don't even know, I lost track of where I was, what I was doing, I know I must have been moaning so loud, but all I could feel was how huge and thick the cock was in my ass, how much my cunt was clenching and clutching, wanting to get fucked while my whole body shakes at the pain of this thick hard cock working its way deeper into my ass. I have no idea if anyone saw or heard me, all I could do was take it, let myself get fucked, and when I did, I couldn't wait to get the other one up my pussy and finally come so hard. I was barely paying attention to what was going on around me, barely even remembering that I was outside on the porch, I just wanted to get fucked so bad.


Once the dildo was buried deep in my ass, I fucked it in and out a few times, letting myself feel it, the lace panties pulling tight over my cunt where they were held to the side by the cock in my asshole. I was so ready to get fucked, and then I did think about the neighbor coming out again, did wonder if he looked out the window while I was forcing the dildo up my ass, if he heard me groaning and whimpering as I fucked my ass now. I started shaking again, not from pain this time, but because of how much it was turning me on to wonder if he saw me forcing myself to take the dildo, and how much I couldn't help hoping he did.


I took the big vibrator and turned it on high, shouting when I pulled the panties aside and buzzed it over my clit, and I felt my asshole clench hard around the cock up my ass. My heart started pounding again, realizing how long I had been out there, how close I had come to being caught. But I was so turned on, needed to come so bad, I couldn't bring myself to go inside where it was safer. Instead, I turned the vibrator down to low and buzzed it around my clit again, fucking dildo in and out of my ass. I pushed the vibrator in my pussy down over my hole, and when it hurt a little to force my cunt open around the thick head, I just about came again, bucking my hips and grunting loud when it finally slid all the way up my pussy.


I was ready to do this, ready to come, when I heard a car coming down the road, and I almost, almost didn't care, almost started fucking myself, almost let myself get seen by a neighbor taking two cocks on my porch and coming loud and hard. Fuck, it was so hard to stop, so hard not to just go for it, but I made myself crouch down again, groaning a little at the feeling of the two cocks inside me as I crouched down. I heard the car go by, peered up over the table and saw it stopped at the intersection nearby, and as it turned away, I stood up, put my leg up on the table and started fucking myself hard in both holes. I couldn't help it, I was gone, I was ready, I couldn't even check if anyone else was nearby, I just needed to get fucked hard and come.


It felt amazing, out in the open air, my nipples hard from the cool breeze and how turned on I was, the feeling of the panties stretched tight out of the way around the cocks buried deep inside me. I fucked myself as steadily as I could, the huge dildo in my ass sliding in and out of my tight asshole, fucking as deep and hard into my ass as I could take it, feeling my ass burn and throb around it, god, taking it so hard.

My pussy was soaking wet, cunt juice sticky and hot all down my thighs and all over my dark hairy bush, and the cock in my cunt sliding in and out so easy and smooth, my cunt getting wetter and looser as I fuck myself. I leaned forward, feeling the vibrator in my pussy grind against my clit, and that was it, I was coming loud and hard, grunting and moaning and wailing loud as I shook and bucked and fucked my spasming clutching pussy hard onto the vibrator, the dildo ramming up my ass as hard as I could fuck myself, hot cunt juice running all down over my hand and the cock fucking me, my pussy spasming and spasming as I just kept coming. It was almost too much, too much thick hard cock splitting me open while I shake and grind and fuck myself through it.


But, god, it was so good, to come hard like that out in the open, so far past caring if anybody saw me. When I was finally able to stop grinding and fucking my pussy on the vibrator still buried deep up my cunt, I felt wrung out and exhausted, my cunt so hot and wet and still throbbing around the vibrator, my ass feeling raw and used and burning with a huge cock still buried hard and deep inside. My tits had fallen out of the slip and were hanging loose, and I didn't even want to move. I wanted to stay there like that, feeling how hard I'd been fucked, until somebody came by, even then feeling my pussy tingle again thinking about it.


But I pulled the big thick cock out of my ass, hissing at feeling of my wet used asshole afterwards. And my cunt felt so open and empty when I pulled the vibrator out. I dragged myself inside finally, letting the panties work their way back into my cunt and ass, and loving how it felt to have them rubbing into them now, all sensitive and wet and sticky.


I have no idea if anyone might have seen me during some of the times I was less than aware of my surroundings. Honestly, I can only hope so. ;-)

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Comments for A little masturbation to get back in the game

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easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:21:51)    Flag as inappropiate
You're very sweet to me, hotforit. :) I do love to think about you catching me when I just start to come, too late to stop, mmm, very hot. :)
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:20:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, huangmeng4520, for letting me know you liked my story. I'm glad. :)
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 13:19:40)    Flag as inappropiate
Oh, Jon, now I am having fun thinking about you walking past an seeing me fucked open like that. Mm, thanks for sharing that idea. :)
hotforit    (2009-05-01 14:36:49)    Flag as inappropiate
All I can say is WOW! That was so hot I could not contain myself while reading it. I would have loved to have been watching!
hotforit    (2009-05-01 14:36:41)    Flag as inappropiate
All I can say is WOW! That was so hot I could not contain myself while reading it. I would have loved to have been watching!
huangmeng4520    (2009-04-24 14:49:31)    Flag as inappropiate
huangmeng4520 I am English is very poor。but I almost know your experience。I am a chinese man。I am very happy,because you toled me a beautiful story。
Jon    (2009-04-19 10:06:18)    Flag as inappropiate
god, i wish i would have been walking past your porch. i am having fun right now thinking about just such an encounter!
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:08:57)    Flag as inappropiate
I'm glad this turned you on, shybutwannatry1, that was definitely the goal here. Thanks for letting me know. :)
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:07:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Ha, thanks bikerjohnny! I hope you went and rubbed one out in the employee bathroom or something. ;-) And I hope you keep enjoying my stuff!
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:06:42)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks for the forgiveness, magictonic! Hopefully I can at least keep using my epic masturbation sessions as inspiration to write! :)
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:05:26)    Flag as inappropiate
You are welcome, as always, Soohard08! Thanks for commenting. :)
shybutwannatry1    (2009-02-25 15:09:32)    Flag as inappropiate
I am super wet, thanks, great story
bikerjohnny    (2009-02-24 08:51:03)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Agree major wow, shame I'm in the office as I read this, but I suppose in the spirit of things shouldn't let it worry me!! Really loved story will be looking at your other stuff now.
magictonic    (2009-02-22 14:52:41)    Flag as inappropiate
magictonic Wow Easypeasy, another five star story. As for being too busy to write because you are having too much fun with yourself, you are forgiven. Thank you for sharing your sexy experience with your new toys!
Soohard08    (2009-02-22 07:02:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 My god you`r great telling detailed stories Tank you WERY much

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