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   So a pattern started, most days my MSN would flash with Lisa on line again, and even though we would often start off chatting normally, my instant reaction would be a twitching in the groin area followed shortly by throbbing hard erection.

Fortunately this was mirrored at the other end of the chat and then my private line would ring and I would have no option but to pull him out and release the tension listening to my cyber lover muffle her screams of ecstasy as she came with me.

We would invent scenarios where we would meet in hotel bars, my hand resting on her leg as we sat on high stools at the bar, the long slit in her skirt opening to reveal her even longer legs, always stocking clad and always opening slightly to accept my hand wandering nearer and nearer to her already sopping wet fanny.

We would rarely make it to our room, mostly only making it to the lift/elevator before the lure of a full length mirror allowing us both to see intimate details of our love-making would result in me bending her over lifting her skirt above her waist and sinking to my knees behind her to revel in her musky aroma and sweet tasting juices. My tongue flicking lightly over her clitoris before burying itself deep inside her, fucking her fast as deep as I can get, would always draw a long moan from the phone.

Forcing her to her knees in front of my engorged cock I could watch her expertly suck me into her mouth, taking me all the way down into her throat loving me fuck her throat, holding her head back as I forced myself inside her time and time again. She could taste my pre cum and would always hold back before I could shoot my load down her throat.

Occasionally she would beg me to come all over her face so she could watch him spurt uncontrollably as she would jack him dry, or other times she would go down on all fours and I would take her roughly from behind, my cock swelling inside her, filling her up, pounding into her again and again until we would both come together, me all over my stomach, her quietly trying not to let anyone else in her office hear her.

Then one day, nearing closing, my secretary called me up to tell me she had a Ms. Bailey looking for me and could she send her in. My heart raced, "oh my God," a thrill to finally see my phone lover, but what would my secretary be thinking, but Lisa was already coming in.

"Thank you Carol, Ms. Bailey has shown some interest in our new house designs, could you find us a copy of the plans please" I finally garbled out thinking as fast as I could in the situation.

AS soon as Carol left to find the plans, I was able to take in Lisa's appearance. Tall, blonde (which she hadn't been before) slim and very elegant, she had ages exceptionally well and was way more attractive than I had remembered.

"I had to see you just once, I hope you'll forgive me, but I dream of you all the time and I was been driven mad being so close on the phone but never seeing you."

I was so gob-smacked I could hardly talk, but I certainly was happy she had taken this step.

The plans delivered, Carol announced she was off home soon and was there anything else I wanted. Nothing from her, was my reply and have a nice evening, thank you.

To keep up appearances, we looked over the plans on the plan chest designed for that, but all along we were touching each other pretending to be nonchalant about it all, but my hand on her leg set her trembling and her hand caressing the front of my trousers settled my mind but set my cock on fire.

The moment we heard the outside door shut we fell on each other, our tongues fighting to be the first inside the other one's mouth. Our lips hungrily eating each other, our hips grinding away at each other as if we could burst through our clothes and mate instantly.

She hopped onto the plan chest as I stood between her legs, kissing her neck gently, my lips moving down, my hands opening her blouse exposing her breasts encased in a lacy black bra. Unhooking her bra I brushed her nipple with my lips kissing her breast teasing her going from one breast to the other occassionally sucking a nipple, then flicking it with my tongue, until I sucked one in really hard and squeezed the other with my free hand. She cried out and thrust her hips out towards me, my other hand stroking her silky knickers tracing her lips with my finger, pushing the material into her as she soaked her way through them.

I felt her hands on my shoulders pushing me down and I let her position me just in front of her pussy. Her legs were wide apart by now, I bent toward her and licked between her legs and her knickers. Then the other side easing the material inwards exposing more of her each time.

My tongue darted inside and tasted her sweet juices, I pulled her knickers aside, and joy of joys she was totally shaved. By now my cock was bursting and this just piled on more pressure. I pulled her lips apart and licked her round and round her clit, not touching but closer every time, until she could take no more and I closed my mouth over her swollen bud and sucked. I knew from old that this would probably take her over the edge, but just to make sure I pushed two fingers inside her at the same time. Bucking and screaming she came almost drowning me in her juices as I continued to flick her clit, continued to fuck her with my hand.

“God I have been waitng for that for ages” she gasped before pulling me up and immediately unzipping my fly to free my gorged cock from its restraints. He jumped out at her, swollen, throbbing, angry head bursting forth, which she rubbed with the palm of her hand turning my legs to jelly.

We swapped places and I looked down to see her head bobbing towards him and her lips parting to take him slowly, sliding their way down over the head, down the shaft until she had him all the way in. I could feel him pushing down her throat, the most amazing feeling in the world as she cupped my balls and sucked. It was my turn to groan out loud, I could feel my spunk rising as she did things with her tongue that I can’t describe except say they drove me nearer and nearer to that heaven I so needed

. I tried to pull her away desperate to have her, but she pushed my hand away and sucked me off in the best manner I have ever experienced. Finally I could take no more, my cock swelled to immense size and spat my spunk right down her throat. She pulled back then, but only to jerk me off over her face, all my dreams come true in one day. She kept wanking me off until no more could come out and then took him once more and sucked me dry.

And kept sucking and licking him until moments later I was stiff once more and still she kept at it. I had never been able to do that before, but not one to ponder too much, I pulled her up, bent her over my desk and exposing her ass to the air, sank my recharged cock into her from behind, thrusting deep into her soaking wet fanny.

“God, yes, just keep doing that, “ she screamed. And I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted to. Thrusting in time and time again, faster and faster, her screams driving me on, her hand had found her clit again and was frigging herself off as I fucked her hard. I could see her tense and in no time at all she was on to her second orgasm, the waves of pleasure racking her body, pleading with me not to stop, to come inside her, fill her up, and I kept up swelling inside her until I came again, shooting my load high up in big spurts setting her off again until we both slumped forward spent.

It wasn’t the last time we would see each other, it wasn’t long before the need hit us again and we would do it all again.

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thor-axe    (2011-08-07 14:52:22)    Flag as inappropiate
thor-axe Excellent fantasy.
IcyPrincess    (2009-05-27 02:05:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Damn, you're good. I love the way your dirty mind works.

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