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”Oh my! You’re soaked through!” Angie was generally concerned and I did indeed feel like a drowned cat. “Come, let’s get you out of those wet clothes and warmed up.” It felt like a wonderful idea to me. Handing me a towel she went on ahead into the house and I hesitantly followed her as she walked to her bedroom. Unable to control myself I felt that my body started shivering and with a “poor thing!” she went around my back and undid the buttons that held my dress together. Her warm fingers almost felt burning on my cold back and I lent back somewhat.


As she was struggling with the wet fabric I started to try and dry my hair. I felt as though the water had slipped under my skin and stiffened up my whole body and with a sigh I reached my hand around my neck to rub the muscles there slightly.


By then Angie had managed to get all the buttons open and I could pull the dress down. She must have noticed my sighing as a stretched some tired muscles.


“Feel stiff?” she asked from behind me. “You know what?” she put her warm hands on my arms. “I’ll give you a massage; it’ll warm you up for sure.” I wasn’t sure what to say but Angie had already gone to and come back from the bathroom with a bottle of massage oil and it did sound quite lovely.


“Thanks.” I said with a silly smile. I had longed for a good rub for weeks, and however unexpected this was it was very welcome. It did feel a bit strange to stand there in panties and a bra in front of Angie like that, but not bad. And I had put on my nice black lace bra, I knew I looked good.


“No problem” said Angie, smiling back. And “Jump up” when she sat down on the wide bed and patted it invitingly. When I climbed onto the bed beside her, my bare arm brushed against hers and sent tingles through me. I hadn’t felt her so close ever before. Firmly placed on my stomach, the feeling intensified when she straddled me from behind, her jeans feeling rough against my hips and waist. I realized I was holding my breath when she poured oil into her hands and rubbing them together. “You feel good?” she asked and I had to breathe in and nodded. “All relaxed and stuff?”


“Yeah” I said with another silly smile. And then I felt her hands on my lower back and sighed deeply. When she dug her thumbs in I couldn’t hold back a moan. Amazingly hitting just the right spot I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Focusing on her lithe fingers firmly touching me, I couldn’t help but to focus on the firm pressure of her thighs by my sides, her buttocks pressing ever so slightly onto mine. A pressure I hadn’t noticed before grew in my breast, making me more aware of my pulse, my breath and the feeling of her hands on my skin.


Slowly she worked her way up my back, until she reached my bra strap. She hesitated and I knew what she wondered. A rush went through me when I swallowed and said “Just undo it if it’s in the way.” It didn’t take a second before I felt the pressure release and her hands rub deliciously over my shoulder blades.


 My body became more and more relaxed and at the same time tensed up. I had to concentrate on not tensing my thighs and stretching my legs. I felt my breath become shallow and the pressure in my chest became heavier, impossible to ignore. Angie’s hands rubbed my shoulders, my neck and I was beginning to feel warmth coming from within me. When she reached down to massage my sides more thoroughly I could with my breath in my throat feel her inch closer and closer to the sides of my breasts. Sighing, I wondered desperately if she was doing what I thought she was doing, somehow hoped she was doing.


“You feel good?” she asked me in a low voice and I had to swallow before I could answer. And even then it turned out to be only a muted “mmm”.


“Turn over so I can do your front?” it might have been my imagination but it was so easy to think that the huskiness of her voice was due to… something I felt myself. I answered with another “mmm” and I felt her shift her weight off me. When I raised my upper body on my hands, the bra slid off and it would be to messy trying to keep it on. I ignored it and closed my eyes against the blush that was rising on my cheeks. I thought I heard her say something like “Lovely” but I couldn’t be sure. It still made me smile.


“That’s good” I’m sure she said then. “Just lay back and relax”. So I kept my eyes closed as her hands fell firmly on my waist and stomach. I wouldn’t have known where to look if I’d opened my eyes, so I could just lay there, focusing on her hot hands on my stomach, holding my breath as she moved them further down, over my hips. When her fingers caught on the fabric of my panties I had to press my lips shut to not moan as it tugged ever so slightly on my crotch.


Still doing my best to control myself her hands moved away, to my thigh, making me bend my knee. I didn’t have enough self control to keep my pelvis pressed to the mattress. My whole mind was focused on her hands in constant close proximity to the thin cotton of my panties. I held and released my breath, couldn’t care about how I might appear. It seemed to me that any second her fingers might brush against me. And I wanted it so much. I couldn’t be bothered with a silly massage, though I didn’t want it to end and stop this frustrated pleasure.


I was so caught up with her fingers closing in on my most private place that I was in no way prepared for the sensation of her moist lips on the left of my stiff nipples. A gasp escaped me and I instinctively pushed my torso upwards, meeting her. I felt the moisture of the tip of her tongue and moaned as her lips closed, applying pressure.


I felt Angie’s hair tickle my skin and her hands slide up over my hips, putting the softest of pressures to my waist, over my ribs, to stop right beneath my breasts. They felt heavy in her hands and my nipples sensitive beyond belief. When she let one thumb stroke over one whilst sucking gently on the other I moaned, feeling tendrils of pleasure shooting through me in every direction.  More by instinct than anything else I raised my hands to touch her body bent over mine, wanting to make her feel as good as I did. My fingers touched her t-shirt before she pulled away from me slightly.


I sought her eyes questioningly, feeling the red rise high on my cheeks, but she only smiled in response. With a mischievous grin she took both my wrists and pulled my arms over my head. Her face came very close to mine, her green eyes brilliantly locked to mine with a desire that made me feel weak with my own. Time stopped for a moment and the whole situation felt surreal. Angie’s lips hovered above mine, separated, wet.


I moaned and looked at her appealing but she smiled and teased. But when I lifted my head and put my lips to hers she kissed me back, softly at first but with increasing passion. I felt her breasts brush against mine through her T-shirt and when she placed her hips against mine I pressed up against her. Feeling her body so close made my head swim.


I made a tentative tug at my wrists and the hand that held them and the grip became firmer. I looked into Angie’s eyes and saw a question there. Then I smiled and raised my head and kissed her again. I felt the tip of her tongue touch my lips and I parted them for her. A comfortable knot started to form in the pit of my stomach as her tongue slid into my mouth and my own darted out to meet it.


Her hands caressed down my arms, over my neck and shoulders further down to return to my breasts. Kissing her way down the side of my face and neck as she caught my nipples between her fingers I heard her moan as I squirmed my body under her. Her hips pinned me down and one of her legs wedged between my thighs. Pushing my hips up and down sent ripples of pleasure through me. She must have noticed and pressed her leg more firmly against me.


I was very soon beginning to lose my ability of critical thinking, becoming focused only on feeling of pleasure she was giving me. My nipples, my loins, my whole body felt so alive with a burning need. Her lips left a tingling behind them where she kissed me. Her fingers manipulated my nipples with such expertise, sometimes pinching me almost too hard, forcing a gasp from my lips every time. The steady press of her leg between my thighs…


I barely noticed when she pulled my hands down from over my head and placed my hands on each of my breasts. I opened my eyes when she pulled away from me, shifted her weight to her legs so that she sat with one leg on either side of my left thigh. Reaching out she took one of my hands ever so gently and I let her steer it down over my stomach. I closed my eyes and moaned when my fingers touched the edge of my panties. Pleasure surged through me when my fingers found a very susceptible target. My back arched and I felt Angie caress my hips and thighs.


“Look at me.” She said and my eyes flew open. She was taking of her t-shirt and my eyes greedily slid over her slim shoulders, her breasts in the black sports bra and her flat stomach. Her eyes locked onto mine and as I caressed myself with new vigour. I arched my back again and squeezed my breast more tightly. She moaned and bent down over me again, supporting herself on her hands on either side of me. Something started building inside me when she once more took my nipple into her mouth and sucked hard.


My breath came out hard, short and I couldn’t stop moaning. Angie tore away from me and I felt cold air rush around my nipple, making it even harder though I didn’t think it possible. For a moment I wondered where she went and then I felt her pull on my panties and I raised my hips to help get them off. I soon felt her hands on the inside of my knees pushing my legs open. My fingers soon found their way to the spot beating with a need that only grew more demanding.


“Oh, you are gorgeous” she said and her hands caressed the inside of my thighs. I looked at her looking at me. Her hands stroked closer and finally I felt her touch the moisture that was the result of her efforts on my body. Ever so lightly she touched the outside of my lips as I was touching myself. Stroking up and down, further to my centre every time. Expectations were building forcefully in the pit of my stomach; I knew where I wanted her to touch me! When she did I arched my back again. I reached out for her and pulled her towards me. I kissed her, feeling desperate to have her close to me, but she kept a distance between our bodies. I pushed my body upwards and felt her hot skin against mine.


Angie’s fingertip was right outside me. I kissed her, moaned and squirmed. She saw what I wanted, how much I wanted it and she smiled. Her lips were parted, I could see the effect I had on her but I closed my eyes with frustration, tossing my head to one side.


“Look at me.” She said again and I did. I froze when I felt her finger slip inside me, deliciously slow, letting me relish every half-a-second of it. She kissed my open mouth as she pulled her finger out, equally slowly, caressing my opening for a moment, before pushing inside me once more, stifling the moan that rose from me. I couldn’t stop myself, my own fingers moved desperately and she saw me struggling. The next time I felt two fingers move into me, without difficulty and I thrust my hips up to meet them. She kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth, moving her hand in firm, caressing, movements inside me. She kept her slow pace, teasing me even as she was pushing me to my goal.


There was a steady, irresistible build-up inside me. I moaned louder, felt my throat dry up from my breathing and didn’t care. Soon I felt the point from where there was no return. I knew when it happened that the pleasure would continue to build for a few fleeting moments before the dams burst. When they did, she caressed me from my throat to my stomach as I tensed up. Her fingers inside me stroked and impossibly found my g-spot and I rode that incredible pleasure through my orgasm, spasms at times seizing me.


Finally I came back down and realised that I was holding her shoulder too hard and released it. Her fingers moved slowly inside me a few times more, making me moan and twitch. When I opened my eyes I saw her smiling at me as her fingers slid out.


Smiling, Angie supported herself on her elbows and lent down to kiss me. I kissed her back, putting an arm around her, pulling her body close to mine. Looking into her eyes I raised my head and captured her fingers in my mouth. Her brow furrowed and she moaned with excitement as a sucked gently and let my tongue slide over them. After a few moments she pulled her fingers from between my lips and kissed me with a forceful passion. When she pulled back I smiled up at her. This very long, pleasurable day wasn’t by far over.


/Amanda Hug



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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 15:58:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, yay, so so hot! Loved it! :)
Kae    (2009-06-02 04:11:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Speechless, that was wonderful.
gibb0    (2009-02-18 13:37:52)    Flag as inappropiate
fantastic, best im read in ages :D
bikerjohnny    (2009-02-18 08:35:56)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny really liked it, great build up, very erotic and loved the description of your reacion to it all. mmmm

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